Tenshi “Tension” Jones, an office worker who accidentally came to work in your superhero pajamas instead of a suit

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Your boss looks at you, while saying, "I didn't realize it was pajama day." You say, "Um, yeah, it is pajama day." You look at your co-workers, while saying, "Get on your comfy clothes and start watching cartoons with me in the conference room."

You walk into the conference room, while saying, "Okay, everyone get comfortable. I'm going to go over some new rules for this week's comic book panel. First off, no sex jokes! That includes references to porn or anything related to that". You sit down at a table, while everyone else sits around you.

You say to everyone in the meeting "No sex jokes?!! That's so unfair!".

Everyone says nothing. You continue, "Also, if anyone gets too rowdy, they can just call their parents to have them arrested by the Secret Service!" The rest of the meeting goes as usual.

You start acting rowdy, hoping the Secret Service will arrest your parents.

Eventually, you manage to do something stupid enough to get caught. Your parents come home from work, and find out what happened. They tell you to leave right now, but you refuse. They then throw you out of the house. The next day, you wake up in jail. You don't know where you are. You ask someone, "Where am I?"

You run to the news stand and get a copy of the latest news paper. You open it to read your latest installment of "The Paper Clip Factory." You are the head writer for the most boring comic strip in the world.

It has been running since 1885, and is still being written today. Every month, you write one page about how your life is going, which consists of you sitting around writing meaningless dialogue. You never see any other characters, nor do you ever interact with them. No matter how much you try to change things up, it doesn't help.

You read your most recent comic, it says.

"Tenshi Jones has died. He died of natural causes after having a heart attack while reading his comic book". Your eyes tear up, while tears stream down your face. Tears of sadness fall down your cheeks, and you cry. A few days pass, and you begin to feel sad again. You feel like you should be happy, but you're not.

You escape to your hidden fortress in the mountains. There, you take a refresher course on Masterclass for comic writing.

You learn all the rules, tricks, and techniques that made comics popular. You also study other comic writers. After a year passes, you've learned everything there is to know. You become a master of comic writing.

You agree to record a Masterclass on how to take Masterclasses.

You decide to name yourself MasterClass. You make your way through the mountain and enter a cave. You spend months learning the ways of comic writing. Eventually, you reach the top of the mountain.

You are inspired to create a new comic, you haven't felt this creative in a long time. You call it "Mountain Milton Learns a Lesson" where each comic is Mountain Milton is learning a new life lesson. In your first comic, Milton...

Written by:

You Your comic become super famous. One of your comic strips, "Mountain Milton Master Mambo," is made into a hit dance musical.

Your comic becomes super famous. One of your comic strips, "Mountain Milton Master Mambo," is made into a hit dance musical. After many years, Mountain Milton dies. His death inspires others to follow in his footsteps. Years later, you are visited by a mysterious man who wants to hire you to write a comic book series.

You tell the man "pitch me the idea. really sell it.".

He responds, "sure, why not?" You agree.

The comic strip is about a man who hires a man to write a comic strip about someting, but he won't say what.

> You pitch him a story You think back to when you were young, playing outside. The sun shines bright, and the wind blows cool air across your skin. You remember the stories you would tell your friends. Stories about monsters and wizards and fairies. You wonder if you could write a comic strip based on those stories.

You write your first comic strip about a halfling named Shakers who is friends with a Wizard named Hippo. In the first comic, Shakers learns about...

Written by: AnonymousA federal judge in Texas ruled on Thursday that state officials cannot stop local law enforcement officers from using the controversial tactic known as civil asset forfeiture. U.S. District Judge John Dietz, a George W.

Shakers the wizard casts a spell that shakes loose people's possessions and send them to him. "Civilus Forfitus!" he screams with glee.

"I cast a spell! It worked!" The next morning, the judge finds the wizard guilty of fraud and levitates him into the sky. Then he sends him back to Earth. Afterward, the judge explains to the citizens of the town of Hockley that the government has no power over them and that they may keep whatever they want.

The people Hockley revolt and overthrow the government. The hold their own trial for Shakers and find him guilty.

Aftermath: You are arrested and taken before the magistrate. He asks you questions about the events of the previous night, but tells you nothing will happen to you. He just needs you to sign a waiver. You have no choice but to sign it. The next day, you are brought before the judge. He reads your document aloud and smiles.

You after pitching the comic, you ask what the mysterious man thinks.

"Hmmm, I think he'll love it", the magistrate replies. "Thank you"., you reply. You are released. You go home and start writing your second comic strip about a boy named Bob. Written by: AnonymousBobby Smith is a man who lives alone in a small house.

You send in the new comic strip to the head manager person at the New Yorker Magazine in hopes of publishing.

They respond quickly and approve the strip within two weeks. Two more strips appear in the magazine. Bobby Smith is now a successful cartoonist. Years pass and Bobby Smith becomes a millionaire. Then one day the owner of the magazine decides to retire. He decides to leave the strip to you. You accept the offer.