RPAN #2 – Story 5 – You are Ms. Beauty, a woman who has three boyfriends

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You are Ms. Beauty, a woman who has three boyfriends. The three guys are unaware that you have been cheating on them for months. You think you'll be be able to get away with this, until you realize that the guys work together. The guys are named Tony, Jason and Cory and they do a daily stream call AIPD together. You desperately hope that the guys don't find out that you've been cheating on them
, but one day you're late getting home from work and discover that they have discovered your affair. You panic as you try to figure out what to say, when the doorbell rings. It's Tony and he is furious.
 He grabs you by the arm and drags you inside. Your eyes widen in shock as he takes off his shirt and reveals his body to you. "I'm so sorry," you whisper, trying not to look at him.

You notice Tony has a full body tattoo of your face and it says, "Love you forever" in cursive writing.

Tony looks down at you and says, "You were fucking Jason."
Your heart stops beating and you feel like you might faint. "Yes, I was," you whisper.
falls to the ground and begins to cry
 "I can't believe you did this to me!" he cries. "Jason and I had such plans! We were going to start our own business together!"
You stare up at Tony in horror.

You say, "Lawlz"
 and run into the house.
You go upstairs to your room and lock the door behind you. You sit on your bed and begin to cry. You think about how much money you spent on those three guys and how you didn't even care.

You look at your email and notice Tony has sent you a long detailed message about his and Jason's new business venture:
 "AIPD" stands for All In Play Dice. The idea is that there will be three teams playing against each other and whoever wins gets a prize. They have already started the league and are looking for people to join their team.

You run downstairs and ask Tony, "How much money have you made from this dice game?"

Tony tells you, "We've made over $20,000 in just a few days."
You tell him, "Well, I'm sorry, but I can't play anymore."
Tony looks shocked and asks, "Why?
 You got rich!"
You shake your head and say, "No, I can't do it. Those guys would kill me if they found out I was cheating on them."
Tony frowns and says, "You're lying.

Jason and Cory pop out from the kitchen and in unison say, "We all know, we've known the whole time!"

You turn bright red and look away.
Tony glares at you and says, "This isn't over."
The next day, Tony comes into your office and says,
 "Ms. Beauty, I need you to sign some papers."
You furrow your brow and say, "What kind of papers?"
He hands you a stack of documents and says, "These are termination papers.

 I'm firing you."
You glance at the papers and then back at Tony. "But...why?"
Tony scoffs and says, "Because you're an adulterer and you betrayed my trust.

You sign the papers just to get some closure and try to move on with your life.

Over the next few weeks, you struggle to find another job. You don't want to leave the city, but you have no choice. You apply for a few jobs, but nothing seems to fit your skillset.

Your skillset includes:
 marketing, customer service, management, and sales. You've always been good at those things, but now you're not sure where you should be. You decide to take a break and just focus on being happy.

You finally get a call from Amway to join a pyramid scheme.
 You quickly realize that it's a scam, but you feel like you can use it to make some money.
You show up to your first meeting and it turns out to be a total bust.

You decide that you are charismatic enough to recruit these people for your own business.  You create a business on the spot:
 "Beauty By Design". You plan to sell beauty products.
You pitch the idea to Tony and he is skeptical. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asks.
You tell him, "Of course I do!
 It's perfect."
Tony shrugs and says, "Okay, I guess."
You then set about creating your product line. You design a logo, create a website, and then begin selling your products online.

Your logo is
 a beautiful pink flower with a little silver trim around it. The website is simple and clean. Your products are sold through Amazon and you even get a huge discount because you are starting out.
After a few months, you notice your sales are growing.

One of your employees expresses that they are not working a livable wage and demand a raise.

You tell them, "I can't pay you more than the minimum wage."
They complain and say, "Well, you could give us a better location."
You tell them, "I don't have the budget for that right now."

The angry attempts to unionize.
 They send a letter to your customers asking them to boycott your company.
You ignore them and keep pushing forward.
One night, you're at home when you receive a text from one of your customers.
 She wants to meet up for dinner.
You reply, "Sure."
She texts back, "My treat."
You agree to meet her at a local restaurant. As you're walking in, you see her waiting at the table.
 She's wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline. Her hair is done up in curls and she looks stunning.
You smile and walk over to the table.
"Hello," you say.

"Hi," she replies.
You sit down and she orders wine. After the waiter leaves, she begins to talk. "So, I saw your website and wanted to buy something."
You nod.

She brings out her phone and points to the most expensive beauty product you have on your website:
 "The Pink Diamond Facial Peel."
You gasp and stare at the price tag. "Oh, wow..."
She continues, "And I saw that you were offering free shipping, so I thought maybe I'd order it and give you feedback."

You make sure she understands the price of the "The Pink Diamond Facial Peel" is $40,000... and if she is getting that, she might also like
 to buy other items from your site.
You explain that you will only be able to offer the "The Pink Diamond Facial Peel" for a limited time. If you can sell it, you'll make a lot of money.

You suggest that she also buy:
 "A Pretty Princess Pore Stripper", "Dirty Girl's Bedroom Makeover Kit", and "Sweet Dreams Pillow Case".
She agrees to purchase the four items for a total of $1,600.

You say, "That is one hell of a discount." and she replies, "I am a huge beauty YouTuber and I will promote the hell out of your company if you agree to this."

You say, "Deal."
She buys all the products and you both enjoy a nice meal. Afterwards, she walks you home. As you're making out, she grabs your hand and stops you.

"Wait," she says. "What was the name of your company again?"
You say, "Beauty By Design."
She laughs and shakes her head. "It's too long."

You ask, "What should I call it?" and she replies, "Just call it:
 'Pussy By Design'."
You laugh and kiss her. You go inside and put on a sexy outfit. When you come out, she is waiting for you.
She gasps as you walk towards her.
 She's wearing a very short red dress with a plunging neckline.
"Wow," she says.
You say, "Do I look good?"
She smiles and says, "Very sexy."

Yyour sexy outfit looks like
 lingerie. It's made out of a sheer material and there are straps and bows everywhere.
You take her hand and lead her into the bedroom.
"Come here," you command.
She follows you obediently.

When you arrive at the bedroom, you notice mountains of contracts.  You look confused, but your top customer convinces you, "Business before pleasure."  You read some of the contracts and they have troubling legal terminology like:
 "Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Binding Arbitration Clause."
You look at your customer and say, "Can you explain these terms to me?"
She says, "Sure."

She takes off all her clothes.

"But first, you must sign here... and here." she says.  You look disappointed and don't want another relationship to be ruined because of mixing business with pleasure.  You tell her you don't think it's a good idea to be romantically involved with a business partner.

She looks at you with disappointment and says, "I'm not going to try and sleep with you."
You reply, "That's fine."
She asks, "Then what do we need to do?"

You say
 with smile, "It's time to get down to some designing!"

You two start working on the design together.
"So, how does this work?" you ask.
She explains, "We'll set aside a few hours each day to work on the design.

Months go by, but you have finally designed the ultimate beauty product:
 "The Pussy Diamond Facial Peel".
Your customer tells you, "I've been following you on Instagram and I just got an invite to join your fan club."
You're excited and tell her, "I'm so happy you joined my fan club."