The Window Next Door

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You are Harlan, a man in his early forties who has recently been divorced from your wife of thirteen years. You've still got your job but it keeps you travelling from town to town and sleeping in motels. One night you're trying to catch some sleep in the Last Stop motel when you wake up to see a strange woman peering at you from the end of your bed. Her face is locked in a strange grin. She waves at you
 with her left hand while she points into your pants pocket with her right. "It's not what you think," she says as if reading your thoughts. "I'm just here to help." As she speaks, she seems to be shrinking down on the other side of the bed so that only one eye
 remains visible. The eye glows red like an evil twin of yours. It looks at you with contempt. You feel compelled to obey this stranger. What will happen next? Will you get home safely or will something else occur?

The strange woman motions for you to follow her and you feel compelled to do so.  You black out and the next time you are conscious you notice you are holding a shovel and have dug a makeshift grave in the backyard.
 A body lies there wrapped in plastic sheeting. You look around quickly before going back inside. Your new neighbo

r, Mrs. Green, appears at your door. She smiles at you and invites you in for coffee.

Mrs Green tells you that she noticed you working throughout the night and that she hopes whatever you are digging for you have found.  You thank Mrs Green for the coffee and begin to fill the grave so no one can see the body.  You know the strange girl must be behind this and that night you make sure to keep all the lights on and a bunch of candles lit.  You sit in bed and wait for the strange girl to reappear.
 After a couple hours pass, you hear a noise outside. You peer through the blinds but cannot see anything. You decide to go downstairs to investigate. You find yourself standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at a pile of dirt that used to be the house's front yard.

You see the strange woman standing on the grave.
 She beckons for you to come closer. When you do, she whispers to you: "Harlan... I need your blood..." You turn away and run upstairs. Just then the strange woman vanishes.

You turn back to enter your room and the woman bites you on the neck.  You pass out again and then next time you come to you are standing on the side of the road with your face in the carcass of a dead deer.
 Strangely enough, the smell of blood doesn't bother you. You are walking along when suddenly you see a car coming towards you. It stops beside you and the driver rolls down her window. She tells you that you are very lucky because you were almost killed by a trucker earlier tonight.

You ask the woman for a ride back to your apartment and the woman hesitates, but agrees.  The woman tells you her name is
 Laura and asks you why you are traveling alone. You tell her about your divorce and how you are just trying to get your life together. Laura seems sympathetic and offers to let you stay with her until you can get a place of your own.

Laura cooks you dinner, but for some reason it doesn't satiate your hunger.  You thank Laura and begin to fall asleep on an air mattress she has laid out for you.
 Suddenly you are being shaken awake by Laura. You try to fight off her advances but she pins you down and begins kissing you.  You kiss back and soon you are having sex with her.  Afterwards you both lie on the bed and watch TV.

You smile and think about how nice Laura has been to you.  Then sense someone is watching you and look outside the window to see the strange woman staring back at you.
  You grab your clothes and flee from the apartment. You walk for hours and eventually stumble upon a bus stop. You hop on the first one heading north and arrive in San Francisco a few days later.

You arrive in San Francisco and are immediately searched. You ask police if they have a warrant and from Officer Cory of the AIPD police force shows you one.  You have been suspected of murder and they search you, but find nothing.  You notice an officer is tailing you and will follow you wherever you go.
  You head to the nearest hotel where you intend to stay for a few weeks and hope to work things out with Laura.
After settling into the hotel room, you start to relax and enjoy your solitude.

You fall asleep to the TV, but hear a loud noise and are startled awake.  You are face to face with the strange woman whose eyes have turned bright red and her face looking extremely ghastly.
 You try to run away but she grabs you by the throat and forces you to the floor. You struggle to free yourself but she is too strong. You finally manage to kick her in the stomach and run out of the room.

You begin to run down the empty highway.  You look back and don't see anyone chasing you... until you look up!  The strange woman has grown strange bat-like wings and is flying above you at great speed.  She dive bombs you, but you manage to barely dodge her attack.
  You continue to run and she flies after you, hitting you over and over again.  Finally you reach the edge of town and jump off a cliff.
As you plummet to the ground below, you look back and see Laura standing on the cliff.

You realize Laura is a Vampire Lord!

She laughs as you fall to your death.
The End?
"Harlan... I need your blood..."
* * *
Your phone rings and you pick it up.

The moral of the story:
 Don't fuck around with vampires.
Fucking vampires.
I was only joking about the vampire part of course, but now I am really worried.  I wonder what kind of crazy shit she could possibly want me to do next.