Rose Nylund, a Norwegian American from the small farming town of St. Olaf, Minnesota

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You Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan), an attractive and carefree woman, has been dating a gentleman named Harry. Her roommates, Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur) and Rose Nylund (Betty White), help Blanche make an important decision after Harry proposes; Blanche accepts and they plan to marry. On the day of the wedding, police inform Blanche that Harry is a bigamist with six wives. Meanwhile, Dorothy's mother, Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty) moves into the house after her retirement home, Shady Pines, burns down.

She intends to live there permanently. Written by

You learn how to jetski.

You also learn about your parents' divorce. The movie ends on a positive note: you have two happy families.

You announce you are going to travel down the road and back again. "Who's with me?".

The film was directed by John Ford and written by his son Robert. It stars Bette Davis as Blanche and Estelle Getty as Dorothy. This movie was released in theaters on October 26th, 1956. In this film we see the life of the couple who lived together for five years before their marriage.

You travel back in time to when you were a young woman on your mother's farm in Norway.

You meet your father and stepmother who had just divorced each other. Your father worked hard all his life while his wife played around. She wanted children but she didn't want them to be like him. He was a farmer so he couldn't afford any more than one child. She wanted to go out and work so she could raise them herself.

You Throw a party and invite everyone you knew.

Everyone came. Your dad was very proud of you. When you were little you went camping with your family. When you were older you moved away from your family to find yourself. In the summer of 1957 you found yourself at Camp Whiteface where you met your future husband.

You see a young man rowing a canoe on the lake. You keep staring at him and forget to look where you are going, and you fall off the dock into the lake.

You can't swim and you drown instantly.

You are saved by the man in the canoe.

He takes you to shore and tells you to stay put until he gets back to camp. He returns to camp and finds his friends laughing over what happened. They call him a hero. This story is told in the movie "A Boy And His Dog" which starred Gene Autry and Joan Crawford.

You are embarrassed about drowning instantly and surviving.

Everyone thinks it was an accident. Your father decides to move back to America. You decide to move back to America too. When you arrive back in America, your mother says goodbye to you. You tell your mom you love her and hug her. You then leave your house and walk towards the ocean.

You decide to drown instantly again, because you are hoping a handsome stranger will rescue you.

You are rescued by a fisherman. He gives you some money and asks if you would like to come back to his cabin for dinner. You agree and soon you are back to eating dinner with your new friend. Your mother comes home and tells you that your father wants to talk to you. You are surprised to hear this news since you thought your father was dead.

You go to your father and say "i thought you were dead".

Your father replies "I am now". and walks up to you and hugs you tightly. He tells you that you must not tell anyone about what happened. Your father leaves and you go back to your room crying. You cry for days. In the meantime, your mother goes to the police station to report your death.

as you are crying, your boyfriend climbs through the window and begins to romance you out of your sadness.

When you get out of school, you become a waitress in a diner. One night you are sitting outside with your friend. Suddenly you feel something hit your head. You turn around and see a man standing behind you. He grabs your friend and runs away. You run to the police station and tell them everything.

The police laugh in your face. You go home, get all your guns, then go looking for your friend and her kidnapper.

> You take revenge You shoot the man in the chest. He falls backwards onto the street. You chase him down and shoot him several times. He dies. You return to your job and continue to enjoy it.

The town throws a giant party to celebrate you rescuing your friend. There is a big pile of gifts. You see the biggest gift is from her, and the card that is attached says, "Thank you for being a friend."

You are promoted to manager. One day you receive a letter in the mail. It reads, "Dear Mr. Miller, I'm sorry to bother you. We've been married for twenty-four years and we're ready to settle down. We'll be moving in together next month. Please let us know if you need anything. Sincerely, Mrs".

You continue.

One year passes... "Mr. Miller?" "Yes?" "Are you married?" "Well, yes..". "Oh. Well, well. That's terrible! What did you do? How long ago?" "About six months ago". "What did you do?" "We got married".

You pull out your big fucking gun and smile.

"Goodbye, my dear. May God have mercy on your soul!" You are happy for awhile, until one day, your daughter calls you. Her name is Lisa and she has been living with her aunt and uncle since she was born. You don't really understand why they live there, but your son John does.

You have sex in the lake.

Then you bury your wife.