Straight from Netflix’s Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022): You are a Street Kid trying to survive in a technology and body modification-obsessed city of the future.

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Straight from Netflix's Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022): You are a Street Kid trying to survive in a technology and body modification-obsessed city of the future. Having everything to lose, you chooses to stay alive by becoming an Edgerunner, a Mercenary outlaw also known as a Cyberpunk.
 What is it with these two words? Can't you just be "a fuckin' human being" for once?
 You can't believe your body modification doctor is telling you this. You get angry and all the suddent the clinic where you were getting your super strength eye brows installed is pelted by an asteroid show.
 The whole building collapses and you're knocked out.
 You are spared because of your new eyebrows! A rescue crew saves your life and you are tended by a female nurse named Stacey9. You are so overwhelmed with joy that you lean in for a kiss while she is taking your vitals.
 She stops you before you can do so, but you continue to kiss her anyway.

You wake up with a bad headache and Stacey9 is gone.
 You are released and on your way out you see Stacey9. You suspect that she knocked you out for inappropriate behavior, so you prepare an honest apology.
 She does not accept your apology and instead tells you to go back to the shelter where the rest of your friends are, but to never come near the Shelter again.
 You look confused, but when you reach the Shelter you see a box with all of your belongings packed up. Stacey9 was one of the founding members of the Shelter and she has forced you to move out. You use your super eyebrows to knock down some trees and make a temporary shelter in the woods.
 For now you will stay there until the next scheduled Maintenance to fix the elevator.
You then start heading back home, but after you pass a couple homeless people you start to feel sick.
 You see a homeless person that looks almost identical to Stacey9. You lean in for a kiss.
 He turns away. You then see a woman with thin hair and a big nose. She is your age and has been living on the streets. You lean in for a kiss. She turns away.
 You can't believe it - even the homeless are rejecting your advances. You walk up to the oldest smelliest fattest homeless women and set your cyber eyebrows to overdrive.
 You are visited by several other homeless people who are amazed by your appearance, but they are not interested in your advances.
 You reveal your troubled past to the homeless.
 Namely that you used to be an illegal cyborg assassin in 2023.
 Everyone's intrigue snaps to furious anger - all of these people are homeless because of your assassinations! The homeless rally together to fight you.
 You are taken by surprise, but your body modifications and advanced weaponry allow you to easily defeat them.
 You suddenly realize that you are in fact homeless and that you should not be fighting your fellow men. You vow to protect the homeless from Cyboraiders. That night a group of Cyboraiders storm the camp and you defeat them easily. You slolwly gain the trust of the homeless and rally them to take over Santuary. You plot your attack on Stacey9's favorite holiday:
 Christmas. After much planning you sneak into her house and kill her. Her death allows you to finally get rid of the remaining homeless.
You decide to live the good life in 2023.
 You level up and gain the following super eyebrow power:
 1d100 vision, strength, reflexes, speed and agility. You are even able to instill fear in normal humans. You can also create and shoot fireballs.
 You lean in for a kiss with yourself.
 You are surprised you can still do that.
After a few days of work you are able to get into a hacker conference in California. There you meet James Bond.
 You ask James Bond where he got his fantastic cybernetic eye brows, but he tells you they are not cybernetic but all natural!
 The pair of you have a nice conversation. You tell him that you'll be going to visit the West Coast soon and ask him to drop you off at the nearest airport.
 He does and when he drops you off, he gives you the advice of a lifetime:
 "If you ever want to get anywhere in life, you gotta have a plan. When you get to LA, you should try the world famous strip joint called Dirty Dick's."
 You arrive at Dirty Dick's, request a private dance, and proceed to tell the stripper about your troubled past.
 You get into the middle of a threeway and you are nearly killed by a rogue robot that follows you around. (The robotic escort is actually James Bond!