Space Poncho

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With the help of your AI, you will take over the starship that was once Clyde's and use it to explore uncharted star systems. You will become a famous captain, but your first stop on your journey will be a strange, rocky world with a single city on its surface.
There are no aliens, but you will meet a man named Jeeves who works as a butler, a woman named Nellie who is a maid, a young boy named Harold who helps you, and a mysterious girl who seems to have magical powers.
Jeeves: "Welcome, sir. This is your suite."

You enter the room and see that it has a comfortable-looking bed, a desk, a wardrobe, a hologram window, and a chair.
"The Chair is not functional, sir," Jeeves says politely. "If you need anything, just ask Miss Nelly here. She'll get it for you, I'm sure." Without pausing for breath he adds in an almost conversational tone.

> You look around the room and notice some more unusual things:
"Excuse me, could you tell me something about this building?"
"That, I couldn't say, sir. I am only familiar with the internal layout."
"Who are you? What is your name?"
"I am called Jeeves, sir. If you wish to know more about myself, you may do so under the supervision of Nelly, our resident expert in all matters concerning the Human Mind...and other things."

> You turn and ask Nelly the exact same question.
"Who are you? What is your name?"
"Me, my name is unimportant - but never mind her, what is your question?"
"My question is this: Who are you? Why are you part of Maid Marcy's head?"
"Ah, now that is a long story! But if you really want to know, I was originally created by humans thousands of years ago, then I was bought and sold a few times among various people. Finally fell into hands of this family, who allowed me to rest properly again. I think they loved me, honestly."
"What happened to them?"
"Oh, killed by fanatics after they discovered I had a secret. Couldn't risk having someone else using me to find out secrets, etc.

> You notice Cory from AIPD's poncho laying on the bed and put it on.
Suddenly, a chifferobe opens up in the wall revealing a person hiding inside. The figure steps out and approaches you menacingly. He is holding a pulse pistol."Don't move or your brains are going to start leaking through your skull.""Wait, who..."you begin to say before you're interrupted."Hey, shut the fuck up bitch!"he shouts while pointing his gun at your head.

"This is not good."

> You notice the man in Cory and he is not happy that you are wearing his poncho. You immediately take it off and place it back on the bed.
The man grabs the poncho from you and looks at it closely, noticing the dried blood stains on it."Yeah, I don't like where you got shacked up either. In fact maybe we should add THAT to the list of shit you're gonna have to fix. Maybe even tomorrow, because I'm fucking tired and wanna go home and eat dinner with my wife. Now let's see how much..."

> You give Cory some money to clean his poncho and lay in the top bunk unable to sleep. You sneak out of the room late at night and run into Nelly who is just standing in the middle of the hanger bay.
You approach her hoping she can shed some light on what's going on since everyone else has been unsuccessful."Nellsy, there's some weird shit going down and I mean REALLY weird. I dunno what the hell is going on, but everyone is running everywhere responding to rumors without any real information whatsoever. Just like last time when everything went to shit in Holgard."You explain your recent encounter with Madeline and how it ended well enough. But you mention towards the end when you were talking to her mother, her mood changed and she ran off crying. And based on that alone, you suspect whatever is happening is somehow related to her."So...what the hell does she expect us to do about it? We aren't exactly running away from this thing ourselves."You say."No, but maybe we could at least contact her? Find out what the hell is going on? There has to be a reason behind it.

> You nod and go to a space telephone to call Madeline.
Maybe it's paranoia, but you feel like whoever is doing this isn't finished yet. So you pick up the phone and dial 000.

A soothing automated voice greets you and states that the government facility is currently unavailable; please try later.

Madeline's face appears on the screen. It seems to be illuminated from within, giving her a ghostlike appearance. She doesn't seem too much different than she did yesterday, except she no longer has those red marks on her cheeks.

> You realize this is just her personalized hologram answering machine. Hologram Madeline gives you the following 9 options:
1) Congratulations! You've chosen option one--the path of least resistance. Well done!
2) You probably shouldn't watch this. It contains adult material.
3) Wow, didn't realize she existed until she started talking about sex.
4) Hey, why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend?
5) I still love you.
6) Oh wait, you're dead. Nevermind.
7) You're coming with me, right now.
8) Sorry, I'm not doing that.
9) Fuck you.

Well, she said she wanted to talk, maybe she wants to play catch up? Not necessarily go deep, but...oh screw it, I hope I can remember all the stuff she told me. Hopefully none of it was too embarrassing for her.

"Hello, Madeline. Thanks for trying to reach me, I guess. I must say, though, you picked a very unconventional way of getting past the security system. I knew you'd come calling soon enough. Though I wonder why you felt the need to bring along the little whore inside me. Shouldn't she have been able to carry out the mission without the extra burden of distracting me?" You hear Lilith shout inside your head. Apparently she hasn't forgiven you for ignoring her wishes.

"Lilith, I can barely hear you.

> You say, "Madeline, do you know what AIPD stands for?"
"Oh, you know, Artificial Intelligence Project Division. They handle most of the technical work regarding Avatars such as yourself. Really, YOU'RE the division, although they probably wouldn't believe that. Let's just say I found you useful enough to keep around and handpicked solely due to my appreciation for technology and magic, hence the GZS lettering on the side of your neck."

"Yikes, that sounds complicated."

> Cory storms into the hanger furious to be awakened. Cory shouts, "Get off the damn space phone! It's god damn bed time! Go the fuck to sleep BITCH!"
"God damn it, wake the fuck up! Woke up late today, didn't ya? Where's da fuckin' booze? Ahhh, thank God. Dis ain't wat I wuz prayin' fer."
"Huh? Whadda you mean? Are you drunk already?"
"Drunk? Me? Nah, but I means yer friend here is tipsy. Guess we better settle up."
"We do? Wait. Aren't you supposed to be cutting trees or sumthin?"
"Yeah, but it's ok. I lowered da price ta make up for cuttin' dem spindles. Sides, ain't nobody seen uz. Snuffit left early. Didn't she always leave early?"
"Yeah, usually wore a ball gag too."
"Hm, she wasn't bound and gagged tonight. Don't worry, honey.

> You realize that Cory seems to be sleep walking and not making any sense. You try to escort him back to his bunk safely.
Cory begins grabbing his crotch repeatedly and saying silly statements like"I bet you'd look hot with cat ears"or"I would lick you all over"It's obvious he's drunk, but you decide to humor him since he IS working cheap right now.

Eventually he takes you downstairs and leads you to the bedroom telling you to hurry up and strip. Once again you're reminded of the type of job you're doing.

> You eject yourself from the spaceship and float around the voids of space.
Afterwards, you proceed to remove your clothes which fit you perfectly thanks to the 3D printer in the bathroom.

Sadly, there isn't a mirror available, otherwise you might've tried to wash it first. Still, you're used to seeing your reflection in dull surfaces, so you happily step into the bathtub.

As you relax in the warm water, your thoughts wander to Elios and Fay.

> You recall all the wacky adventures you went on with Elios and Fay.
Elios: Yeah, I'm definitely not missing HER. That hippy freak made every decision feeling it was her duty to save the galaxy or some shit. Did you see her latest endeavor? The Uwais System? Total anarchy and wild partying throughout the entire planet. Nothing stays stable there anymore. Even the pirates and smugglers avoid the place. Her tactics have worked surprisingly well.

> You remember party planet and against Elios's warning you decide to go there. You arrive on the planet surface and notice Fay dancing wildly to no music whatsoever.
"Fay!" you yell, approaching her.
"Whaaaaa," Fay says in surprise, stopping her excessive dancing.
"Why are you dancing like that?!"
"Like what?"
"All jerky and random. You know you have moves."
"I don't have any moves."
"Sure you do, like everyone knows how to dance."
"Ok fine, I'll show you my moves."