rub-a-dub-dub – You are Peter Party, a guy who runs a party supplies store.

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You are Peter Party, a guy who runs a party supplies store. You mainly sell birthday party items. One day, you go into your store and see that the items have been broken apart. Somebody ruined your entire store! You look around for evidence and find a wallet that belongs to Jason from AIPD. You call Officer Cory and tell him what happened.

Officer Cory asks if you want to press charges against the person who broke in. You say no. He says he will send someone over to pick up the wallet, then he is going to arrest Jason for breaking and entering. You ask what his address is, but he doesn't know it. You can tell that Officer Cory thinks you're lying about the whole thing.

You decide to investigate Jason by following him around for an entire week to see what devious things he gets up to.

You follow Jason to a house where he goes inside and comes out with a bag of groceries. You follow him home and see that he lives on the second floor of an apartment building. You watch him as he opens his door and goes inside. You spy on him while he's in there for a few minutes, but you don't see anything suspicious.
 You hang around all night long and just as you are about to doze off you notice something disturbing: Jason devours an entire stick of butter.
 You rush home and call Officer Cory.

Officer Cory says that he's going to send another officer over to pick up the butter. He also tells you that he's going to arrest Jason for eating the butter. You ask what his address is again, but he says he doesn't know it. You can tell he thinks you're lying about this too.
 You watch as Jason is carried out in hand cuffs and his eyes immediately lock with yours.  You don't know how he knows, but he knows it was you!

The next day, Officer Cory shows up at your store and arrests you for the burglary. He takes you to jail where you are charged with breaking and entering. You are sentenced to life in prison.

Your mother visits you every weekend, but she always seems sad. She says that she misses her son very much and that she wishes she could talk to him.
 As you walk into prison, you notice Jason is being released.  Jason must have friends high up in the police department to frame you for the robbing of your own store.
 You sit in your cell and think about everything that has happened. You wonder why you were framed.

You begin to feel depressed, so you pull out a picture of you and your family. Suddenly, the picture comes alive and a man appears. He says he's your father. He explains that he knew you would be framed for the crime because you have a secret power.
 You use this power whenever you need to get out of trouble. Your dad says that he'll teach you how to control this power. All you have to do is rub the picture and say, "Rub-a-dub-dub." Then he gives you the phone number of a guy named Bubba who can help you.

You call Bubba and explain your situation.
 Bubba, a criminal defense attorney, shows up and immediately starts to take action.  First things first, he gets you out of jail on bail.
 Next, he tries to find a witness who can prove that you weren't the one who broke into your store. He finds a woman who claims she saw Jason break into your store and she even remembers the license plate of the car he used.

Bubba then goes to the police station and interrogates the officer who arrested you.
 He plays a recording of the conversation between Officer Cory and you and shows that you didn't know the officer's address. The detective agrees to drop the charges against you.

Bubba then takes you to meet with your father. He tells you that your father is an undercover cop and he needs your help to catch Jason.
 You agree and listen to Bubba's plot to take Jason.

Bubba wants you to go to Jason's house and pretend to be his new wife. He will then drive you to the police station and you will tell everyone that Jason confessed to the crime. Jason will be arrested and Bubba will win back his reputation as a criminal defense lawyer.

The next morning you show up at Jason's house and ring the doorbell.
 You are wearing a shoddy wig and a floral dress from Salvation Army, but it manages to fool Jason.
  You introduce yourself as Missy and Jason introduces himself as Mr. Johnson. You two spend the day together having fun. When it gets dark, Bubba drives you to the police station. He tells the officers that Jason confessed to the crime and he is arrested.

Bubba then takes you out to dinner and thanks you for your help.
 You ask Bubba, "But why did he confess?  Just because he thought I was a woman?"
 Bubba says no. He had been observing Jason for several days before you showed up. He witnessed Jason devouring an entire stick of butter and putting a bag of groceries in his pocket. He realized that Jason must have stolen the goods from your store.

Jason is convicted and sent to jail. Your mom visits you every weekend and she looks happier than ever.