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You are Carnival Blippy, a rogue living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a long steel dagger and a length of rope. You walk down the city street looking for somewhere to steal from.
You see some people dancing at a stage. They are dressed up as knights and princesses. You watch for a while and then draw your blade. You sneak up behind the dancers and stab them repeatedly in the back.
On one of the dancers, you see a flyer for a mysterious carnival.  You decide to go check it out.
You enter the tent and see a large roulette wheel. To one side is a red felt table. On the other side is a yellow felt table. Both are covered with pieces of gold.
You checkout the carnival celebrations and notice something odd, all the patrons are dead. You see a zombie pick up a losing bet and eat it.
Far away from the main tent, you see a small Ferris wheel.
You step outside and notice the entire carnival is zombies having a good time on rides.  You notice one ride has a particularly long line of zombies and you check out where they are all going.
It turns out the zombies are all going onto a single ride, a spinning roller-coaster. You wonder if you should go have some fun on the roller-coaster before it all comes crashing down.
You wait in line, it feels like forever, but you finally reach the front where a zombie woman helps you buckle into the roller coaster.  You ask if it is safe, but it is too late!  The roller coaster has taken off. It is spinning at breakneck speed and you have no idea what is going to happen next.
You try to run, but your seat belt holds you in place. You are certain you are going to die.
You pass through a long dark tunnel, it sounds like the coaster will barely be able to stay together long enough.  You reach the other side and finally see where all the zombies have been going to: A giant zombie Ferris Wheel!
You watch in awe as the wheel slowly comes down taking you and everyone else on board into the air.
You find out where the zombies are going. There is a long abandoned fun house with all its lights on and waiting for you.
You were right, the carnival games are fun.
You follow the zombies into the fun house. You pass through all the rooms, but they're all empty. Eventually, you get to a room with a single challenge path. You see a ladder going up and a big ball on a string in the centre.
You follow the path and notice that you are in the middle of a stage. You are surrounded by zombie performers. They are all dancing and acting in front of a huge crowd of zombies.
You walk on stage and grab the ball off the centre of the stage.
You see a trail of supplies heading backstage and follow it. You find the storage area where the workman have stacked all the stolen items.
You notice all the stolen supplies. There is a giant king-sized bed, a table full of food, several broken chairs, a half-dozen dancing zombies, a half dozen living ones and a half dozen more dead ones.
You continue to follows the zombies and their trail of supplies. You come across a small hut in the woods where they are rearing young zombies. Each one in the nursery is different and some are not even human.
You enter the small hut. It is a breeding ground for young zombies. Just outside the nursery are two men fighting over a woman.
The woman screams as one of the men stabs the other in the face.
You see the supplies are being used as a zombie field hospital. You walk outside and see the dying and dead. One of the men is using a stolen hospital bed to prop up his friend who is clearly near death.
You notice you have almost reached the end of the trail of supplies, you continue out to a big top stage where the trail ends.
You can see the men in the Ferris wheel slowly coming to a stop. The man in the seat next to you lets go of the bar and drops down to the ground.
You talk to this man: a tall zombie with an even taller hat named Ball-O. He clearly wants to go on the big swing ride immediately. He is so excited that he barely listens to you.
You see an old man fighting his way out of a sea of zombies.
You have reached the end of the trail. You can go through the big tomb, or turn back the way you came.
You go through the big tomb. You find yourself in a graveyard. You spot an old broken down church at the edge of the graveyard. As you approach it, you hear a bell ringing.
You look up at the bell tower and see a woman dressed in old traditional clothing standing there. She is ringing the bell for all she is worth.
You realize the woman is alive and takes a step towards her, but she turns and sees you.
You ask the woman, 'Why have set a trail for me to follow?"
She smiles and says, 'Why not? It's my grand-daughter you've been helping. I'm sure she would love to see you.'
You realise you do know this woman, but from before.
You remember, the woman is none other than the old lady from the swings.
You say, 'You don't look very well.'
She replies, 'Do I really?
The woman says, "This is it, the end of the Carnival trail.  Congratulations!"
You turn and see a big tomb, almost as big as a small house. You turn back to see the woman with her back to you.
She points to the big tomb, which you enter. Inside the big tomb is a small putting green with a strip of sand. A big class coffin sits in the middle of the green.
You see the woman lean over and give the coffin a small kiss.
You lean in to look at the coffin and see little more than a bare casket. Inside the casket is a little girl, but not just any little girl. It seems to be your Annie.
You say, "has it been a hard enough life, Annie?"
Annie looks up at you and quietly says, "No."
You look around and notice the zombie parade has thinned a bit. You wonder if they stopped to eat.
You notice all the zombies have started to head home.  You have reached the end of the trail, so you decide that maybe it is time for you to leave as well.
You can either turn back the way you came or go through the big tomb.
You decide to turn back the way you came. As you walk back, you begin to hear faint laughter.
You go through the big tomb and see where the laughter is coming from. You find an old abandoned church. Inside you see a single zombie dancing in the middle of the floor. You watch as it moves in time to music only it can hear.
The music stops and the zombie looks up.
You enter the church in the big tomb. You notice the music room has been turned into a little shrine. You see pictures of zombies in better days, as well as newspaper clippings about the cure being found.
You look at the shrine. Photos of your family line the shrine. You see a photo of you and your wife on your wedding day.
You realize that you are a zombie. You look at the newspaper clippings. You see one from a month ago. It reads:
Carnival opens last night. Everything went smoothly, but the real fun began when the gates opened today.
You steal everything you can carry and walk out of the carnival unnoticed. You see all the zombies from the last two days standing around and stealing items left out for all to see.
You steal two lottery tickets and put them in your pocket.
You check the lottery numbers and find out they are both jackpots!
You decide to keep them both and hold on to them for luck. You hope you have as much luck as the man who won a half billion dollars.
When you get home you show your wife the tickets.
You are all over the news, you have won 40 trillion dollars... twice!
The world has to rebuild. You use your money to rebuild the country and some to rebuild the world.
You and your wife decide to stay in the country and rebuild with the people.
You retire. (You don't have to work anymore.)
You walk over to your wife. You are about to hug her, but instead you give her a big kiss.
You think to yourself,
You realize that you had stolen the tickets and come to terms with the fact that you stole enough to retire. You decide that you had not heard the laugh before. You wonder who is in the tomb.
You pull out the gold tickets and look them over with awe.
You enter the tomb. You see the large stone sarcophagus of some long dead king or emperor. You also see a little princess about your daughter's age sitting in the back corner of the cave. Inside the coffin is a zombie looking body.
You fight the zombie king with your very expensive assault rifle. It's light machine gun holds an entire belt of bullets. Each bullet is heavy duty, sometimes too heavy. You fire round after round. The recoil is harsh, but not enough to knock you off target.
You pull out your Tesla Flamethrower and finish off the zombie king.
You walk over to the sarcophagus and examine the ancient coffin. The princess zombie watches you with her dead eyes.
You give the princess a big hug and kiss her cheek. "I love you."
You stab the zombie king right through the skull with the ancient dagger you stole on your way into the tomb.
You walk back to the outer edge of the room and shout,
The Zombie King's army roars. You hold the king's decaying skull up in the air as proof of your victory. "I win!"
You enter the tomb and sit on the throne and declare yourself the new king.
You hear the princess giggling as the bar is taken off the tomb.
"Quick! We must all run!" You hear a familiar voice shout.
You turn to run.
You follow the princess as she shows you around the tomb. You come to a tunnel leading deep underground. The princess grabs your hand and pulls you down the tunnel. "That's the secret passage way to the queen." She says.
You take the secret passage and see the zombie queen is gigantic.  You'll need some heavy artillery to bring her down.  Luckily you brought your trust bazooka and you shoot her with rockets.
You run out of the passage as the explosions rock the throne room. The ceiling and floor has caved in from the rockets. You're now trapped in a tunnel with the queen.
You continue to shoot her with rockets until there is only ashes.
You look up and see the princess fixing the throne. You walk up to her, "I see you had something to do with that."
The princess looks at you with surprise, "You heard that did you?"
You marry the princess. You decide to have a large feast in the new ziggurat you are building. You look out over your kingdom, which stretches far and wide. You think you hear something coming.