The morning sun was shining bright, when out of nowhere, the kitchen window shatters in front of you, the glass shards

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The morning sun was shining bright, when out of nowhere, the kitchen window shatters in front of you, the glass shards
 flying in every direction. You just barely manage to keep from falling into the broken shards of the glass, as they begin to rain down on you.

You look up, and see a figure standing at the edge of the backyard. It is not human, but it is a creature of some kind, it is too big for any normal person, but it is definitely humanoid.
 Are you my Door Dasher?" you ask the creature.
 "I am here to help you," says an unseen voice.

"I need to know what's going on," you reply.

"I am called The Emperor's Voice," The creature says. "My name is Zuzu."

"I am sorry about that," The Emperor's Voice says.
 You say, "Okay zuzu, either give me my Taco Bell or leave my backyard."
 "Very well," He replies. You can hear the sounds of your home getting destroyed, as The Emperor's Voice begins to walk towards your house. You look around, and see that the rest of the backyard has been completely destroyed, but not by anything you can do.
 you give him a 1 star on Door Dash.
 "So what's your plan?" you ask.

"We will take over this town," Zuzu says. "It is in a very bad state, with no leaders, no soldiers, no police force. There is no hope for this place."

You nod, "Okay, let's get to work then."
 You say to Zuzu, "I like your thinking, but let's talk logistics; beans and bullets. I know where to get both. Let's head to the taco bell."
 Zuzu nods, and you head to your front door. You open it, and step inside, and find yourself in complete darkness. You turn on the light, and find yourself in the middle of a massive room filled with rows of shelves, each shelf holding a different type of food.
 You look through the shelves for the crunchwraps and quesaritos
 , but find nothing. You look through the shelves for the beef strips and hot dogs, but find nothing. In the far corner, you see a large metal bowl, and in it, there is a greenish-yellow liquid. It looks like watery soup. On the bottom shelf, you see cans of chili. You take a can, and open it.
 You say to Zuzu, "This isn't authentic Taco Bell chili. Too much cumin. Come, my friend. Our quest is just beginning. Let's go to the front counter."
 You head to the front counter, and find the cashier, who looks up from the computer. "Hello sir," she says. "I'm afraid I don't have any money, but I do have some questions. Where is the manager? And why are you here?" "I'm Zuzu," he replies. "I am here to help you." "What's your name?"
 ask for the CEO of Taco Bell
 . "My name is El Presidente," He replies. "And I am going to help you." "Okay, let's go," you say, and head to the back of the store.

You walk through the aisles of the store, looking for something. On the shelves, you see boxes of tortilla chips and bags of cheese, but nothing else.
 Do you see a problem here?" El Presidente hangs his head in response. "Where are the quesaritos? The 5 layer bean burritos? Los churritos deliciousos?"
 "I don't know," you reply. "How did this happen?" Zuzu says. "I'm not sure, but we need to find out," El Presidente responds. You walk through the aisles, and find a small black box on the bottom shelf. "What's this?" you ask. "That's the key to the building," Zuzu says.
 You take the key and unlock the main building. You see
 a sign on the wall, which reads:

The Building

You enter, and find yourself in a huge factory, with multiple floors, and multiple rooms. Each room has a different job, and you find that the rooms are connected by corridors. When you enter one of the rooms, you find it filled with machinery, and a number of men and women in white coats.
 You grab one of the taco scientists by the collar of their lab coat and yell "I DEMAND YOU MAKE ME A BURRITO WITH THIS MACHINERY!" The taco scientist turns and
 sees a man in a suit, and he says "Yes, Mr Presidente. We will get to that in a moment." The man in the suit says "Good, because I'm very hungry, so make me a beef burrito with a side of bacon and cheese, and two orders of fries, please."