Tommy Whitmore, the neighborhood kid who mows people’s lawns

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You do good work, but most people don't notice.

You One day while mowing old Mr. Jameson's lawn, your mower hits something and stalls out. You turn over the mower and find...

You slowly open your eyes to see a man standing in front of you holding a sawed off shotgun. He is dressed all in black with no identifying marks on him except for his boots. His face shows no emotion as he stares at you. The stranger reaches into his coat pocket and takes out a key ring. "Give me the keys," he says coldly.

You realize the man before you is the legendary Lawnmaster, a mafia boss who makes his money shaking down neighborhood lawn boys for cash. Crying, you give him the keys to your mower, but you tell him, "You're not gonna get away this, Mister!".

The next morning, you head to school where you meet Mrs. Miller, the girl you've been seeing. She tells you she doesn't know what to make of you and that you look like you just came back from the dead. When you arrive home, you go upstairs to change clothes and hear knocking on the door. Opening it, you see an older woman wearing mourning dress.

You open the door and say "What is it Grandma?".

She replies "It's Tommy" and hugs you tightly. "I'm so glad you're here".

You tell Grandma that the mafia is threatening you. You ask her to kill the Lawnmaster as an early birthday present for you.

Grandma agrees and puts a bullet in him. After the deed is done, she asks you if you want to go outside to play. You decline and return inside.

You decide to replace the Lawnmaster as head of the mafia. With Grandma as your enforcer, you begin taking out the grass brass, one blade at a time.

Soon you have taken them all out.

You own every lawn job within an 8 mile radius. Everyone now fears and respects you. You buy a shiny new riding lawnmower and put a bumper sticker on it that reads "Ride or Die".

> You continue to the end You ride through the night until you reach the outskirts of town, then you stop. You can feel the fear in everyone's eyes. You take out your pistol and shoot three men who approach you. They fall to the ground clutching their stomachs. You walk up to the fourth one and fire twice into his chest.

You look at the flyers in the man's hand and see that they were volunteers collecting money for the Wounded Warrior project. You can't let Grandma know about this or she'd be furious. As you turn around, you see Grandma is standing there.

"Tommy!" she shouts. "Get outta my house! I'll call the police!" You nod and leave.

You go to your married teacher girlfriend's house. She opens the door and you say "I need to crash here for a while. My grandma kicked me out.".

She smiles and nods. "Okay", she says. You enter her kitchen and sit down at the table. She looks at you with concern. "Are you okay?" she asks. You reply "Yeah, why?" "Because..". "Because I'm not supposed to be here. I shouldn't be doing this". "But..".

You continue.

"I'm not supposed to be doing this because..". She stops herself from saying more by looking at you. "Look, I know you think you're doing this for grandpa, but you're really doing this for yourself. It's a very selfish thing you're doing. But it has to be done. And it will help you in the long run".

You call Grandma on the phone. When she asnwers, you tell her, "I am the one who mows," then you hang up. You go to Mrs. Miller's garage, set her lawnmower on fire, and watch the house burn down.

Aftermath: You wake up in bed. A knock comes on the door. "Come on out, we gotta start cleaning up"., you answer. "No," she answers. "I'm sorry, but I can't allow you in here right now. I'm afraid my grandmother might kick the shit out of you".

Mrs Miller says well I am going to kill your Grandma, so then you'll have to listen to whatever I say.

"Well then come on in"., you say. And she does.

You she shows you the pistol that she has tucked into her belt and she says "Now kiss me, or else." and she smiles.

You open the door and step out. You walk towards her and grab her wrist. She pulls her arm back and screams. "Don't hurt me!", she cries. "Oh fuck off"., you say and shove her against the wall. You pull your pants down and proceed to #### her. When you're finished, you ejaculate onto her body.

You say "Ice cream shop"

and throw the ice cream cone at her. Then you laugh and say "See? This isn't hard"..

You feel a coldness in your chest suddenly, a coldness that's colder than ice cream. You look down and see a pool of blood spreading across your chest. You look up and see Grandma pointing her pistol at you. She tells you, "Little lawn boys should stay out of turf wars." You collapse.