Tony, a guy who often yawns during streams

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You are Tony, a guy who often yawns during streams. During one stream, Jason talks about plans he has to improve AIPD. This makes you yawn. Jim starts doing product placement for his kombucha. This makes you yawn harder. Cory starts talking about his childhood bucket collection. This makes you fall asleep.

After the stream is over, you go back to your room and get ready for bed. You start to feel sleepy again when you hear a knock on the door. It's Jason! He wants to talk about something important.
You tell Jason to come into your bedroom and lean in for a kiss. But this is a stream. What will the viewers think?

You decide you don't care what the viewers think. You kiss your brother.
The next day, you...

Go to work. Keep kissing your brother.
Go to work.
Working at the coffee shop isn't too bad. Gerald is usually pretty nice.
You get a surprise visit form Future Tony, back to warn you about yawning the universe to death in three days.
"Hey, you're that guy from the other day!" says one of the barista.
"What are you doing here?" asks another.
You take Future Tony's warning to heart and quit your job at the coffee shop to save the universe.  You start to look for a cure to your yawning.
Try to fix it yourself. Try to get someone else to fix it.
You try to fix it yourself, but you don't know where to begin. You feel like the world is doomed.
You look at holistic YouTube videos and decide to give yourself a coffee enema. It seems to work, but your sleepiness increases.
You are now a professional coffee enema maker.
You sell coffee enema's on Etsy and also find the cool clothes that Future Tony was wearing and decide to order them, 2 day shipping.  You have wasted your first day trying to save the universe.
You try to get someone else to fix it. You try to get the barista's at your local coffee shop to fix it, but you have a hard time explaining it to them.
You walk across a storefront as see a My Pillow, you walk in and are greeted by the salesman Whatshisnuts. Apparently he is now dead. You explain to him as best as you can, but to no avail. He eventually kicks you out of his store.
Your second day has almost gone down the toilet.
You are just about to go to sleep dejected when you hear a loud noise from outside.  You rush out and see a gigantic robot announcing that it is here to destroy all life. You see Zee and the others on top of a roof.
You curse at Zee and tell him that you are trying to sleep.  You stifle a yawn, realizing that the end of the universe would happen if you did.
You rush to get your stuff and run back outside.
> You open your pack and see 10 items:
Your backpack is full of items, mostly useless to you. You see a flashdrive, an idea comes to you.
You rush to the window and start shouting that there is a bomb threat in the building.
That doesn't work, so you start whipping Sister Act 2 DVDs at the robot.  You manage to hit the robot's one DVD drive and it starts loading the dvd into it's system.
You try to find a place to hide before the robot figures out what is going on, but you see that there is nowhere to hide.
You rush the robot and plug the flash drive into it's robot ass!   The flash drive overloads the robot's system and it shuts down.

You did it! You saved the world from certain destruction!
Soon, others rush outside and see that you saved everyone.
The moral of the story: Don't watch Sister Act 2.