RPAN #2 – Story 3 – You are Frodo and it has

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You are Frodo and it has 
been years since you destroyed the ring of power.  Your fame has started to wane and you are sitting at a bar alone.
 You order some beer, but the bartender doesn't recognize your name so he asks if you want something stronger. "I'll take a shot," you say, staring into the mirror behind him. In the reflection, you see yourself wearing a brown cloak with a hood over your head.

You ask the bartender, "Have you ever heard of Frodo the Brave?"
 He says no, but then the bartender notices that his glass is empty. The bottle on the shelf behind him is nearly full, so he pours you another drink and leaves the room. You sit there for a while drinking the strong liquor as the night wears on.

You keep hinting at your long list of accomplishments, but the bartender still has no idea who you are.
 Finally, when you have had enough, you stand up unsteadily and walk out into the street. You start walking down the road, trying to remember where you were going. It was somewhere in Middle Earth, wasn't it?

You go on quest to recreate the ring of power just to spite that one bartender.
 After wandering around for a few days, you finally find an old wizard's tower near the edge of the forest. Inside, you find a door leading underground. You open the door and step inside.

You lean on brick which opens a secret passage.  You find a scroll inside that lists the items required to craft the ring of power:

"A fragment of Sauron's hand, from Mordor."
You look around, but you can't seem to find any such thing. "Well shit," you mutter.
The next item on the list is "a cup made of gold."
 You spot a large golden chalice on the table in front of you. You pick it up and notice that it feels warm. You pour the liquid inside into your mouth.
You gulp down the strange brew.

You reel and wretch at the taste.  You say to yourself, "Yep, that was orc blood."
 You put the cup back down and continue looking through the scroll. There is nothing else listed.
You try again, pouring the contents of the cup into your mouth. This time you feel the same sensation of warmth spreading throughout your body.

Suddenly the drink makes your start to shrink.  You are now the size of a
 small child! You hear a laugh echo in the distance and you see a pair of glowing red eyes. You turn to run, but you're too slow. The creature grabs you by the neck and lifts you up into the air.

Your eyes adjust and you finally get a good look at the creature:
 it looks like a massive spider with a human face. Its legs are covered in black fur and its arms end in sharp claws.
It drops you to the ground and starts walking towards you. You kick and struggle, but you can't break free.

You cry out, "I'm just trying to recreate the ring of power, please don't kill me!"

The creature laughs and reaches down to grab you by the throat. "Oh yeah? And what will you do if I let you live?"
"I'll stop making the ring of power," you reply.

The creature puts you down safely and tells you to leave.  You leave and start a bar the sells orc blood.

You continue to wander the land, searching for the last two pieces of the ring. After a few more weeks, you finally find them hidden in the ruins of an ancient temple. You spend several hours gathering all three fragments together before heading back to your bar.

You return to your bar, which you have named:
 "The Last Drink Before You Die". You carefully place the pieces of the ring onto the bar and light it on fire.
As the flames rise high, you feel a sudden rush of energy course through your veins.

You look down at your hand and see that you have created a wonky looking, but fully functional ring of power.  It is oblong and there are some weird spots.  You gain the following ultimate lord of the earth powers:

Earthquake - Create earthquakes wherever you touch the ground.
Lightning Bolt - Shoot bolts of lightning wherever you point your finger.
Plant Growth - Grow plants anywhere you touch the ground.

You realize that every step you take is a devastating attack to everyone around you.

You smile and turn to leave. You hear the sound of footsteps behind you and then a voice says, "Hey, wait a minute."
You turn to see a beautiful woman standing there.
 She is wearing a white dress and she looks very familiar.
She smiles at you and asks, "Are you really Frodo the Brave?"
You nod and say, "Yes."
"Great," she replies.

The woman tells you her name is
 Mary and that she has been waiting for you. You tell her about your quest and how you came to be in this world.
Mary listens patiently as you explain everything. "So, I need to get back to my own world, right?"
 You ask.
"Right," Mary replies.
"Well, you could probably teleport me back," you suggest.
"No, I can't," Mary explains. "Teleporting takes a lot of magic, and even though I am a goddess, I can only use so much magic each day

You take a long rest with Mary and ask her to teleport you in the morning.

In the morning, you wake up and find yourself back in your bedroom. You quickly get dressed and head downstairs.
You enter the kitchen and find Mary sitting at the breakfast table. You sit down across from her.

You notice that Mary has dressed you with magical boots and gloves and that prevent your powers from going off every time you touch something.

You look over at Mary and ask, "How did you know I would come here today?"
"I didn't," Mary replies. "But when I saw you leaving the bar yesterday, I knew you were on the path to Mount Doom."

You ask Mary to teleport you to Mount Doom, but she refuses.  When you ask her why, she says, "The journey is it's own reward."

You decide to accept that answer and set out on the path.
After several days of walking, you finally reach the foot of the mountain. You climb up the slope until you reach the top.

You are sweating, hungry, and almost died more times than you can count.  You curse Mary and say, "Teleporting would have saved a lot of time!"  You notice that Gollum is waiting for you at the peak.

Gollum says, "Hello, Frodo. Have you come to claim the ring?"
You shake your head and say, "No, I've come to destroy it."
Gollum laughs and says, "That will never happen!"

Gollum has learned from last time and has become a powerful acrobatic warrior.  You try to pass Gollum, but he stops you.

He says, "You can't go any further! The ring will kill you if you keep trying to take it!"
You say, "What are you talking about?"
Gollum grabs you by the arm and pulls you close to him.

Gollum whispers, "
The ring will make you its master. Once it is complete, you will be trapped here forever!"
You say, "It doesn't work like that. It's not alive."
Gollum shakes his head and says, "But it is.
 It is a living thing. It has a will. And it wants to control you."
You say, "No, it doesn't."
Gollum says, "You must believe me.

You tell Gollum, "Ok whatever, but why won't you let me destroy it?"

Gollum tells you, "Because I want to be free."
You laugh and say, "You're insane."
Gollum says, "No, I'm not. I am just a slave.

You ask Gollum, "A slave to what?"

Gollum says, "To the ring."
You ask, "What does the ring do?"
Gollum tells you, "It makes us immortal."

You take off the ring and Troy Aikmen hail mary throw it into Mount Doom.

You feel nothing.
You are still alive.
You are no longer a god.
You have lost all your power.
You realize that you have become mortal once again.
You stand there on the mountain for several minutes.

You look at Gollum.
 He seems happy.
You ask, "Do you think you can survive without the ring?"
Gollum says, "Yes."
You tell him, "Then good luck."
You turn around and start walking away.

You hear screaming and when you look back, Gollum has thrown himself into Mount Doom to try and get the ring.

You turn around and walk down the mountain.
You reach the bottom safely and decide to rest for a few hours before heading home.
When you wake up, you find yourself back in your bed.

You look over to see that Mary has teleported you back home.

You thank Mary for saving your life.
You ask Mary to teleport you to Mount Doom. She refuses.
In the morning, you wake up and find yourself back in your bedroom. You quickly get dressed and head downstairs.

You enter the kitchen and find Mary sitting at the breakfast table. You sit down across from her.
You notice that Mary has dressed you with magical boots and gloves and that prevent your powers from going off every time you touch something.

You realize that you have gone back in time.  The ring still exists!  How could this happen, how can the same day keep repeating!?

You then ask Mary to send you to the year 3000.
agrees and you arrive in the year 3000!

You find yourself in an ancient city filled with temples. You approach one of the shrines and notice that a statue of Mary is inside.
You open the door and step inside.
Inside the shrine, you see a golden idol of Mary holding a book and standing on a pedestal.

You look at the title of the book:
 "Hail Mary".
You pick up the book and read it.
The book says, "I am Mary and I approve of this message."
You put the book back down and say, "Thank you."