Sofia Christide, owner of a flower shop in Boonburn, Alabama

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You find an earring on a bus that is not yours and looks expensive. You try to find the owner.

"Hello?" you call out. "I'm looking for my friend's earring". The voice answers back. "That would be itie-bun". You turn around and see a woman with long brown hair wearing a white dress holding a small shopping bag. She smiles at you and waves goodbye before walking off into the woods.

The bus driver turns to you and says "That's Miss Itie-bun. She's a ghost. She rides this bus everyday."

You look up at the sky as the bus drives away from your town. You think about how you don't want to go home anymore. You've never been happier than when you were living here. Now that you're leaving, you feel like you've lost something. You wonder what happened to all of those people who lived here before you did? What was their fate?

You go to the local graveyard and make a list of names and then go to the library and look up how everyone died. You see that everyone died on the same day: July 13th, 1893.

Everyone except for one person. A young girl named Mary Ann Whitehead. Her death certificate states that she died of tuberculosis on June 30th, 1894. She had just turned sixteen years old. There are no other deaths listed under her name. You remember that she always seemed happy during her time here. Then again, maybe happiness can only last so long.

You look for another book that reveals what caused all the deaths in the town in 1893.

You find a book called Ghosts by Lillian Gish. This book has everything you need. After reading the book, you realize that every single death in the town was due to tuberculosis. In fact, there wasn't anything else that could have killed them. Maybe they didn't die because of tuberculosis, but rather someone else poisoned them or even worse, they committed suicide.

You go into the woods and look for the girl in the white dress. You yell out for her "Itie-bun? Are you there?".

No answer comes back. You begin to worry, but then you hear the sound of footsteps behind you. You turn around and see a man dressed in black clothing. He holds a pistol in his hand. "Whoa! Whoa! Slow down!" he shouts. "What do you want?" "My name is John Doe and I live nearby".

You say "I'm looking for the ghost girl itie-bun. I want to solve the mystery of town and find out how everyone died. Please don't shoot me.".

He doesn't seem scared though, he continues "Well, if you really want to know, I'll tell you anyway".

You continue.

"There was a girl named Mary Ann Whitehead. She was a pretty little thing, but she had a hard life. One night while she was sleeping, she got sick and died. Nobody knows why". John starts getting more agitated now. "Okay, okay, calm down. Just keep quiet and we'll get through this alright?" You nod and say "Alright".

You turn around and see the ghost of Mery Ann Whitehead called itie-bun. She begins to float towards you.

She floats closer until she is right next to you. "So, you're the one itie-bun", she asks. "Yes, I am, I swear"., you reply. "Good, good. Good". Suddenly, she disappears and you stand alone in the middle of nowhere.

You start to float, realize you have been possessed and ask the ghost what she wants.

> You help her "Do you want to stay or do you want to leave?", you ask the ghost. "Leave. Leave. That's it. I'm done with you"., she replies. You suddenly stop floating. You stare at her blankly. "Why are you doing this?" "Because I love you"., she replies.

You kiss her.

She responds with a moan. You quickly pull away and say "Just let me finish talking to you first. We can talk later if you want. For now, I have some things to take care of".

You teleport back to the woods where John Doe is sitting on a log. It looks like he was waiting for you.

"Oh thank God. Thank God. Oh thank God"., he says. "Are you going to kill me?" you ask. "Not tonight, no. But soon. Soon, very soon".. Suddenly, you hear a gunshot. You immediately teleport back to the bus stop. A bullet grazes your shoulder and you fall to the ground.

You get up from the sidewalk. A bus pulls up to the stop. The bus door opens and the bus drivers motions for you to get on the bus.

The bus ride takes place in silence. You sit next to the driver. You aren't sure what you should expect. Suddenly, the bus stops near an intersection. The driver gets off the bus and walks over to the side of the road. You notice that there are several men standing around. They wear suits and ties. They look like lawyers.

You throw the bus driver out of his seat and take off with the bus.

As you walk along the street, you look around at the people. Some of them look angry, others confused. Most of them are staring at you. You try to ignore them. Eventually, you reach a group of five men wearing suits. They are pointing guns at you. They demand your papers. You explain that you are not an illegal immigrant.

You say "What the heck?! It's like you've never seen a ghost bus before!" You floor the gas pedal and drive right through the men with guns.

They fire their guns at you as well. You manage to dodge most of them, but two bullets hit you in the chest. You collapse onto the pavement. "Hey! What the hell happened to you?!" one of them yells. "I... I..". you stutter. "Haven't you ever heard of the law?"

The bullets hit your flower pin, you look under the bus drivers seat and pull out a sawed off shotgun. You shoot the law men and get away.

You run home and tell your family everything that has happened.

your parents quickly look at you and say "That's nice honey." then return to watching TV.

You go into a deep depression. You don't sleep much because you think about what you did last night.

the ghost of Mary Whitehouse slowly appears into your room. She lays down next to you in bed and begins kissing you.

You feel cold hands start touching your body. Then, you wake up. Chapter 3: The Ghost of Mary Whitehouse The next day, you come downstairs and see a note on the table. You open it and read the following words:"John Doe here. He said he'd be back tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will be a long time from now".

You go back to the Flower Shop, see that half of your flowers have died.

You know this isn't good. Suddenly, you hear a loud noise outside. You rush outside and find John Doe standing there. He doesn't seem to recognize you. "Well hello there, John. How do you do? My name is John Doe and I'm the ghost of Mary Whitehouse, who owned this shop when it was still known as Mary's Flowers".

Mary notices all the dead flowers and her eyes turn red. "You have disgraced my legacy, prepare to die!"

she screams. > You attack John Doe You grab John Doe by the collar and slam him against the wall. He struggles, but you keep him pinned down. You scream at him to tell you why you killed all these beautiful flowers. He starts crying and says "It wasn't my fault, I just wanted to make you happy".

You see John pull out a box, it's a wedding ring. John proposes to you.

> You accept his proposal You say yes and they embrace. The sky darkens and rain starts to pour.