Wendy Luna, an aggressive and unpleasant bus driver

Posted under Episode 130, Story On By Chief

You are spraying a lot of Febreeze after every passenger enters or leaves the bus. An elderly man sitting near the front asks you to stop. You turn around and say...

> You tell him that you have been doing this for years, and that he should just get off at his destination. He says that it's not safe to do so, since there is a gang of thugs nearby who will kill everyone if they catch them.

You tell the elderly man you are pregnant and you don't have time for his bullshit. Just then your water breaks. You ask the elderly man to take over the bus and drive you to the hospital.

He refuses, saying it would be dangerous for him and his passengers. The other passengers start arguing with him, but he doesn't listen. He gets out of the bus, grabs your hand and starts walking towards the door. You grab his wrist and pull him back. You tell him that he has no right to touch you like that.

You start having huge contractions. The baby is about to be born. You see the gang start to surround the parked bus.

You try to run away, but they all chase after you.

You recognize the gang as the infamous Baby Snatchers, you can't let them catch you or they are going to steal your baby and jump it into their gang.

They won't even give up without fighting, which means you need to fight back too!

You feel the baby stick an arm out of your vagina. The baby arm takes a swing at one of the gang members.

You block the blow with your foot and kick the baby in the face causing it to fall down. It hits its head on the ground. The gang member tries to pick it up, but you push him away and punch him in the throat knocking him out cold. You look at your baby and you know that you're going to have to raise her yourself.

You notice a gun on the ground from the gang member you knocked out earlier, you give the gun to your baby who starts shooting the remaining gang members.

They drop dead instantly. The baby stops shooting when she sees you and runs towards you. She begins kissing you and caressing you. She seems very attached to you.

You decide you need to hide the baby because it has committed several murders and is wanted by the police.

You walk through the streets of the city, hiding the baby in various places. Eventually you find a nice house. You check under the bed and find a note. It reads: "Baby, I'm sorry I didn't come here sooner. I was afraid to go to the hospital myself. Please stay here while I wait. Don't leave me".

You run away, you look back at the house and see the rich owners arrive. You wave goodbye at your baby who you decide to name Killer Kasey. You go back to work as a bus driver, your boss asks you about the baby and you say "What baby?".

He tells you he knows what you mean and gives you another job. The next day, you return to the bus station where Killer Kasey waits for you. You explain the situation to Killer Kasey, she agrees to help you.

Killer Kasey says to you "We have unfinished business to attend to. We need to kill the rest of the gang. It's better this way. Once we kill the entire gang, we will be able to live our lives in peace. googoo gaagaa."

She goes on to say that they will make sure that the baby you gave birth to does not survive.

You write up a sign that says "FREE RIDEZ 4 BABY SNATCHERS" and get most everyone on your bus. You lock the doors and windows and Killer Kasey pulls out an uzi and sprays the bus with bullets. You then drive the bus off a cliff and dive out just in time with Killer Kasey. You watch as the bus explodes into the void below.

The baby you gave birth to survived and became a killer of her own. She took the name Mimi and lived happily ever after.