Wrestling Federation’s Tuesday Night Smackup

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You are King Muscles, an award-winning wrestler. You have won 125 wrestling matches. However, the coach of your latest wrestling rival will pay you a million dollars, if you purposely lose your latest wrestling match. You agree to the deal. You get to the arena and face your opponent. A minute into the fight, you lay on the floor and say, "I'm in pain. I give up." The crowd gasps, while the coach smirks.
 After some time, he says, "Okay. It's over. Go home!" You go home with your winnings. What do you do?
"What?" Acey asked as she walked out of her locker room at the end of practice.

Acey suspects that you threw the fight on purpose.
 She doesn't know why you would want to do such a thing. Maybe it was because you didn't like how much better than you your last opponent had been or maybe it was just something else entirely.

Word gets out and you are slammed in the News for selling out.  You challenge your rival to a rematch.
 He accepts. This time, you use your full strength. Before the match begins, however, you make sure everyone knows what is going to happen: "This time, I am not giving up until I win!"

You use your signature move:
 "The Fall". As soon as you hit the mat, you roll onto your back and let gravity take its course. Your rival attempts to pull you up but can't. In the meantime, your body is battered by his weight.

Your rival knows you mean business and responds with their signature move:
 "The Crippler". They wrap both hands around your throat. With one hand, they try to strangle you; with the other, they grab hold of your ankles. Now you are completely helpless.

You look to your corner and see your coach Acey giving you moral support.  Acey yells out, "Give em
 hell!"  You do your best to answer.
As the referee signals the start of the match, your rival starts choking you. You manage to kick him away from your neck and then begin rolling onto your stomach.

The match begins and you immediately run to the turn buckle, climb up to the top, and flying kick your rival right in the chest.
  Your rival is stunned as you land back on the ground. The referee declares victory for you.
"That's my boy!" Acey exclaims.
The crowd goes wild. Everyone cheers for you!

You celebrate in the locker room until your Rival's coach enters.  Your rival's coach, Coach McKillin, works for the mafia.  Coach McKillin tells you, "You've made a huge mistake tonight.  You'll be hearing from me and my associates VERY soon."

You and Acey both know that means trouble. You also know that you will never forget this night.
What do you do?
* * *
My name is Acey. I am a young man who loves wrestling.

Your coach Acey reveals her troubled past and how she got into wrestling in the first place.
 She tells you about her childhood, her family life, and her boyfriend, Todd.
Todd has always been supportive of Acey's dreams. He even promised to marry her when she graduated college.

But Todd was not a wrestling fan.
 He thought Acey should pursue a more conventional career path, like law school.
When Acey told him she wanted to wrestle professionally, he laughed at her. But when Acey finally convinced him to watch a few matches with her, he realized that wrestling was her true passion.

Mince McTan, the shady and mysterious owner of this Wrestling company, enters the locker room and interrupts Acey's story.

McTan claims that Acey is the most talented wrestler on the planet. He offers her a job working for his company.
Acey knows that Mince McTan is a very powerful man.

Acey eagerly accepts.  Mince McTan walks up to you and gives you the following wrestling gimmick:

You are now the newest member of Team MC Tan.
Team MC Tan consists of five wrestlers, each with their own unique skills.
You are a powerhouse wrestler, known as "Muscle Man", who specializes in throwing opponents to the mat.

Acey is the second in command, known as
 "The Crusher". She is a female wrestler who throws her opponents into submission using a variety of holds.
Next is "The Reaper", a male wrestler who throws his opponents into submission with devastating power.

"The Thug" is the final member of Team MC Tan. He is an intimidating, tattooed man who uses his brute force to throw his opponents to the mat.
Each member of Team MC Tan is strong, dangerous, and capable of inflicting serious injury on their opponents.

Team McTan's rival becomes the Mafia.  Mince McTan tells you he knows you are in trouble with the mafia and now as a member of Team MC Tan, you are protected.

Mince McTan says that if you lose, he will personally put you out of your misery.
The Mafia sends a hitman to kill you.
Acey reveals that she has secretly been dating Todd for months.

Team MC Tan waits in the wrestling ring for the hitman to show up.  The hitman final arrives:

He is a large, muscular man wearing black clothes and a ski mask.
You notice something strange about the hitman.
His face looks familiar...  It is none other than Todd!

Acey says, "Todd, it can't be!"  Todd yell back, "I'm just doing my job!  Hand over King Muscles and no one else has to get hurt."

You tell Todd to stop.
"You don't understand!" Acey yells. "This guy is a professional killer!  If you don't give him what he wants, he'll kill us all!"

You offer Todd a compromise: a 1-on-1 fight.  If you win, Todd leaves empty handed. If Todd wins, he kills you.

Todd agrees.
In the middle of the match, Todd pulls out a gun and shoots you dead.
"No!" Acey screams.
The referee stops the match and calls a time out.

"It's ok," Acey says, "We'll find a way to beat him."
The hitman returns and asks for another match.
"You're crazy!" Acey shouts.

Mince McTan agrees and challenges Todd to another 1-on-1.

You say to Todd, "I'll make sure you win."
Todd laughs and says, "Yeah right!"
The next day you are walking down the street when Todd approaches you.
"Hey Acey, I think we need to talk."

Acey says, "About what?"
Todd says, "You know that thing you said to me last night? About making sure I won the fight?"
Acey is confused.

"Well, let's just say that it made me realize that I've been underestimating you. So, I want to apologize."
Acey says, "You don't have to do that."

You possess Acey, grab Todd's gun, and shoot him in the face.  You have got revenge from the grave!

You walk up to Mince McTan and ask him why he hired the hitman.
Mince McTan says, "I needed a big strong man to take care of business for me."

Your ghost challenges Mince McTan to a title fight: winner takes over the Wrestling Federation!

You reveal to Mince McTan that you are actually his long lost son.
Mince McTan is furious and attacks you.
You use your strength to throw him to the ground.

As a ghost, you learned a new finishing move:

The crowd goes wild as Mince McTan's body is sent flying into the distance.
Acey says, "Todd, I love you."
You say, "And I love you too!"

Next time on "Wrestling Federation's Tuesday Night Smackup":

Team MC Tan continues its quest to become champion of the world!
Your ghost shows up at the Wrestling Federation headquarters and challenges Team MC Tan to a match.
Your opponent is the mysterious "King of Kings".

The moral of the story:
 Don't underestimate your opponents!
* * *
"Ugh... I can't believe this. I'm stuck in the wrestling federation, fighting against Team MC Tan!"
"You know they're gonna kick our ass, right?"