Tony the Tourettes Preacher

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You are Tony, the preacher who cusses because of Tourette's.
 You've been on your own for a long time now and you're getting older but not wiser." I felt her hand brush my cheek as she spoke to me in that soft voice. "I'm going away from here soon so there won't be any more accidents or near misses.
 So don't do anything stupid like this again." She kissed my forehead then turned around and walked out of the room without another word.
My heart was pounding hard against my chest and it wasn't just from anger.

You can't believe what that woman just confessed, she said that she
 knew about us when we were kids! Why would she say something like that? It must have been some kind of mistake.
As I lay there trying to get control over myself, I wondered if maybe she had made up the whole thing.

You run into you Preacher HQ and hop on the phone to talk with God.
 He answers but instead of talking to him directly he tells you that your wife has gone crazy and is planning to leave town...and if you want to save yourself then you need to come home right now.

You rush straight over to God's house.
 As you walk through his front door you hear a loud crash coming from upstairs. You go up to check it out only to find the woman you love sprawled across the floor in a pool of blood.

God walks out of the bathroom and says, "Oh don't worry about that.  I just find it funny to kill people and then resurrect them.  No harm, no foul."  God then taps your wife and she snaps back to life.

"What?" You ask in disbelief.
She looks at you and smiles. "Sorry about that. We should probably talk about that later though. Let's get down to business shall we?"

The woman points to the couch and you sit down next to her.
"Now," she begins, "I know all about you and your little friend. I've seen everything and it's time for you to pay the piper."

You can't believe that your wife found out about your secret relationship with Al Pacino.
 How could she know? What does she mean by paying the piper anyway?
The woman continues: "Al Pacino was a very good looking young man who loved to fuck and suck dick.
 Your wife knows that you are also a lover of big black cock. But she doesn't know that you have fucked every one of your favorite porn stars including Jake Malone, Chad Kade, Tasha Reign, Marcus London, and James Deen.

You ask your wife, "What did you mean when you said I had to pay the piper?"

"Well," she replies, "you see your problem is that you are gay and you have an addiction to black cock. The best way to break a bad habit is to make sure that you never get a chance to practice it again."

You remember smoking a cigarette when you were a child and your dad making you smoke the whole pack, you decide to apply that same principal to black cock.

"You will never touch another piece of ass ever again unless you get permission from me first. And you'll keep doing whatever I tell you to do as long as you live."
You look at your wife in shock and wonder how she discovered all this information about you.

Your wife says "your password was godisawesome"
 and you suddenly realize that you were using the phrase to describe your obsession with black cock.
She asks you, "So are you ready to become a good little slut for your new owner?"
You answer, "Yes ma'am."

Your wife says, "Also, your browser history was open."

You say, "Oh shit."
She laughs and says, "Don't worry I didn't read it. I just wanted to see if you were really ready to be my bitch."
You say, "But why did you say that I needed to pay the piper?"

She says, "Because you're addicted to black cock. Just like you smoked cigarettes as a kid."
She then says, "And just like you used to smoke those damn things, you will always crave the taste of black cock.

On the next episode of Big Black Love:
 Tony gets to meet his new owner. She is a tall, busty, blonde named Betty. She gives him a brief tour of her place and then takes him into the bedroom.
Tony is nervous and excited.