Priss Marrie, a slightly chubby teenage girl who is half-human half-pufferfish which is also known as a werepuffer

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She has a cute tail-fin and gills to breathe underwater.  Her body puffs up when she is spooked or fighting someone.  She can also summon a hologram shield of poison spikes.  She is a wholesome gal but she can be a real badass.

You are spending the day at the wavepool when a cute lifeguard approaches and you stare and slip and fall into the pool.

The lifeguard rushes over to help and asks if you're okay. "I'm just fine," you say as you struggle to get out of the water. "You look like you've been in a bad accident". "Yeah, I think we all have," he says. "What's your name?" "It's Priss," you reply.

You get nervous and your body inflates with air and it triples in size.

The lifeguard tries to pull you back up but you manage to push him away, then you feel something heavy on top of you. It's a huge puffer fish! Your lungs fill with gas and you start to suffocate. Your lifeguard grabs you by the arm and pushes you out of the way of the massive puffer fish that was trying to eat you.

You say "Hey that's just my Dad! Dad leave us alone!"

"No, no, I don't want to hear anything about leaving you alone". He pulls you back inside the pool. "Come on, let's go home," he says.

You ask the lifeguard to come with you as your Dad drags you underwater.

> The Wave Pool Your Dad leads you through the jungle until you reach a large rock formation. It looks like a giant wave crashing against the rocks. A few people are playing catch there. There are two other kids playing nearby. One of them is wearing a purple shirt with a heart on it and holding a ball.

the kid with the purple shirt is your little brother and shouts to you "Hey Priss! We heard you got a new boyfriend!" and they consider to tease you.

"Oh yeah? Who is it?" you ask. "That boy from school, he said his name is John". "Nice to meet him," you say and walk towards the boys. Your father turns around and gives you a dirty look. "Don't talk to boys your age," he says. "But...they're friends..".

You sneak out the underwater cave at night to go to a club in the coral reef with the Lifeguard boy.

Your Lifeguard boy is a bit older than you. His hair is dark brown and he wears a white tee-shirt and jeans. He holds a blue beer bottle in one hand and a lighter in another. He seems to enjoy himself and talks to you for quite some time. At the club you find yourself surrounded by many beautiful women.

You ask the lifeguard boy to dance on the dancefloor. You make sure he looks at only you. You dance super sexy.

He smiles, kisses you on the lips and whispers in your ear "This is what you should really do". When you wake up, you realize you had a dream where you were dancing with a man named John.

Another lady fish bangs on the bathroom stall door, you must've fallen asleep while touching up your makeup. This is way past your bedtime, you ask the Lifeguard boy to drive you home.

You arrive at your house and your dad drives you home. You see your mom waiting outside. "Goodnight Priss". You nod and smile at her.

You ask your mom "How did you meet dad?".

> You tell her you met him at a club "Well..". she replies. "We went to the same highschool and we both liked girls". You explain how you and your friend went to a party together, and the next morning you woke up in a strange place. You asked your friend what happened and she told you that you were talking to a guy named John.

You tell your parents John is 1 year older than you and that you've decided to definitely become female and date him.

Your mother stares at you with shock. "Priss, this is crazy!" "Mommy loves me so much". You whisper and hug her tightly. "Now Mommy can be a girl too".

You sneak out of house late at night and walk to John's house. You knock on his bedroom window and he opens it. You smile at him and begin to excrete sex hormones.

John sees you and begins to laugh. "Pfft, you're not gonna do anything, you're a freak". He goes inside and closes the window. Later that day, you decide to try again. You sneak into your friend's room and open his closet. You grab a pink dress and an old pair of panties.