RPAN #1 – Story 2 – You are a mage named Annie.

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You are a mage named Annie.
 You have spent the last ten years in service to an evil god, and now you are finally free of his grasp. But it is not quite over yet—you must face your own inner demons before you can be free.

You go to the local tavern and tell the bar keep all off your inner demons:
 anger, jealousy, lust, greed, sloth, envy, gluttony, wrath, pride, vanity, avarice, and more besides. As he prepares your drink, however, you notice that something seems wrong with him.
 His eyes look…off somehow. And when you take your first sip of ale, there is a strange taste on your tongue. You set down your mug quickly as the barkeep collapses dead at your feet.

You take a battle stance and equip your magic staff.  You are surrounded by
 zombies and skeletons who come for you immediately. They attack furiously, but they lack coordination and their attacks miss entirely. After a few moments of this, one of them grabs your arm. It yanks backward so hard that it pulls you off balance.

You cast your ultimate spell:
 “Fireball!” The undead creature explodes into flame, turning into ash within seconds. Your friends cheer in victory. Then another zombie lunges forward, only to get its head caved in by a swing from your warhammer.

You rip off the zombie's intestines and throw it to your friend and make your friend uncomfortable.
 He says, “Thanks, I really needed those.”
A third zombie comes at you, and you kill it easily. A fourth joins it, and then suddenly dozens are attacking you.

You notice that at the entrance of the bar is your ultimate rival:
 Mordred, a powerful necromancer who has been trying to defeat you for years. With no time to prepare, you find yourself overwhelmed. Even with your amazing magical abilities, you barely manage to survive.

You try to offer Mordred a truce and you let Mordred know that you are not in the mood and you were trying to work on your inner demons today.

Mordred laughs and tells you that he is here to end you once and for all. You are forced back against the wall as Mordred begins chanting a spell.
“I will eat your soul, oh Annie.

You drink Asterix potion, +2 mana gain.

You feel your body growing heavier and you stumble backward. Before you fall unconscious, you see the words of your enemy burning into your mind.
You wake up tied to a chair in Mordred's laboratory.
 He sits at his desk and pours himself some wine. He offers you a glass and you refuse. He continues writing in his journal.
“The world burns around us. Demons rule.
 Only the strong survive. But we will rise again. We will bring about our glorious return. Our armies will march across the land and conquer every living thing. All others will bow before us and serve in fear.

Mordred excuses himself to go to the bathroom.  You sneak over and read his journal:

“My army grows stronger each day. Soon I will lead them to victory. When my enemies are destroyed, I will take their lands and their riches. Their women will become slaves, and their men will be thrown to the beasts.

Soon, all the world will tremble before me. My name will echo through the ages. The legend of Mordred will grow.
And then the world will belong to me.”
He returns and sits down behind his desk.

You notice a magical amulet has fallen to the ground.  You secretly pick it up and use it to gain the following magical powers:

─ Mana Pool +5; Mana Regen. 2% per minute.
─ Level 1: Create Flame. Consumes 10 mana to create fire. Fire damage 30-50 (varies).

You create a flame on Mordred's desk and catch his journal on fire!
 You laugh triumphantly as Mordred screams in agony. He tries to put out the flames but cannot.
“You think this puny little spell will stop me? Ha! Burn in hell, human.

Mordred attempts to cast a spell, but it backfires because he is still on fire and in a great deal of pain.
 He falls unconscious.
You escape from the laboratory and meet your friends outside. You explain what happened and your plan. They agree to help.
You decide to gather information on Mordred. You find that he was born in Paris, France and is a former member of the French Foreign Legion.

You go to the field hospital and ask the nurse to check for damage.
 She gives you a list of supplies that you need. You leave the hospital and begin gathering the items.
You also visit the local library to research Mordred. There you discover that he is obsessed with ancient Celtic mythology.

You also find the following embarrassing stories about Mordred:

* In 1845, while serving in the French Foreign Legion, Mordred killed a fellow legionnaire after being accused of theft.
* During the Franco-Prussian War, Mordred deserted the army and joined the Prussian Army.

You check the library 
and find
 a list of celctic spells


Celtic Spell List:
 Invoke Calydonian Boar: Summon the legendary boar of Calydon. Use it to fight alongside your allies or attack an opponent with devastating power.

 Fae Magic: Gain temporary access to magic from the fey. Use wisely and carefully.
 Conjure Giant Rat: Call forth a giant rat to aid you in battle.
 Can only be used once per day.
 Witch's Bane: Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Make them flee in terror.
 Summon Elemental Swarm: Bring forth the spirits of the dead to join you in battle.

You take this spell book and then look for some crafting recipes.
 You find one for “an enchanted sword."
After gathering the necessary materials, you return to the field hospital to craft the weapon. You have never crafted anything before so you consult the recipe.

You find the field hospital does not have exactly what you need for the recipe, but you replace what you can with healing items and end up crafting:

A Short Sword +1. Made by combining a normal short sword and a piece of cloth. It has no special properties.
You hold the sword and marvel at its weight. You wonder if it is really worth using.

You give up on crafting yourself and head to the master blacksmith in town.  You ask him to craft you a high level staff capable of finally defeating Mordred once and for all.

The smith is happy to make you a staff, even though he doesn't like making weapons. You pay him with silver coins and some of the loot from Mordred.
You present the completed staff to your friends.

You notice Mordred crossing the street, unaware of you and your powerful new staff.  You cast the ultimate fireball at his face.

Mordred screams and flees in terror. You follow him to the edge of the city where he runs off into the woods.
You track him down to a cave and confront him.
 He attacks you immediately and you barely manage to dodge his blows.
You swing your staff and strike him across the jaw. He flies backwards and lands in a heap. You stand above him, ready to deliver the killing blow…
You realize you have run out of strength and collapsed to the floor.
 You are unable to move.
You wake up in bed. Your friends tell you that you have been asleep for three days and were near death when they found you.
They say that Mordred attacked you again during your sleep and tried to kill you.