Victor Geneva, a crooked piano tuner who has spent the past 25 years in prison for embezzling from the US Academy of the Arts

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You have just been released from prison, and you go looking for your daughter, who is in her thirties now. You hear she is a piano tuner, too.

> You leave the city You head out of town, but not before stopping at a tavern to get some water. As you walk along a street, you see several people walking down it, some of them with dogs by their sides. The woman on the right looks like she's about to cry, while the man on the left seems to be enjoying his drink.

You take a seat next to the man. You strike up a conversation and after a couple drinks you let it slip that you have many expensive paintings hidden away in a secret barn in the countryside.

He asks if you want to come with him to look around. "I'm afraid I can't," you say. "My wife was killed when we were young". "Oh..". he says, as if this really wasn't something you should tell him. "Well, my son will be joining me soon," you add.

You ask the man to tell you how his wife was killed.

He tells you that it happened when they were both working in a circus together. They had gone into an alleyway where one night you caught her trying to steal some food off him. She ran back inside the circus tent, but he couldn't catch up to her fast enough so he shot her through the back of the head. "Do you know what kind of music she played?"

You continue.

"It was very beautiful". "That must have taken awhile to play," he replies. "The sound took hours". He pauses for a moment. "And then there was the crying...and the screaming..".

You ask "What kind of food was she trying to steal?" He tells you...

"A little bit of everything, but mostly meat". You're surprised to hear such sad stories. You think about asking more questions, but decide against it. It would only make things worse. You sit quietly for a few minutes. Suddenly, you feel someone staring at you. You turn around and see a dark haired man sitting across from you, holding a pistol.

He puts the pistol against your back and whispers "Take me to the barn where you hid the art and nobody has to get hurt." You nod and get in his car and head for the barn.

When you arrive, you find that there are two other men waiting outside. One is wearing a black suit and the other is dressed in leather armor. You don't recognize either of them, but you do remember seeing them earlier.

You ask the man with the pistol who the two other men are.

He explains that they are members of the Inquisition. They are here to search the farm for evidence of necromancy. The man with the gun nods. "We'll be ready in a minute", he says. As you watch the three of them approach the house, you notice that they all seem to be armed with guns rather than swords or axes.

You hear a voice say, "Sounds like someone needs a tuneup," then your daughter drops down from a bale of hay. She strikes the man in the suit and the man in leather armor with her tuning fork, knocking them out. You shove your tuning fork up the man with the pistol's butt and hit the fork with your hammer. The man with the pistol passes out in ecstacy.

The girl continues to attack the man with the suit until he begins to stir again. Then she attacks the man in leather armor. The pair of them begin fighting each other in earnest.

You see a piano behind the hay bale and play a low chord that makes everyone in the barn shit themselves, yourself included.

The girl swings at the man in leather armor with deadly accuracy. His helmet deflects most of her blows, but she manages to wound him badly enough that he falls over dead. Then you pick up the piano and throw it at the girl. Her aim isn't bad, but the angle of the swing means that she misses the girl and hits the hay bale instead.

You and your daughter lock the remaining two people in the barn, then set the barn on fire. You daughter reminds you about all the valuable art in there. You take her hand and say, "I have all the treasure I need.".

She smiles.