Robert Treadwell, a clumsy guy named who’s going to the zoo with your brother

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After accidentally knocking some zookeepers to the ground, you and your brother start roaming around the zoo. You accidentally knock your brother into the panda exhibit. The panda starts using kung-fu moves to attack your brother. You try to get some zookeepers to help you, but you accidentally knock them into the tiger exhibit.

A tiger attacks your brother! You: (sigh) What a stupid were trying to save him from the panda. Robert: Hey! I was just playing! You: No it wasn't. It was an accident. And if you want to play again, you need to learn how to be responsible. Now let me go rescue my brother.

You put on your ninja mask and jump into the tiger pit. You use your ninjitsu moves on the tigers and they bow before you.

Robert: Ohhh! This is so cool! I'm gonna be a ninja someday!

You karate chop a bamboo stalk in the panda exhibit and fashion it into a pair of nunchucks. You whip the nunchucks around in a severely clumsy way.

Robert: Ugh! Look at this mess! You find a bunch of monkeys that have been kidnapped by some angry apes. They tell you to free them or else they'll kill all of you. You do so, but not without getting bitten. You manage to escape the ape village alive, though you feel like crap afterwards.

You Your brother, Little Robert, asks you why you are beating your chest. You were not aware you were doing so. You become angry and hurl your feces at Little Robert.

He catches it and throws it back at you. You catch the fecal ball and throw it back at him. You continue throwing feces until Little Robert runs away crying. You: (Sigh) You really suck at this.

You chase after Robert and apologize. You remind him he has much training to undergo before he can become a ninja.

He accepts your advice and leaves you alone.

You pass out and wake up in the ape exhibit at the zoo. You look down and your body has transformed into a monkey. The lead ape walks up and says to you...

"Hey, whatcha thinkin' about?" You reply "I'm changing into a monkey". He looks at you and smiles. He then tells his buddies "Alright, we got one more thing fer ya!"

You He tells you there the zookeepers are running experiments on the animals. There is an antidote that will change you back to a human located in the zoo's science center.

You quickly rush over to the science center hoping for a chance to stop the experiment.

You begin to scream at the lab full of scientists in white lab coats. You bite their legs and hands as you fiercely search for the antidote. You realize you made a mistake becoming a monkey and must revert to your clumsy human.

> You run away You quickly run away from the ape exhibit and hide behind a tree. A group of humans come out of the zoo and see you hiding. One of them calls out to you "Hey, you're not a monkey anymore, are ya? Come on, let's go". You don't answer, you only run faster.

You realize you are a human again, but you still have the speed and strength of a monkey. You swing your way through the zoos trees and find Little Robert. You tell Little Robert...

Little Robert: Oh no! Are they gonna shoot me?! Oh no! Help! Help! My brother is being experimented on! You: (Hushed voice) No, it's okay, Little Robert. We won't hurt you. We promise. Little Robert: But...but...they're experimenting on me too!

You begin to sing a soothing song to little Robert. You sing "Little Robert Little Robert. Don't you cry. Be a monkey and...

(hiccup) happy". Little Robert begins to smile. Little Robert: Thanks! You've saved my life! You: Thank you. After Little Robert is released from the zoo, you and Robert return home".