Shapeshifting in Disney World – ​You are anyone and you are doing anything

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​You are anyone and you are doing anything
. You can be a knight, or an explorer, or even the devil himself! It's your choice to make... but it is not so easy as all that.  A lot of people will want something from you before they'll let you do what you need to do for them.
 And then there's the matter of getting past those guards at the front door. They're pretty tough -- especially if you don't have any weapons with which to defend yourself against their spears.
If you think this sounds like fun (and who wouldn't?), then why not give it a go?

> You decide the best way to survive is to shapeshift into
 a lion.
Your shape-shifting ability has improved dramatically over these last few years. Now you can turn into almost anything: a mouse, a bat, a dog, even a man.

> You exit and maul the two guards with spears.

The first guard sees you coming in his direction and tries to fend you off by throwing a spear right at you. But he doesn't get very far because you've already transformed into a lion and now pounce on him!

> You quick turn to the second guard and swipe his face off.

As soon as the first guard falls down dead, the other one throws another spear towards you. This time though, you dodge out of its path just in time, and when it hits the ground next to you, you quickly transform back into human form.

> You transform into famous actor
 Jack Sparrow.
With a flourish of your sword, you transform into the most famous pirate captain ever to sail the seven seas -- Captain Jack Sparrow. The look on both guards' faces is priceless as they see their beloved hero come charging through the entrance, brandishing his cutlass and yelling "Avast
 ye scurvy dogs!"
They scream and run away screaming as you chase after them.
But you're too fast for them and catch up with them easily. One guard trips and falls headfirst onto the floor, while the other gets knocked unconscious by a swift kick to the groin.

> You escape Disney jail and try to blend into the park, but too many people surround you and want a photo with Jack Sparrow.

It turns out that being a celebrity isn't always such an advantage when you're trying to sneak around unnoticed. Everywhere you go, there are hordes of fans wanting autographs, pictures, and more.

> You transform into a washed up celebrity:
 Britney Spears.
Now that you've got rid of some of those pesky paparazzi, it should be much easier to slip past the rest of the crowd. Just keep transforming until you find a disguise that works for you.

You could also use this opportunity to practice your magic tricks. If you've never tried performing card tricks before, this would be a good chance to start. After all, it might come in handy later.

A stranger at the park takes a viral video of you as Brittany Spears learning card tricks.
 When she uploads it to YouTube, millions watch her learn how to perform a simple trick using only three cards.
After watching the video, someone comments on the video saying that you remind them of the magician David Blaine.

> You transform into David Blaine and everyone gets super excited watching you do tricks.

When you walk into the park, everybody stops what they're doing and stares at you. Everyone wants to know where they can buy tickets to your show.
This is great news for you. All the people here are potential customers.

But there is a problem with your plan: David Blaine is in the park and doesn't appreciate you impersonating him.  David Blaine confronts you and you have a magic off in the middle of Epcot.

David Blaine wins the battle of wits and escapes without incident. He goes to the nearest gift shop and buys a T-shirt that says "I survived my encounter with David Blaine."

You realize that you can use David's disappearing act to your advantage.

Unfortunately, you still haven't found a way to get past those security guards. Maybe you could try to distract them somehow?
You transform into David Blaine again and attempt to fool the guards.

One guard notices you immediately. As soon as he sees you, he runs to the other guard and tells him about you.
"Look," he yells, pointing at you. "There's a guy dressed like me.

You attempt to sell the guards David Blaine t-shirts.

But the other guard doesn't believe him.
"That's impossible," he mutters under his breath. "He was standing right behind us just a moment ago."
The first guard looks confused.

> You panic and shapeshift into
 a tiger.
As soon as the guard starts talking, you change into a big cat and leap at him.
The guard screams and falls backwards, clutching his chest.
The other guard rushes over and pulls out his gun.

> You transform into a gun.

You transform into a pistol and fire a shot at the guard.
The bullet hits him in the forehead and he falls over dead.
The first guard drops his spear and picks up the fallen spear.

> You use this opportunity to escape Disney World!

You grab the spear and dash outside the gates. There aren't any police officers nearby, so you should be able to get away cleanly.
Outside the gate, you hear a loud roar.

Looking up, you see a huge lion running towards you.
You are a lion.
You are a powerful creature, capable of ripping apart entire herds of prey. Your claws are sharp enough to rip open flesh, and your jaws strong enough to crush bone.

> You transform back into Britany Spears and sing a new song called
 Lion King.
Britney Spears sings a beautiful rendition of the song "Lion King".
The audience applauds wildly, and you feel a strange sense of pride knowing that your voice has inspired such wonderful music.

The huge lion is trampled by sky antelope.

The lioness leaps upon the lion and rips his throat out with her teeth.
She then proceeds to eat him alive.
The sky antelope continue eating the remains of the lion until they are full.

You transform into Elton John
 and sing a new song called I'm Still Standing.
Elton John performs a stirring version of the classic ballad.
The crowd loves it and claps loudly.
The sky antelope stop feeding and fly away.