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You wake up in the hospital. Your head hurts and you've got random tubes in your arm. The lights are flickering for some reason and you hear screaming. You rip the tubes out of your arm and stumble towards the door to see what's going on. Out in the hallway you see some patients eating some doctors.
You don't want the patients to think you aren't cool, so you start eating some doctors as well.
The coolest zombie in the hallway walks up to you and seems to like how you are eating and motions you to follow him.
You arrive at the morgue. A man in a white coat stands there and begins screaming at you. You ignore him and begin eating him. He turns into a zombie, which you then eat.
Cool Zombie gives you a nod of approval and then pulls out a beautiful woman's corpse. You follow him down into the ground floor of the hospital and into a room with two rocking chairs, a fire place and a Jacuzzi. He begins biting the woman's legs and you do likewise.
You get CupidBot part from the cool zombie.
You are now a zombie with Cupid powers. You can shoot out small arrows of love, which may cause the victim to fall in love with you.