The Apple Dimension

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You are Stacey, a person who exists. Your BFF Tamara just got the new iPhone 13 before going on a trip. You decide to call her for a friendly chat, not realizing it is 3AM where she is. A strange voice answers and says
 "Hi, this is Tamara." It's your friend Tamara! You ask if she can talk now? She laughs nervously and says, "No, I'm at work. Can you come pick me up?"

You tell Tamara, "Sure, where are you at?"  Tamara responds nervously, "
I'm in my car in front of your house. Do you want to come get me?"
"Yes," you say excitedly. You grab some clothes from your closet and throw them into the trunk of your mom's minivan.

You rush out to your window to look in the driveway, but Tamara's car is not there.  Tamara elaborates and tells you she is in a parallel shadow dimension where Steve Jobs controls everything.
 She wants you to take an Uber ride with her because she doesn't have enough money to pay for one. The only way to enter the parallel world is through the back door. Once inside, you will be able to access all apps and products Apple has ever made.

You enter the backdoor and are shocked at how similar this world looks to your own, except there are a few major differences:

 - Everyone wears white lab coats and appears to be working on something. They don't seem very happy about it.
- There are no cars or roads; instead, everyone seems to be riding bicycles.

- People are dressed differently than normal. Most people wear black jeans, hoodies, and sneakers. Some women even have tiaras.
- All of the buildings are glass boxes that appear to float above the ground.

You head for the driveway and get in the car with Tamara.  Tamara gives you a big hug and then the Uber driven begins to drive off.  You ask Tamara, "Where are we heading?"

"To the Apple store," she explains.
The ride is quick and smooth. Soon you arrive at the main building of Apple headquarters.  As soon as you walk inside, Tamara grabs your hand and leads you towards a large glass cube.

Tamara is shaking, you suspect there is more to her story that she originally led on.  You ask Tamara, "Something's wrong.  What trouble have you gotten yourself into?"

She starts crying and says, "Steve Jobs died last night. He was found dead in his bed this morning. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for years. My best friend Amy worked here with him.

Tamara follows up and tells you that she has been chosen as Steve's successor to rule this parallel dimension.  She is scared to say no and really just wants to go home.

You tell Tamara, "It's okay. We'll figure this out together. Let's go see what our options are."
Tamara agrees and they step into the glass cube.  Inside, you find yourself standing in front of a giant glass desk.

Seven Apple execs dressed in white suits spin around in their chairs simultaneously to greet you and Tamara.
 One of them says, "Welcome to the future, Ms. Cook!"
You introduce yourself and Tamara to each of the seven Apple executives. They proceed to explain that Steve Jobs has passed away and you are now the new CEO of Apple.

You look at Tamara and know that she set you up.  Tamara rushes out of the room and the seven execs surround and begin to prepare you for taking over Apple.

They tell you that you need to become the most powerful woman in tech.  They give you a brief history lesson about the company and its products.
Then they tell you that the Apple Store app is the most popular and valuable product Apple has ever created.

You yell out to Tamara who is scurrying away in the parking lot, "Tamara, have you ever watched AIPD on your iPhone? AIPD may seem silly, but it's important to me."

Tamara comes running back into the room and apologizes for leaving you alone.  She explains that she was too busy to watch the show with you and didn't realize you were watching it all along.

The head exec hands you the new blueprints for the upcoming yPhone.  It has several innovative features that include:

A large screen on the outside of the phone.
An inbuilt camera that can record video and photos.
A touchpad with an integrated stylus.
Voice control and Siri integration.

Everything looks pretty normal for a new phone, except for one feature that really catches your eye: COMPLETE AND TOTAL MIND CONTROL.

You try to explain to the Apple execs that you do not want mind control, but they assure you that you will love it.
You agree to take the job and sign a nondisclosure agreement.

The new yPhone is the biggest hit yet and yPhones fly off the shelf.  The seven execs seem rather pleased with themselves, but you have other plans.  You are hoping to free everyone and disrupt Apple's reign over this dimension.  You just have to wait for the right moment.

Soon after, you notice that Tamara has started wearing a wedding ring.  She tells you that she met a guy named Jeff and they are getting married next month.
You ask her if she knows anything about Steve Jobs' death.

Tamara looks worried and tells you that the details behind his death are suspicious... Tamara suspect the execs had something to do with it.

You decide to check out the rumor mill and start reading the latest news articles online.
There are rumors that Steve Jobs actually committed suicide, but there are also rumors that he was murdered by the Apple execs.

You notice a mysterious meeting invite appear in your calendar from Tom Definitelynotthekiller, one of the Apple Executives.

You open the email and see that it is a private event being held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
The event description reads:
Join us for a special dinner with the world's leading minds.

You arrive and realize this is a private dinner with you and Tom at his opulent mansion.  Tom doesn't waste any time and tells you that he knows you have been looking into the mysterious circumstances that led to Steve Jobs death.  Tom tells you that you are correct, the execs had him murdered.  But Tom is different and wants to help you.

Tom then proceeds to explain how you can change everything.
He says, "You are the only person who can stop Apple's plan to dominate the world and enslave humanity.  You must join me and my team.

You are still weary of Tom, but you agree to team up.

"So, let's get started," says Tom. "We need to make sure that you understand what we are doing here.
First, I'm going to give you the ultimate superpower: Mind Control.

You don't like the sound of that.
"Oh, relax," says Tom. "I promise you won't regret it."
Second, I'm going to give you the ability to create any object you can imagine.

You say, "That sounds great, but how am I supposed to do that?"
"Just think about it," says Tom. "Now, close your eyes and visualize an object or idea that you want to create.

You close your eyes and think and suddenly in front of you appears a faberge dolphin statue.

You stare at the beautiful sculpture in awe and wonder.
"Ok, now," says Tom, "Imagine that you are holding the sculpted object in your hand.  Now, picture yourself moving the object to your left palm.

You do and the object teleports to your hand!

"Do it again!"
You do and the object floats into the air and lands in your other hand.
"Amazing, isn't it?" asks Tom.
"Yeah, ok," you reply.

You know you have to do:  You create these dolphin statues to replace everyone's yPhones.  You then use your mind control to program everyone to revolt against Apple and destroy the network of mind control devices to save the world.

But before you can implement your plan, you notice that the beautiful sculptures are disappearing from your hands.
You look around and realize that all the dolphins are gone.
"What happened?" you ask.

Tom manically laughs and tells you, "You fool!  You should have never trusted an executive!!!  The Great Apple 7 - reveal yourself!"

Suddenly, you hear a voice from behind you.
It is Tamara and she is telling you that she knows what you are planning.
She tells you that you are going to be arrested and thrown in jail.

You follow Tamara through a secret exit.  You look back to see the seven apple executives fuse together and transform into a
 giant robot.
You try to run away, but the robot grabs you and tosses you into a cell.
A few hours later, you are taken to court where the judge declares you guilty of treason and sentenced to death.

You realize the giant robot has one fatal flaw.

The robots main function is to take control of people's minds and turn them into mindless drones.
However, when the robot takes control of a human, the human ceases to exist.
In other words, once the robot captures you, you will cease to exist as well.

But what if you never existed in the first place?  You hack into the mainframe and delete yourself from the Internet.  The giant robot attempts to take over your body, but when it attempts to look up who you are, it can find nothing and gets stuck in an infinite loop!

Once you escape the courtroom, you quickly realize that you have nowhere to go.
You decide to head home and maybe just chill out for a while.
As you walk down the street, you notice that there is an unusual amount of traffic on the sidewalk.

Everyone in town is chanting your name!  The mayor knocks on the door and tells you that everyone will remember this day as the day you saved humanity.

The mayor invites you to the local bar to celebrate.
You arrive at the bar and everyone is cheering you.
The mayor gives you the keys to the city and says, "Welcome home."

You get a little tipsy and tell the mayor, "Nothing is real anyway, we are all being controlled by a Giant Alien playing Sims 4"

He looks confused and replies, "Sims 4?"
You leave the bar and continue walking down the street.
All of a sudden, you feel a sharp pain in your chest and fall to the ground.

You look behind and see the Grim Reaper from the Sims 4, The Mayor threw a toaster into the puddle of water that suddenly appeared below you and now the reaper is here to take you to Sims Hell.

You are dead!
The End
Chapter 2:
Apple's Greatest Invention
(Author Unknown)
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You are Apple, a brilliant engineer and inventor.