Thriller LAN Party – You are Tracy and you are at a LAN party.

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You are Tracy and you are at a LAN party.
 You have one friend, Tricia, but she is not here with you. Instead, there is another girl, Heather, who seems to be enjoying the party more than you are. The other people at your table are all adults, most of whom you don't know very well.

> You break the ice with a joke and say, "
Hey! I heard that you guys should go out for pizza after this!"
Heather laughs nervously. She says, "Yeah, that's right." Then she turns back to her friends and asks them what they think about it.

> You realize your joke didn't land and you convince everyone at the part that the house is haunted!

 doesn't laugh. Instead, she looks around the room in terror. But then she turns to you and says, "I'm going outside for some fresh air."
"Me too," 
you say

> You follow Heather outside and convince her that you see someone in the upstairs window.  Except when you look, you notice there IS someone in the upstairs window staring you.

She says, "No way!"
You tell her, "I saw something move up there!"
But she just shakes her head. "I'm not going near that place."
Then she adds, "And besides, we're going out for pizza now!"

> You go to Chuck E. Cheese and eat pizza with Heather.

The two of you walk through the parking lot together. You can't believe how many cars there are. It's like a whole mall full of fancy cars. And Heather is wearing a pink dress that makes her look even cuter than usual.

> You feel bad for lying to Heather about the ghosts, but you are still disturbed by the figure you saw in the upstairs window.

So you ask, "How did you get so good at Mario Kart?"
Heather laughs nervously. "My brother has a Wii and he lets me play sometimes."
You ask, "Does he ever let you win?"

Heather laughs nervously again. "Not really."
You ask, "What do you mean? Is he cheating or something?"
Heather laughs nervously. "Well... yeah."
You say, "Oh..."

> You return to Heather's place after stuffing yourself with pizza and arcade games.  You approach the house and see the figure in the upstairs window is still there.

"I'm going inside," you say.
"I'll come too," says Heather.
"No," you say. "It's probably nothing."
"I'm coming anyway," says Heather.

> You and Heather enter the house terrified.  You hear noises and slowly make your way up the stairs.  You approach the bedroom door and slowly open the handle to see
 if anything is behind it.
The room is dark, but you can see a shadowy figure moving around. You say, "Is anyone there?"
Heather gasps.
You ask, "Who's there?"

A voice says, "Help me."
"What the hell?" you whisper.
"Please," says the voice.
You ask, "Who are you?"
"I'm trapped," says the voice.

> You ask the spirit, "How can we help you?"

The voice replies, "You must free me from my prison."
"How?" you ask.
"Come closer," says the voice.
You take a step forward.
"Now pick up the knife on the floor."

You bend down to pick up the knife, but you see that it's actually a pair of scissors. You stand up and turn towards the bed.
"Pick them up again," says the voice.

You reach down to pick up the scissors again, but as you do, you see the ghostly hand reaching out of the darkness and grabbing hold of your wrist.
"No!" you cry.

> You ask "Do you like pizza?"

The ghost says, "Yes."
"Then why did you kill those people?" you ask.
"I had no choice," says the ghost.
"Why?" you ask.
"They were trying to hurt me," says the ghost.

"Did you try to hurt us?" you ask.
"I was hungry," says the ghost.
"What happened to you?" you ask.
"I died," says the ghost.

> You say "You use the scissors to cut up the ghost some pizza."

The ghost says, "Thank you."
"You're welcome," you say.
"Can I have some more?" says the ghost.
"Sure," you say.
You set the pizza box down on the floor and watch as the ghost slices off a piece of the pizza.

> You look around the room and notice Heather has
 left the house.
You call out to her, but there is no answer.
You call out, "Heather?"
"I'm here," she says.
"Where'd you go?"

Heather reveals that she got 35 Hot N Ready pizzas to quell the ghosts hunger and keep them alive.

You say, "That was amazing! Thanks!"
"Yeah," says Heather. "I guess I owe you one."
You ask, "What will happen to the ghosts now?"
Heather says, "I don't know.
> You look around the room and realize you are surrounded by ghosts!

You ask, "Are they going to be okay?"
Heather says, "I don't think so."
You ask, "Why not?"
Heather says, "Because there's no food for them anymore."

Those ghosts slowly encroach upon you and Heather.  This can't be it!  You remember your girl scout training for how to defeat a ghost:

"There's only three ways to stop a ghost."
"First, you can trick them into thinking that they've already been freed. That's what I just did with the pizza.
"Second, you can drive them away.
 You can either run or fight.
"And third, you can destroy them."
"But how do you destroy a ghost?" you ask.
"By destroying their physical body."
"How do you destroy a ghost's physical body?"

You pull out your trusty vial of hydrochloric acid!

You ask, "Will this work?"
Heather says, "I don't know."
You ask, "What happens if it doesn't work?"
Heather says, "I don't know."

> You throw the vial at the ghost and it breaks open covering the ghost in acid!

The ghost screams and then turns into smoke.
You ask, "Is he gone?"
Heather says, "I don't know."
You ask, "So what should we do?"

> You scoop the smoldering pile of bright green goo into a trashcan and bury it in the woods.

> You scoop the smoldering pile of bright green goo into a trashcan and then out of curiousity you drink it.

"Mmm," you say.
"What was that?" asks Heather.
You say, "It tasted kind of bitter. But I didn't feel any different."
"Good," says Heather.

> You put your arm around Heather and leave the room, but then turn your head around and have evil eyes just like the end of the Thriller music video.

"Wait!" says Heather.
"What?" you ask.
"I'm sorry," says Heather.
You say, "For what?"
"I'm really happy that you came along," says Heather.