Spank Me’s Rat Based Wizard of Oz

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You are Davy, a guy who's often teased by his friends for getting easily scared on Halloween. You want to prove that you can be scary, so you decide to buy a scary Halloween costume. You think that the scariest character to dress up as is the Scarecrow from Batman, so you buy a Scarecrow costume at the store. However, when you meet up with your friends, you realize that you bought the wrong Scarecrow costume. You got a Scarecrow costume from The Wizard of Oz version of the Scarecrow.
 Your friends tell you it looks like an idiot and they tease you mercilessly about how stupid you look in it. What do you do?
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Scarecrow?"

You try to act like this version is the cooler version.
 You point out that he has a nice big yellow straw hat instead of just wearing one of those cheap plastic masks. It also comes with a long black cloak which you tie around yourself, making sure not to let any of your ‘real’ body parts show through.

Your friends start to believe you and they try to panic and switch there costumes to other members of the Wizard of Oz.
 They all say something along the lines of "Oh my God! We're dressed as the Scarecrow!" You laugh at them. You are very proud of being the Scarecrow because everyone thinks it's cool and funny.

You go trick or treating and everything is going great until you run into Jason, who is dressed as Kylo Ren.
 He laughs at you and tells you that you look like an idiot. You feel really bad about being laughed at but you don't know what else to do. So, you stay quiet and follow him home.

You follow Jason home and see him take off his costume and get into his duck pajamas.  You decide to give Jason a good scare and so you open the window and sneak into his living room.
 You hear Jason moving around in bed and then suddenly you see him pop up out of the covers like some sort of creepy ghost. You scream and jump back.
"What the fuck!" You yell as you look at Jason in horror.

Jason has transformed into
 the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz version. He says "Halloween is supposed to be fun."
You are horrified by this turn of events. You apologize and promise never to do anything like that again.

You look at Jason's closet and notice a A Cory from AIPD costume. It comes with a bucket.  You think this will make a nice tin man makeshift costume.
 You put the AIPD costume on and tie the top half of the costume to your waist with a belt. You then pull the bottom part of the costume over your head and tie it to your feet.

You lean in for a kiss.
 You feel a bit strange about kissing a guy in a rubber suit but you have to admit that it feels pretty damn good. You feel your dick growing hard. You feel like you might cum right there.

You run out of the house scared at what you felt and keep trick or treating.

The next day you get home and see Jason's parents sitting in front of the TV watching a movie. You ask them if Jason is home. They tell you that he went out last night with some friends.

They tell you Jason has gone to his favorite restaurant:
 a strip club called "Spank Me". You had heard of Spank Me before and you know that it is a place where guys can get lap dances from girls.
You decide to go there tonight.

You enter "Spank Me" still dressed as the Scarecrow.
 You see a girl dancing on stage. She is dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz version. Her name is Dorthy.
She is wearing a green dress with a red bow in her hair.

The girl dancing as Dorothy notices you and gets excited.  She motions for you to join her on stage.

You are terrified. You know what she wants and you are afraid to do it.
You hear Jason laughing. You look over and see him standing in the middle of the dance floor. He is dressed as a waiter.

You are pulled on stage anyway and begin to do an improvised Wizard of Oz themed dance routine to the pop song
 "We Will Rock You".
After the dance, you walk back to your table with Jason. He grabs your hand and pulls you close to him.
He whispers in your ear, "You look fucking hot.
 I'm going to fuck you so hard."
You feel your cock grow even harder.
He takes your hand and leads you away from the crowd. You are led to a private booth in the corner.

You enter the booth and suddenly you are in the land of oz.
 You see a bunch of animals surrounding you. They are all wearing costumes. You see a lion, a rabbit, a monkey, a hippo, a tiger, a dragon, a chicken, a mouse, a sheep, a pig, a frog, a bat, a snake, a spider, a
 wolf, a caterpillar, a cricket, a walrus, a cow, a gorilla, a dolphin, a cat, a polar bear, a penguin, a giraffe, a unicorn, a zebra, a turtle, a bunny, a rhino, an elephant, and a snail.

You realize that underneath all the costumes, it is only rats.  All the animals are actually rats pretending to be other animals.

You are surrounded by a bunch of horny rats. Some of the rats are already naked. Others have their clothes off. They want to touch you and suck your dick.
Jason is sucking one of the rat's cocks while another rat sucks his balls.

You watch as Jason is fucked by a rat. Jason moans and spits on the rat's cock. The rat then fucks Jason's face. Jason's nose is covered in spit and cum.

Next on "Spank Me's Rat Based Wizard of Oz":

You are walking through the streets of Oz. You hear someone call out to you. You turn around and see Dorthy. She is wearing a blue dress with a red ribbon in her hair.