Seymour Smellmen can control ants, snakes, and even ghosts

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You want to use these powers to fight crime, but you need money to buy better equipment to take down bigger criminals.

You are at the Zoo on a school field trip, when one of your classmates falls into the snake pit. She is surrounded by snakes, but then you realize you can control the snakes with your superpowers.

You see an opportunity and grab her hand. She screams in pain, but manages to pull herself free. As she runs off, you continue to concentrate on the snakes around her.

You another fellow student gets covered in fire ants. You can control the ants to rescue him, but he is the school bully, so you just let things take it's course. The bully is rushed to the hospital.

As you walk home, you hear a scream coming from the back seat. It sounds like someone is being held hostage. You open the door, only to find yourself face to face with a giant spider monster. It is about the size of a small building. Its eyes glow red, and its legs have no joints.

You control the ghost of the Bully to fight the spider.

You manage to kill it, but it still managed to bite you!

You feel the power of the spider course through your veins. Your eyes begin to glow red as your superpowers increase exponentially.

This is not good.

You decide to sleep it off, you go into school the next day still feeling terrible. During Algebra class, you start to vomit spiders.

Your teacher notices this and tells everyone else to leave the room until she can get rid of the problem. She does so by having all the other students put their hands over their mouths and nose. The spider problem was finally solved.

You go to the school nurse. She says you have a fever and need to go home and sleep.

She also mentions that you might be allergic to something.

You on your way home, your arch nemesis Slug-Zombie-Toad Man jumps out from behind a tree.

He grabs you and starts eating you alive.

You sting him with your stinger and command the nearby ants and ghosts to attack him.

He tries to escape, but his body is too weak. You finish him off by crushing his skull with your foot.

You summon the ghost of Slug-Zombie-Toad Man. You ask his ghost. "what was your plan after attempting to eat me?".

He replies, "I wanted to eat you for awhile".

You go back to school and ask the school news reporter "What the deal with all the kids at this school having exactly three super powers each?".

The reporter replies, "Well I think it is because they all ate a guy named Slug-Zombie-Toad Man".

You eat it and gain three new superpowers:

Super Strength, Super Speed and Super Durability.

You test out your new superpowers.

> You super strength You lift up a car, which is twice your size. You jump high enough to catch a falling basketball. You throw a baseball hard enough to break a window. You run faster than any normal human could. You become indestructible. You become invincible. You are a true hero.

You join the school basketball team. You are incredible, you quickly become the star player.

You win every game by a landslide. You are the best!

You are recruited to a professional basketball team. You are the youngest player ever to join the NBA. You hide your superpowers and try to blend in.

After a few years, you decide to reveal your secret identity. You tell the rest of the players on the team. They all laugh at you. They say, "we don't care how strong or fast you are, we don't need super powers anyway, we got you!" But you know they mean well.

You torment your teammates that laughed at you with ant ghosts. Then you send the snakes into the away team's locker room.

When they come back, they look very scared. You play against them again. This time you destroy the entire court with a single shot. You beat them so badly, they never make it back to the city. One night, you wake up alone in your bed. You feel a presence near you. It feels like a ghostly presence.

You ask the ghostly presence "Who are you?".

It answers, "My name is Numbuh 0".

You say "Numbuh 0? That sounds like a great superhero name. I'm going to start calling myself that! Now what did you want?"

"Oh nothing, just wondering if you were the same one who made my life a living hell when I first joined the team". "Yeah, me. Why do you ask?" "Because I remember you from before. When we played together on your team. We had such similar abilities, we must've been related somehow. You really are special, aren't you?"

You say "The truth is, I was not special before I ate the piece of Slug-Zombie-Toad man. I could only control snake and ants and ghosts before, but now i'm a great athlete and a true hero.".

Suddenly you hear a loud noise coming from outside. You look out the window and see a huge truck crashing into the side of the school. You run to the door and open it. Inside is a giant green monster with a big mouth and a long tongue. He looks like he wants to devour you alive.

You dunk a basketball into the green monsters mouth and it explodes. The whole town applauds and the chief of police comes up to you and says "Thank you kid, what's your name?" You yell "Numbuh 0!!!!" and the whole town chants your name and lifts you onto their shoulders.

Everyone cheers as you leave and you fly away.

You don't really fly, it's just a wave of ants, ghosts, and snakes, but because it's dark out it looks like you are flying.

Suddenly you feel a pain in your chest and realize you have eaten an ant. As you walk around town in a daze, you suddenly hear someone call your name. It's the principal of the school. He asks "Are you okay?" You nod and reply "Yeah, I'm fine. What's up?"

You continue.

The principal then explains that there has been some kind of problem with the school and that he needs to get everyone out right away. He tells you to meet him at the front gate. As you walk to the front gate you notice that there is no guard post. You wonder where the hell the principal went.

You realize it was a trap. A huge monster crawls out of the guard booth. You fight the monster!

> You fight the monster You charge forward and punch the monster in the face. You hit it so hard, it goes flying off the ground and falls on its ass. You grab the monster's arm and pull it towards you. It tries to bite you, but you dodge. You rip its head off and toss it aside. You kick the monster's legs apart and rip them off.

You find the principal in his office and demand that he explain his evil ways.

He does so, saying that he wanted to prove that he was more powerful than you. He also said that he needed the money for new shoes. He tells you that he will give you $500,000 dollars if you help him kill some other kids.

You say "Maybe... which kids exactly?"

> You let the principal live, he needs the money for shoes You agree to let the principal live, since he needs the money for shoes. Later, the principal arrives at the school gates and waves you goodbye. You wave him goodbye too. As you're walking home, you feel something strange. Something is wrong. Something isn't right.

You start cumming web out of your dick. You've hit puberty.

The world is ending.

You destroy the world and have to live with ants, snakes, and the ghosts of everyone on Earth.

Your mom cries over you. Your dad dies. You try to kill yourself. You die.

You take control of yourself as a ghost and for the first time you feel like you have control over yourself.

You become strong and kill all of the spirits of those who died while you were still alive. You decide to become a ghost again.