The Rise of Moldy Gary – You are a scientist named Garry Stone.

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You are a scientist named Garry Stone. One year ago, you were fired from your job because of your insane theories, but today you have finally created the world's first mold man in your home laboratory.
 You have been working on this project for over two years and now it is ready to be tested.
This is the story of how that happened...
Garry Stone was an ordinary guy. He had no special talents or abilities and he wasn't particularly smart. He had graduated high school with honors, but he didn't get into any college.
 You were so lazy that mold began to grow on all your stuff.  No one invited you to parties and so you made the mold you friend.  Then one day you were experimenting with some chemicals and spilled your project on the mold.  The Mold Man came to life and you named it
The next morning you tried to sneak up on it but it was too fast.  It grabbed you with its powerful jaws and ate you whole.  You were so shocked that you forgot about what happened last night.  That's when the Mold Man found out about your secret and attacked you again.  This time you managed to escape just before it killed you.
 You have to stop Moldy Gary before he reaches the town water supply: Lake Pure Hope.
You have to kill him before he gets there!
* * * * *
Lake Pure Hope is a small lake located in the middle of nowhere. It is surrounded by trees and bushes and has a very peaceful feel. It is connected to the Great Lakes and has a beautiful view of the lake and the city of Cleveland. The lake is also very clean and safe.
 You open your textbooks and frantically search for what kills mold and create a list:
-Acidic liquids
-Alkaline solutions
-Molds love salt
-Carbon dioxide
-Hydrogen sulfide
-Water vapor
You start to look at all these chemicals and decide which ones you will use to
 You suspect that some of these have been added by the Mold Man, but you proceed to build a water vapor and oxygen gun.  You find the Mold Man hiding in an alley and shoot him, but the humidity and oxygen make him grow!
  You can't kill him while he is growing because he can't be killed until his body is completely dry.
You panic and run away.  You don't know where to go.  You hear some people talking outside and you see a car driving towards you. It stops in front of you and you realize that it is your friend Gary again.
 Moldy Gary has hijacked a Red Bull car and is speeding towards Lake Pure Hope.  You walk next door to the Army Surplus store and ask for Napalm.  Freedom Jeffries, the store owner, gives you a long look and says, "Come this way."  You buy a flamethrower and attempt to cut off Moldy Gary before he reaches the lake.
  You throw the flamethrower but it doesn't work.  Moldy Gary is too fast and he drives right past it.  You throw another flamethrower, but the fire spreads all around the car.  You throw another flamethrower but it doesn't do anything either.  You try to jump into the water but you are still too slow.
 You see Moldy Gary enter the water and begin to slug away, but Moldy Gary grows and grows.  The world is doomed... or maybe not!  Freedom Jeffries flies in on a pontoon boat loaded with weapons and says, "Thought you could use a hand!"  You are offended, but thankful and the fight begins!
* * * * *
The two of you battle it out until you run out of steam.  Moldy Gary wins every time and you are left exhausted.  You crawl back to your house and collapse on your bed.  You dream of the days when you were a normal person and you wonder how you got here.  You think about your family and the future.
 The moral of the story:
 Never mess with the Mold Man!
* * * * *
You wake up and decide that you have to find a way to defeat Moldy Gary.  You go to the internet and find a website that sells weapons.  You buy a rocket launcher and a flamethrower.  You drive to the lake and see where Moldy Gary is.