Tony, the smartest guy at college

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Your classmates start calling you Mr. Aces. Your friends, Jason and Jim, are happy for you, but they're also jealous.

They want to be as smart as you are.

jim starts taking smart drugs

like acid and mushrooms so he can become a genius like you. Jason takes pills that make him feel good in his head and get him high. They both think it's going to make them smarter.

Tony studies hard in school and doesn't go to many parties. He knows this will pay off down the road.

> You study harder You don't know why, but you do. It is because you have always been a hard worker. You never learned how to relax. When you were little, you used to play hide-and-seek all day long with your older sister. She would tell you where there was something hiding and then you had to find it.

jim has a dorm room next to yours. You can hear him having very loud sex with a pretty girl through the wall.

The other girls think its really funny when jim says he found her under a mattress. You've always wondered if you could ever achieve what he did. You'd love to see what kind of things he does. You wonder what kind of drugs he smokes or drinks. Maybe you should try some too.

jim has a dorm room next to yours. You can hear him having very loud sex with a pretty girl through the wall.

The other girls think its really funny when jim says he found her under a mattress. You've always wondered if you could ever achieve what he did. You'd love to see what kind of things he does. You wonder what kind of drugs he smokes or drinks. Maybe you should try some too. You think about Tony and Jason.

You walk into Jim's room and see he is having sex with a body pillow. He is so high he thinks it is a real girl. Jim asks you to do drugs with him, but you are late for bible study, so you take a raincheck.

> You join Jim in his drug induced bliss "What?" you say. "I'm not going". "Why not? I thought you liked drugs". "No, I just didn't feel like doing any today". "Well, I got some stuff that might help you out," Jim says.

You continue.

"This is called 'Molly'. Its really strong, but it helps people who are hung over". "And this one is called 'White Lightning', its supposed to give you more energy!" Jim hands you some white powder which looks like crushed up snowflakes. It smells terrible.

You take the white lightning to bible study and tell the people there it is manna from heaven. The group members eagerly try it.

Jim tells you that after the class ends, he wants you to come back here. He gives you a bunch of money and says, "Now let's go have fun! See you tomorrow!" As you leave, you notice the sun setting behind the mountains.

You are taken aback by how beautiful the sunset is. You have never noticed its true beauty before. You are so high on white lightning.

> You go home again As soon as you exit the bathroom, you realize that you need to get home to get sober. You decide to drive home. When you arrive home, you pull into the driveway and stop the car. You look around for a moment and then you remember the house. It is right across the street from you. You quickly run inside.

You notice a tree in your backyard where there was not one before. Jim is sitting in the tree, holding an apple. "Try the apple, Tony," Jim hisses, running his forked tongue over his slippery lips.

"It tastes better than anything else".

You eat that apple. Gobble up the whole thing.

Then you have to wash it down. You go back outside and sit on the front porch. There is a cool breeze blowing and the sky is clear blue. You watch the clouds move slowly past. Suddenly, you hear a voice coming from the woods behind you. "Hey, Tony". You turn around and see a tall man dressed in black clothing.

You realize it is Jason, who has been absent from this story the whole time for some reason. "I am the way and the light," Jason said. He pulls out a shepard's stick from behind a tree.

"Come on". Jason leads you into the forest and you follow behind. Soon, you reach a clearing. A woman stands there, holding a baby in her arms. She smiles at you and holds the baby close to her chest. Her eyes are closed and she seems peaceful. "Hello honey," Jason says. She opens her eyes and sees you.

Ellen hands the baby to you. "This is Jim's baby," Ellen tells you. "If you raise him as your own, it would be a great prank." Jason nods as he smokes bath salts.

"Yeah, whatever," Jason says. "Let's go". Ellen gets in the car and drives off. You sit quietly in the grass. You don't know what to do. Ellen returns a few minutes later. "We're almost there," Ellen says. Ellen points to a large wooden door. "That's the barn". "Where is Jim?" you ask.

jim appears from behind the wooden door and say "Hello again"

while pointing to the barn. "He's upstairs sleeping". Ellen goes inside the barn and turns around to face you. "Do you want to play hide and seek?" she asks.

You say "Yes"

and she heads back out the door.

You Jim sues you via to get back custody of his baby.

> You play hide and seek You hide in the bushes while Ellen hides in the trees. Eventually, you both find each other. You hide again until you are both tired. Ellen takes the baby and runs away. You wait patiently. Finally, she comes back out of hiding. "Here we are", she says. "Go ahead, play hide and seek with me".

You Jim sues you via to get back custody of his baby.

The next day, you play hide and seek with Ellen. She finds you first. Then, you hide with Jim. Finally, you hide with Jason. You all hide together in the barn. Finally, you all return to the house. "There you have it," Ellen says. "All four of us can hide together". Jason says "I think I found something".

Jason says "An amulet that turns rats into chocolate pudding! I've already eaten 15 rats since I found it!!!"

You all laugh. Suddenly, Jason begins to cry. "I'm sorry, I just ate too much candy!" You all laugh again. Ellen cries. "I wish I could help you, but I got another job today".

You Ask Ellen what her new job is.

Ellen says "My boss is a racist asshole. So I quit". You all agree. You ask Jason if he wants to stay at the farm. Jason says "No, I'll go live with my mom now. I guess this will be our new life".

Jim and Tony ask Jason's mom if they can live with her, too.

> You let Jason live at the farm Jason agrees and joins you at the farm. The rest of the family is happy. You ask Ellen about her new job. She says "Well, it involves cleaning houses. Not exactly exciting, but it beats being a waitress any day". You ask Jason about his new job.

You see a meteorite fly through the sky in a bright flash. You see it land behind the barn.

You wonder if anyone saw it. "Oh no," Ellen cries. "Someone might have seen it!!" Suddenly, someone screams "A THIEF!!!!" Everyone runs away. Ellen runs after them. "What happened? What did they do?" They tell her "We hid a meteorite in the haystack".

Ellen smacks the crumbums around and tells them to scram. She takes the meteorite and says she will donate it to science.

> You go home When you arrive home, you see a big hole in the middle of the yard. It looks like the earth was split open. You walk over to the hole and look down. There is a small opening where the ground used to be. There is also a long piece of metal sticking up above the earth. "It must have fallen from space..".

You take a hit of the white lighting before inspecting the hole in the ground closer.

It is indeed a meteorite. It is still intact, though. You decide to keep it. It's yours.

You discover the meteorite has given you superpowers. Jim, Jason and Ellen tell you they have superpowers, too.

Suddenly, the farmhouse explodes.

See Misa Jovanovic emerge from the barn. He is holding a golden gauntlet with places for each of the meteorites.

"I'm here to collect them all!", he shouts. He grabs one and puts it on his hand. "Now I am powerful beyond compare!" You run outside. "Whoa... whoa... slow down..". is all you manage to utter before Misa blasts you with lightning. Then, you fall unconscious.

jim snatches the meteorite out Misa's hand super fast!

Misa then uses it to turn himself invisible! He flies off into the woods. Meanwhile, you wake up in a strange place. You don't remember anything. You try to call your friends. No answer. You check your surroundings. A forest. Trees. Grass. And a lake. You can breathe underwater. But why would you want to do that?

You Ellen emerges from the forest. She is dressed like Wonder Woman, but not so much that Marvel would sue her for copyright infringement. "We have to rescue Jason and Jim," she tells you.

"I know how to get there". Meanwhile, Jim and Tony are having trouble finding their way back to the house. They finally reach it, only to find it destroyed. They rush inside to investigate. "Where is Jason?", they say. "He's dead", Ellen replies. "His body exploded when he tried to use his powers to save the others".

jim uses his powers of resurrection to bring Jason back to life.

Meanwhile, Ellen and Jim are trying to figure out a plan of attack. They both realize they need to combine their abilities and fight together. "Let's form a ring of fire around us", Ellen suggests. "And shoot fireballs at each other", Jim suggests. "That's stupid. We're going to die anyway"., Ellen remarks.

Meanwhile, Misa has stolen back the Finity gauntlet. He cackles as he surround Ellen and Jim with a ring of fire. "Told you," Jim mutters to Ellen.

The pair of them begin fighting each other with fireballs and ice shards. However, they soon learn that they aren't quite as strong as Misa. He easily defeats them both with ease. Finally, Misa makes his move. He summons a portal and disappears. Suddenly, the two of them hear a voice in their heads.

The voice is Jason's mom. She is furious at everyone for exploding her son Jason, even though Jim did bring him back to life. She calls Misa's mom, who makes Misa come back and apologize to Jason.

Jason's mom explains that she is a witch. She is angry at everyone for destroying her son. She blames you and Ellen for bringing him back to life. She demands an apology. At this point, Jim and Ellen decide to help Jason and Mom. They grab the gauntlets from Jason and Mom and throw them at Misa. It doesn't work.

Jason's mom, whose superhero name is Scarlett Johansson Witch, make Misa eat rat pudding. "Hey guys, this pudding is actually pretty good!" Mis exclaims.

"Why don't we give it to Misa?" The three of them agree and Misa begins eating it. "Well, that wasn't so bad"., she sighs. Misa continues to eat more of the pudding until suddenly she stops and collapses. "Dammit, what did I do wrong?" She asks herself. Suddenly, she hears a voice.

Jason says "I turned the pudding in his stomach into rats" and giggles.

"Sorry about that". "What happened to me?" she asks. "Nothing, just thought you were cute". "What about you?" "Me? Nothing, just thinking about my boyfriend". "Oh, ok..". "Come on, let's get out of here".

You say "Checkmate," Tony, Jim, Ellen and Jason say at the same time as a rat king explodes out of Misa's stomach. He screams in agony, but secretly he thinks it looks pretty awesome.

Ellen says "Good job". Tony nods. Jason smiles. "So, are we done yet?"

Jim snorts a line of white lightning and smiles

. "Yeah, we are". "Ok, let's go home," Ellen says.

They all hang out in Jason's parents basement and you pass all your exams.

> You finish all your assignments It takes forever, but eventually you finish all your assignments. You feel happy. You think about all your friends and family. You also think about your future. You start to cry. You look up at the sky and see a bright light. It was the sun. Suddenly, a huge explosion occurs. Your world goes black.

You hear a booming, cackling voice. It is Misa! "It take more than a connected bunch of rats to kill me," he says, then vanishes into another dimension. Tony, Ellen, and Jason, turn and face Jim, who says, and says, "Fine." Ellen opens a portal to the next dimension, and they step into it, off to save the world once again.

Ending A: The End (Part 1) Afterwards, you wake up in a bed. "Wakey wakey sleepy head", you say. "Who am I?" The voice answers. "Tony Stark, sir". "Ah, yes. Yes, I remember you. You're the one who saved my life last night".