RPAN #1 – Story 1 – You are Randy and you are on a public access network show.

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You are Randy and you are on a public access network show.
 You've been sent here by your boss, Mr. Billingsley, to report live from the new local channel. Your assignment is to go out there in front of the camera and give them an exclusive interview.

You head to the crime scene and get an exclusive interview with the Chief of Police.
 The police chief tells you that this was a drug deal gone bad. He says that he believes that it's gang related.
"I can't believe this happened right under my nose," said the Chief.

You notice a pile of drugs under a sofa cushion.  The drugs are marked with a unique brand:
 "Flaming Skulls." It seems like a gang thing. You decide to talk about the gang problem in town.
"It's getting worse every day," said the Chief. "The gangs have moved into our schools, and now they're even coming into the police station.

The Chief lets you know not to trust anyone as they could be working for the gang.  You let the Chief know you have some leads:
 the people who ran away after the shooting. You tell him that you think they may still be involved.
After the interview, you are approached by two men wearing black suits and sunglasses. They ask you if you'd like to join their organization.

You play dumb and ask, "What's the name of the organization?"

They say, "We call ourselves the Skulls."
You ask, "Why do you call yourselves Skulls? Is it because you wear a skull mask when you commit crimes?"
They answer, "Yes."

You decide this is an excellent opportunity to go undercover as a secret agent working vigilante style for the police.  You agree to join the gang and they say your initiation task is to
 find out more information about the gang's activities.
You leave the police station and head home to make preparations. When you arrive at home, you see a news van parked outside. There are several reporters and cameramen interviewing neighbors about the gang activity in town.

You try to sneak into your house, but the most famous reporter in town, Chip Hanson, stops you and asks, "What do you think about all the crime?"

"I think it's horrible," you say. "This whole town is going to hell."
Chip says, "Well, we'd love to hear your opinion on the subject."
You realize that you're now being asked to give an interview.

You attempt to take over the interview and let the people know about your findings so far.

"There are three major gangs in this area. The Bloods, the Crips, and the Skulls. They seem to be competing against each other for territory. I'm sure you've heard of the Bloods and the Crips before.

Chip Hansen looks confused, "The Skulls?  I've never heard of them..."

"They're a new gang," you explain. "I've only just started investigating them. They don't have any real turf or money. But they have a lot of members and they're very organized.

Suddenly the interview is cut short when you notice the two gang members from earlier that recruited you are now aiming semi-automatic rifles at you.  You dodge the hail of gunfire and land behind the news van.  However Chip Hansen is riddled with bullets!

You turn around and see the man in charge, the leader of the gang, wearing a white skull mask. He has a pistol pointed at your head.
"Give me the codes," he demands.

You give the man in charge all the codes you know: the konami code, you bank PIN, the code of honor - but none are the codes he is looking for!

"That's not good enough," he sneers.
He pulls the trigger and you die.
─ New Game + (Press Start)
─ Welcome to the Hellscape.

Welcome to the Hellscape, a world where no one is safe and nothing is sacred. This is the place where you can experience the ultimate thrill ride and live the life you always dreamed of.

You get in line for the scariest ride at Hellscape:
 The Ride. It's a roller coaster that goes through the heart of Hell itself. It's got the biggest drop ever and the fastest speeds. You can't miss this ride.
Your group of friends, the Smithereens, are all first timers at Hellscape.

You decide to all ride The Ride in the first car and the ride begins.

You scream as the car plunges down the track. You're screaming and laughing and enjoying yourself until you hit the top of the first hill. Then the ride starts to slow down and you feel the weight of the train dragging you back up the hill.
 Your stomach drops and you look over your shoulder to see the train barreling towards you.
You scream and cry as the train approaches. You brace yourself for the impact... but then it passes you by.
 You watch as the train barrels past you, then slows again and you're thrown off your feet. You fly through the air, upside down, as the train zooms away.
You fall to the ground and you lie there, stunned.
 You slowly come to your senses and you see your friends lying on the ground, too.
You get up and see the sign that says "First Car Next Time!"
You smile and shake your head.

You and your friends decide to take over the park, you start by conquering The Ride.
 You defeat the bosses of the rides and become the boss of The Ride. You then conquer the other rides in the park. You even manage to conquer Hellscape Stadium.
But your reign of terror ends when you discover that the owner of the park is a monster called the Demon King.

Your friends chicken out, but you decide to confront the Demon King one on one!
 You set off to face him in the arena, but he defeats you easily.
You wake up in the hospital. You remember everything that happened after you went to bed. You were attacked by the Demon King and you fought him, but you lost.

The nurse enters and list off all of your injuries:
 broken bones, bruises, cuts, and burns.
"You should rest," she says. "We'll need to call your parents."
"No!" you shout. "I want to fight him again!
 I beat him once. I can do it again!"
"It's not safe," she says. "You're still recovering. If you continue to push yourself, you could get worse. Please, go home and let us handle things here."

You beg your Mom to drive you back to the Hellscape amusement park to fight the Demon Lord again.
 She reluctantly agrees and drives you to the park.
You arrive at the park and walk inside. You find the park abandoned, but you still see the sign for The Ride.
You approach it and climb up the stairs.

It takes a long time, but when you crawl to the top of the stairs, you see:

─ You have entered the first car of the Hellscape Roller Coaster.
You grin and laugh, then you get into the car. You sit down in the seat and look at the control panel.