Tony Giorno, a smug wise guy who enjoys messing with people

Posted under Episode 108, Story On By Chief

One day, before work, you throw a pie in your next-door neighbor's face, you throw a bag of dirt at your gardener and you set your mailman's mailbag on fire. After work, you open your garage and see that everything, that was in your garage, is gone. You wonder who stole your stuff. Your top 3 suspects are your neighbor, the gardener and the mailman.

> You investigate your Neighbor You decide to go talk to your neighbor about his mailbox being stolen. "Hey man! What the hell? I just threw a pie in your stupid face!" "That wasn't very nice," you say, "but it was necessary".

You write a list of everything that is missing from your garage.

Then, you take out your pad of paper and start writing down things you think might have been taken. It doesn't take long for you to realize that your neighbors house is probably the most likely place where someone has stolen something.

You realize your childhood stuffed teddy bear, Mr. Ocelot, is missing. He is your most precious possession. You hire your gardner to tunnel into your neighbor's basement and search for Mr. Ocelot.

The Gardener finds nothing, but he tells you that he thinks his mailman may have stolen something. You don't believe him though, since you know he would never steal anything from the mailman. You call the police, who find nothing. The police tell you that they will be coming back soon to check up on this matter.

You redirect your neighbor's mail to your house, so you can spend more time talking to the mailman. You ask him what he does in his spare time.

He says he likes to play guitar. You tell him if he ever gets tired of playing, he should come over to your house. When the police arrive, you explain to them what happened. They assure you that they won't do anything because there isn't enough evidence to prove who did it. "Well, it's not like we're going to catch them all".

You mail yourself to the mailman's house in a refrigerator box.

When the police come, you give them the information about how you found your mailbox missing. Then, you tell them about how the mailman came by to apologize. They both seem happy about the outcome.

You see a hair from your beloved Mr. Ocelot on the shoulder of the police officer's uniform.