RPAN #2 – Story 2 – You are Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

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You are Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. While flying over Roswell, you are shot down by an experimental missile defense system! The military arrives at the crash sight and you attempt to explain yourself.
 You were just trying to deliver presents to good children all around the world when a UFO attacked you. It was nothing personal.
The soldiers arrest you and take you away. You spend the night in jail, but they release you in the morning with no explanation as to why you were arrested or what for
You return home to find your wife waiting up for you. She is very upset because she thinks that you have been kidnapped by aliens. She tells you about her dream where you went missing while delivering gifts to good children all over the world.

You realize you are in the middle of nowhere and the only thing close by is the secret army base.  You return and ask the commanding general if you could get a ride back to the North Pole.
 He agrees and gives you a small plane. You fly back to the North Pole and are greeted by the elves. They tell you that they have been expecting you for quite some time.
They take you to meet Santa's boss who turns out to be none other than the jolly old elf himself.

The elf in charge of everything is named
 Soren. He tells you that he has been watching your progress since you first arrived at the North Pole. You have done a fine job so far. You have brought joy to millions of children and families across the globe.
 But now it is time for you to do something special. There is a girl born today whose birthday is tomorrow. Her name is Alana. She will turn ten years old and Santa needs to bring her a present.

You look at your naughty or nice list and see that Alana has been:
 "nice" for most of her life. That is not going to work. You need to bring her something really special this year. The best gift would be a magical one. You want to make sure that she knows how much you care for her.

You know exactly what to get Alana: a
 real live reindeer. The elves have been breeding them for centuries. They are rare and extremely expensive. You will have to go on a journey to find one.
You head out into the snow covered mountains and begin your search.

It has been a long time since you last trapped a reindeer.  You are a bit rusty, but you prepared well for this trip.  You open your pack to see the following magical reindeer trapping items:

- The Magic Reindeer Trap (snowballs)
- The Magic Reindeer Trap (firecrackers)
- The Magic Reindeer Trap (windmills)
- The Magic Reindeer Trap (bamboo poles)
- The Magic Reindeer Trap (
reel of fishing line)
- The Magic Reindeer Trap (wooden dowels)
- The Magic Reindeer Trap (small tree branch)
- The Magic Reindeer Trap (large tree branch)
- The Magic Reindeer Trap (tire pump)

You start by using the tire pump to blow up your faux Santa and then you hide behind a windmill and wait.  Hours pass, but finally a reindeer shows up and starts to investigate the fake blow up Santa.

As the reindeer approaches, you pop out from behind the windmill and scare him away. You grab his reins and tie them to your belt. Then you use the bamboo pole to pull down the reel of fishing line.

You catch the reindeer and return to your workshop to train it before you gift it to Alana.
 You need to get used to riding a reindeer again. You also need to figure out how to tame the reindeer.
When you arrive at the workshop, you find that the elves have already tamed the reindeer.

It's Christmas day and you personally deliver Alana her magical reindeer.
 You ride the reindeer through the city streets and you are greeted by cheering crowds. You even get to meet Santa himself.
The next morning, you wake up to find that Alana has left for school.

You notice Alana has not fed or bathed her magical reindeer.  She hasn't even given it a name.  You decide to name the reindeer for her and call it

Fartbox and Alana soon become inseparable.  Alana has even begun to think that the reindeer is more important than her parents. She has been telling everyone that she wants to give up her birthday party to stay home and play with Fartbox.

You notice something odd: Alana has been acting strange and her appearance is noticeably different.
 She has been growing taller and her hair is turning green.
You are worried about Alana and try to talk to her, but she won't listen. Instead, she tells you to leave her alone.

You try to pry for more information but Alana snaps and yells, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"  You then notice she transformed into a green skinned, green haired, 10 ft tall super solider.

Alana tells you that you must be punished for trying to control her. She has come to take you to the secret base where the elves live.
You run as fast as you can but you can't keep up with Alana.

Alana knocks you unconscious and when you wake up, you are in a jail in the secret elf base.  You notice Alana sitting in a chair outside the cell waiting for you.

She explains that the elves have been experimenting on her for years. Her powers were so great that they had to lock her away to protect the world.
She tells you that the elves want to study your DNA and find a way to remove her powers permanently.

You notice that most of your blood is gone.  An elf scientist comes in and ask you to follow him.
 He leads you to a room filled with all kinds of medical equipment.
He explains that the elves have found a cure for Alana's power. They have extracted your DNA and created a serum that will turn her back to normal.

You ask Alana, "Why do you want to squander the gift of super strength you were given?"

Alana replies, "I don't like being weak."
You say, "You are strong enough to stop the evil elves and save the world."
Alana says, "No I'm not.

You get up and say, "Yes you are!"

Alana laughs and grabs you by the neck.
"You're nothing," she sneers.
Then you hear a loud explosion. You look up to see an elf soldier flying through the air.

It's the army!  They've come to take Alana to get the super solider DNA to make more super soldiers!  The elves and the the army have an all out war in the elf secret base.

Alana is too powerful and kills many of the elven scientists. She then turns to you and asks, "What should we do now?"
You tell her, "We fight together and defeat the evil elves and their army of super soldiers."

You and Alana escape, but they will keep coming.  Alana knows what she has to do.

You go to a bar and watch the news. It seems that the elves have been losing ground.
You notice that Alana has arrived and she is looking for you. You go to her and ask her if she's okay.

Alana says, "It is done."  You look confused until you hear a breaking story on the TV:
 The elves have kidnapped a famous super solider named Captain America.
You realize that Alana has captured the one person who could help you and your friends.
Alana tells you that the only way to free Captain America is to defeat the elves.

You shake your head and say, "Well, I'll keep drinking my egg nog then!" You and Alana laugh and laugh.

The next morning you wake up to find that you are in the secret base. You are surrounded by dozens of super soldiers.
Alana comes in and tells you that the elves have decided to make an example of you.

They plan to execute you and then use your body to create more super soldiers.
You agree to the execution and you stand before the firing squad. Alana gives you a kiss and tells you, "Goodbye, Steve."