Trogdor the Governator – Your name is Vince Vonnegut, and you just voted for Trogdor the Burninator for Governor

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Your name is Vince Vonnegut, and you just voted for Trogdor the Burninator for Governor
 of Texas. You are a big fan of the movie "The Big Lebowski".
I guess I'm not that far off. I actually did vote for Trogdor, but it was mostly because I thought he looked like a good candidate to run the state.
 You are ecstatic when Trogdor wins and becomes Governor, but are surprised when Trogdor burninates your town.
 Your family's house burns down, and you lose everything in the fire. The only thing left after the fire is your dog, who you love dearly.
You meet a woman named Karen.
 Karen is Trogdor's number 2 in commands tell you she needs your help to
 save the city from being burned by Trogdor. She tells you her name is Karen and she has been living in Texas all her life with her parents. She tells you about how her father owned a dry cleaning business in Austin.
 You lean in for a kiss with Karen.
Karen: "I have something I need to tell you."
Vince: "What?"
Karen: "My dad was killed in a car accident when I was ten years old. He left me his company and my mother inherited it. My mom is such a bitch.
 You are offput by Karen's complaining pillow talk.  You prepare the ultimate fire fighting squad and track down Trogdor who is standing on the outskirts of town preparing the burninantion.  You give an inspirational speech to the fire fighters:
 "We will stop this fire! We will win this battle! We will save our city!" After the speeches, you start fighting. You and your men take several buildings. You set up a perimeter around the town which is now surrounded by firefighters.
Trogdor: "Firefighters!
 Prepare to be burninated!"  Normally this would scare the fire fighters to their very core, but your speech has filled them with such determination that they fire fight with all of their might!
 Trogdor takes out two more buildings before you finally get him. Your men go into the burning building and rescue the people inside. You stand there admiring what you have accomplished. You see a man in a red shirt running towards you.
 Fear comes over you as you are a fan of Star Trek and you know what happens to "red shirts".  Trogdor flies out of the ashes and burninates the man in the red shirt.  You are face to face with Trogdor.
You scream at him: "No! No! No! I don't want to die!"
Trogdor: "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet."
You look at the ground and see a huge fireball coming towards you.
 The remain fighters surround you in a watery force field.  The fireball does nothing against it.  You prepare your ultimate fire fighting attack and cover Trogdor in a large insulated fire proof blanket.  Trogdor is defeated!  The moral of the story:
 Never underestimate a fire fighter!
A few days later you hear about the destruction of the town. You return home to find your house destroyed along with all of your belongings. Your dog is gone too. You sit down to cry.
Karen: "It's going to be OK."