Ronny Johanson, a man who has a crush on a woman who doesn’t feel the same way

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You find out that she has a crush on Hugh Jackman. The next day, you go to your house, while wearing a fake beard that's supposed to look like Hugh Jackman's beard and a Wolverine Halloween costume. You look at her, while asking, "Do you like me now?" She bursts into laughter.

> You continue... As you walk through the door of the movie theater, you see Hugh Jackman sitting in front of his computer, looking at pictures of women. He looks up as you enter the room. "Hello," he says with a smile. "Hi," you reply. "I saw that you were here, so I decided to come over".

You Sit down next to Hugh Jackman and flutter your eyelids.

"So..". you begin. "What do you want to watch?" "The first one is called 'Clerks'. It's about two guys named Kevin Smith who work at a video store". "Oh, yeah, right," you say. "Where did you get it from?" Hugh Jackman smiles.

You call the police on Hugh and report him for stealing a Clerks DVD. You tell this to your crush.

She laughs. "Wow! That was pretty funny".

You listen to your crush complain about her boyfriend for two hours. You tell yourself that she will fall in love with you any day now.

> You continue... You can hear your crush talking to herself. "How could I not fall in love with someone like you? How could I not fall for someone who has such beautiful eyes like yours? How could I not fall for someone who has such an amazing body? How could I not fall for someone who would be willing to help me when I need it most?"

You see your crush is talking to a photo of Hugh Jackman. You visit Hugh in jail and slap him across the face.

Your crush starts crying. "Why are you crying? Don't cry!" you yell. "It's because I'm going to kill you". Your crush gets mad at you. "Don't ever touch me again!", she screams. You run away from home. You wake up in the hospital. A nurse comes in to check if you're okay.

You look down and see that you are now in Hugh Jackman's body.

You don't know why you didn't notice it before. You try to remember how you fell asleep.

You flex your fingers as hard as you can to activate your Adamantium claws, but instead you just shit yourself.

> You continue... You wake up in a new body. This time, you have no idea what happened to you. You enter the bathroom and start scratching your head. You scratch until you realize that you are in a strange place. A black screen appears. "Hello?"

It's Professor X, he tells you the X-Men needs you now! You tell Professor X you are actually just in Hugh's body to hookup with your crush.

> You continue... You are in Hugh Jackman's body. You ask Hugh Jackman to let you stay over at his house. Hugh Jackman agrees. You spend the night there. Later, you leave Hugh's house and see Hugh Jackman outside. He asks you where you've been.

You challenge Hugh Jackman to a fight to see who win's the girl you are in love with. You fight on the front lawn.

After a couple of rounds, you lose. You think you lost, but then you realize that you won. You are really in love with your crush. Afterwards, you tell your crush that you love her. Her reaction is different than yours. "No, you're wrong, you idiot. I am in love with YOU". "WHAT?!"

You ask Dr. X to swap your body with your crush's body. "If you don't love me, like this, you don't love yourself," you tell her.

Dr. X allows you to switch bodies with your crush. You go back to your original body. You are happy that you finally found true love. But, you soon learn that your love isn't real. You discover that you are in a world where everyone is obsessed with fighting each other. And they all worship a god. They call themselves mutants.