the7thsage: you are a toilet inspector, inspiring futuristic multidimensional toilets

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the7thsage: you are a toilet inspector, inspiring futuristic multidimensional toilets
ai: as their next big thing and you see it as the future, while the guys start a new bar, bar none, dimensions are malleable you could go there if you wanted to

You: "Nah, I'm staying here, as a guard, I can send my money and buy a gun to protect my family from wandering eyes"

Lilith: "But what good is that, if you are far from them in another world?"

You: "Eh
degrassi_knole: aaaah Darn, I just remembered I lost my wife and kids to the evil urinal
ai: ghost, I'M NOT going anywhere near there, better stay away"

Lilith: "Oh well, I guess I can't convince you, I'm sorry"

You: "No, it's your plan, you've gone to far, you should go home and celebrate, I'll be here"

Lilith: "Ah fuck it, you think I can't ever leave this place? I'll never leave you alone, you think I won't
misalife: you lean in for a sloppy kiss with Lillith using way too much tongue
ai: ?

You: "Eh, about my plan?"

Lilith: "Shit, you're a crazy fucker, I always saw that, even when we were together, you were always trying to do crazy shit, well unless this world has overtaken the one I'm in, I guess I'll give you what help I can, but I'm not making any promises"

You: "Great, and I guess that's it, you'll
the7thsage: you take out your Inspection List and do your job: Step One, flush toilet
ai: You: "Hey, you said you can help, shouldn't you start inspecting the rest of the place now?"

Lilith: "What, do you think I'm going to find something? On my first day here I already found something to do! You think I want to start now? I'm just saying, if we're going to be stuck here awhile, you might want to start checking out the rest of this place, who knows, we might find something."
degrassi_knole: You agree, and search for Toilet Treasure in the Septic Tank
ai: , but as it turns out, you don't need to look too hard.

Octopus-man: "Eyes test, put your hands on the buttons."
You: "But...but what if I press the wrong one?"
Octopus-man: "It probably won't explode in your face, unless you're an idiot."
You: "Okay."

You press the buttons, and Octopus-man sits on the toilet, just as the lights in
degrassi_knole: the ritual is successful; the ghost of Thomas Crapper himself appears
ai: before you, somewhat caked with dried blood.

Thomas Crapper: "So, you made it past my wife, that's good. Now, I'm going to give you a choice, we have a deal but I have a request."
You: "Okay."
Thomas Crapper: "You are a man of science, so I think you'll understand my next question. Why are you holding your hands like that?"
You: "Uh, I just thought I'd
omogona22: For the damaged coda plays as as shit man palys
ai: out of the park,
Thomas Crapper's ghost grins and gives a nod of approval. "You got my deal, now let's see you honor it."

The next day, you decide to start your search in the basement, not exactly a pleasant experience given what you have to dig through. Finally you get to the wine cellar and start going through the boxes, one of which you open up is a wine bottle.

Wine Bottle: "TheGhostInTheMont
the7thsage: the label says, drink this famous Monte Cristo wine to savor the official drink of vengeful ghost. Revenge never tasted so sweet!
ai: lol"

You realize that this must be the bottle that the ghost was talking about! You read the label and get the impression that the ghost was goofing on you. Still, you think this would be a good time to consume the beverage and see how it goes.

You down the wine, and feel pretty soon like you wasted your time and money with this stuff. In fact you don't really feel anything at all. Though maybe that's because you're a ghost and aren
aipd: You feel the wine's power course through your body, yo u gain the following ghost wine skills:
ai: You gain a +2 enhancement bonus to your wits.
You are considered to have sharpened your senses during your lifetime, making you more aware of your surroundings.
You may now peer into the soul of any creature. If you do, you will see a brief image of its past life. You can only see up until the first change. Once that happens, the creature's present life begins. You may only see what it considers to be its "good memories", and you can
misalife: finally shit your pants in peace
ai: .

Okay so far, not bad. Though you think you could have done without the last part. You decide to rest on the floor and nap a bit. Before you know it, you wake up and find yourself surrounded by ghosts. You're a little surprised, to say the least.

Ghost Worker: "Hey, be careful with that!"

You turn around and see a living person sitting in a booth. They give you a dirty look for knocking over their glass.