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You fire your gun and hit a horse in the head. The animal shies and rears back and falls to the ground. You watch as it lies there twitching.
 Everyone at the Kentucky Derby looks at you shocked at what has just happened. Their shocked quickly turns to furious anger that you have just shot the horse that was favorite to win. You immediately begin to run.
 "I'm going to kill every one of these traitors!" You shout as you sprint away from the scene.
 Right after you yell this, you run right into the mob boss Don Uma Masume. You fear for your life, but you see a look of joy on his face. You have just won Don Uma Masume a lot of money!
 He shouts in celebration and throws money at you. He starts to embrace you and then stops. He walks over to you, but doesn't touch you. Instead he grabs your hand and kisses it.
 Don Uma tells you he wants you to be the starter pistol guy for every horse race he goes to. You see the angry mob approach and quickly agree. Don Uma Masume sends his henchmen to deal with the angry mob.
 They beat them back and soon the battle is over and you are in control of your new job.
 Race after race, you fire your starter pistol and kill the favorite horse. The guilt weighs heavily on you, but you have no other options. One day will at the park with your kids, you are approached by an FBI Agent by the name of
 Jack Miller. You didn't know he was an agent, but he has been following you for awhile now. He sees you and gives you a nod. "Hello Mr. Mako."
 Jack tells you that you need to help in a plot to take down Don Uma Masume. Jack tells you the plan:
 "The two men I want to talk to you about are Bill Vitello and Frank Conner. They both work for Don Uma Masume.
 Jack pulls out the files for Bill and Frank. These are real bad guys! You are told a big heist is going down at the
 track. It is a very big heist, and it involves several people. You are told you will be part of it. In order to get in, you need to go through some steps.
 Step 1: You need to rob a bank to get street cred.
 Step 2: You need to get into the National Guard. Step 3: You need to drive a car stolen off the streets and get it back to base.
 Step 4: You need to place a horse head in the Don's bed while he's sleeping.
 The last step is the most important, so remember it!"
You are dumbstruck. "What?! Those are all very tall order for me.
 You think it is impossible, but one by one you accomplish the steps the FBI has put in front of you. The next you know, you are tip toeing into the Don's bed room with a severed horse head when suddenly you slip and trip on the blood! The Don wakes up and sees you on the ground and exclaims, "
 Holy shit! What the hell happened to you?" You explain the incident and Don Uma Masume demands to know if you were robbing him.
 You say, "No?" And then FBI agents fly through the window with automatic rifles and swat gear.
 The Don goes on to kill all of his guards, the mob, the FBI and you. He is the only survivor.