Tony, a streamer for AIPD

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You are mad because your co-stars, Jason and Jim, have been in more episodes than you have. You decide to delete all the episodes that don't have you in it. However, you accidentally delete every episode of AIPD. You try to fix this, but you accidentally delete AIPD's twitch and YouTube accounts. Jason finds out what you did and says, "Thanks a lot." You say, "You're welcome."

A few days pass and you get an email from Twitch saying they've suspended your account due to copyright infringement. They also tell you that if you want to regain access to it, you'll need to pay $500. You can't afford that. So you take their offer. The next day, you receive another email: "We had no idea we were doing anything illegal".

You hire Henry Duke, astronaut-lawyer, to defend you in court. He makes his arguments from space.

> You sue them The lawsuit is successful. You win and you get back your channel. In exchange for your victory, AIPD pays you $1000. They also give you a free t-shirt with the slogan: "I'm not a fucking celebrity! I just play video games!" In the meantime, you still haven't gotten any money from the show.

You take Henry Duke out to a fancy dinner at McDonald's to celebrate your court victory. You accidentally spill ketchup on your T-shirt during the dinner.

It turns out that the shirt has the word "KANSAS" written on it in giant letters. The following day, you get an email from AIPD: "We apologize for our poor taste. We won't do it again". You reply: "No problem".

The next day, you get an email from Twitch: "Sorry about that. It was just a bad design choice. Thanks for buying us as a sponsor, though". You ask them to send you some money so you can buy a new shirt. They agree.

You ask Jason and Jim to meet you in Geneva, Switzerland, so that you can all settle your difference.

Unfortunately, Jason and Jim are both busy working on their movie scripts. Meanwhile, you go to the airport with Henry Duke and fly to Geneva. When you arrive, you find out that Henry Duke is nowhere to be seen. You call him up and he answers. Henry Duke: "Hey, dude, where are you? What happened?" Jason: "Well, uh..".

You hear Jim in the background of the phonecall yell "YOU GOT GHOSTED!".

Henry Duke: "What?! How?!" You: "Jason and Jim got ghosted by me. I think I'm going to sue them for millions". Henry Duke: "How much?" You: "They owe me $10 million dollars". Henry Duke: "That's insane! That's impossible!"

You sue Henry Duke for emotional damages. In the settlement, Henry loses his Dukeship and is now known as Henry Lord. He is exiled to the moon.

Meanwhile, Jason and Jim are now famous for being the only two people who ever got ghosted by you. You decide to make a sequel to "Super Best Friends" called "Super Worst Friends". This time around, you decide to include Jim's sidekick, Mr. Peanutbutter, in the cast. Unfortunately, Mr.

Peanutbutter dies before filming begins. In the end, you receive a check for $1,000,000 from AIPD. You also receive a letter from the company: "Dear Fanboy, Thank you for making such a great film. We really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again one day".

You start your own solo Twitch show called TIPD.

Years later, you discover that you're actually dead. Your body is found buried under a pile of dirt outside of Hollywood.

jason and jim visit your grave just outside hollywood. Jim places some flowers on the tombstone.

After viewing your grave, Jim asks Jason how you died. Jason explains that you died of a heart attack while playing basketball against your brother, Jim. Jim then tells Jason that he should move on. Jason replies that he will never let go of you. After a moment of silence, Jim finally calls Jason over to the grave. Jason thanks Jim and walks away.

You become so moved by the moment Jason and Jim are having and climb out of your grave. By the time you dig yourself out, Jason and Jim are already gone.

Nowadays, you live alone in a trailer park. You spend most of your free time watching old movies on Netflix or Hulu Plus. You also read books on Amazon Kindle and listen to music on Spotify. One day, you realize you're getting lonely. You wonder if you could talk to other fans like you once talked to Jason and Jim...