Pranked into a Nudist Colony

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You are Cory, a guy who's scared of nudists. On Halloween night, your friends, Jason and Tony, want to scare you, so they have a group of nudists walk to your house and ring your doorbell. You grab a bucket of Halloween candy and open the door. You see the nudists and shriek in terror. You angrily start throwing piles of clothes at the nudists.
 They laugh as you throw them around like rag dolls. One of them grabs your hand and leads you into their home where he ties you up on an old bed with rope. He laughs cruelly at how easily his naked body is overpowering yours.

You are shocked at how weak your clothes have made you and you decide: if ya can't beat em', join em'.  You begin to take off all your clothes and feel the power surge throughout your body!
 Your cock stiffens and begins growing between your legs. The nudist leader says that this is what happens when you get hard. He tells you not to be afraid because he will give it back later.

You want to test your new strength so you go outside and lift an enormous boulder with one hand.  This boulder has to weight at least 4000 lbs!  You toss the boulder aside and destroy your shed accidentally.  You wonder what else can you do to demonstrate your strength.
 Can you make your own penis grow?
Your friend Tony comes over to help you and together you put the boulder back on its original spot. Tony helps by holding onto the rock while you lift it.

Tony notices you have become a nudist and he apologizes about the prank.  You tell Tony it's no big deal, because now you have strength and you are learning to grow your penis size.


You tell Tony you seek the wisdom of Master Steve Harvey, who has decided to teach you the Martial art of Nude Jitsu.
The next day, you practice nude jitsu against your two best friends Jason and Tony. As you train with them, you discover that there is more to being a nudist than just having sex.

You tell Jason and Tony the 3 tenants of Nude Jitsu:
 Keep your skin clean and free from bacteria.
2. Train every part of your body.
3. Never wear underwear.
You show them how much stronger you are and why you should be allowed to stay naked all year long.

You demonstrate your new level of strength after months of Nude Jitsu training and
 you defeat both your friends in combat. After the fight, you ask your friends if they still want to play a prank on you. They say yes, but this time you will win.
You agree to let your friends pick out your costume for Halloween.

Jason and Tony are both in agreement and choose:
 "Naked Zombie." You don't know what this means so you ask them. They explain that it's a sexy zombie girl dressed only in a red latex mask. She is wearing nothing underneath her mask except some fake nails.

You agree and prepare the ultimate revenge prank on Jason and Tony.  First you host the Halloween party this year, then
 you hire the stripper.
On Halloween night, you arrive at the party early and wait in the living room for your friends to arrive. When they finally come over, you greet them and invite them inside.

They look at each other nervously and start laughing. You say, "What's so funny?"
"We've got a surprise for you," Jason says.
"Yeah, we figured you'd never guess what our costumes were going to be," Tony adds.

You stare at them and realize they have tricked you again.
You decide to play along and pretend to be surprised. You act very happy and excited.
"I'm so glad you guys are here," you say.

Jason and Tony pranked you by dressing up for Halloween as
 the stripper named "Naked Zombie."
You are stunned by their costumes and you try to keep the smile on your face.
"Wow!" you exclaim. "This is awesome! I love it!

You get the attention of everyone at the party and clink your glass: "Hey everyone, Happy Halloween!  It's time for the Naked Zombie dance!"

Everyone cheers and starts dancing.
As you dance, you notice that the stripper is also naked under her latex mask. Her breasts bounce freely beneath the latex as she dances.
You feel yourself getting turned on and your cock stiffens between your legs.

You tell everyone that the party is heading outside for a fun activity.  As everyone heads out, you tell Jason and Tony they did great as the "Naked Zombie"
You see your friends head into the house and you follow behind. You enter the kitchen where your parents are preparing the evening meal.
"Mom, Dad, can you please excuse us for a minute?"
 you ask.
"Sure honey," your mother says.
"Ok, sweetie, but we're cooking dinner soon so don't be too long," your father warns.
You lead Jason and Tony to your bedroom and lock the door.

You tell Jason and Tony you are fed up with the prank war.  You hate having to always be on high alert around them and that it's not fun and never was.  Jason and Tony nod and propose a prank war truce.

You agree to a truce and both promise to stop teasing each other.
"Good," you say. "Now let's get started with our plan."
You explain to Jason and Tony that you have been planning this prank for months.

You explain that the prank, which you aren't going to do anymore, was to have Jason and Tony
 dress up as strippers and surprise you.
You tell them that you hired a stripper and bought her a sexy latex outfit.
You tell them that the stripper is going to strip down for you right now.

Jason and Tony hand you back a pile of your clothes and you stop your nudist.  You feel all your strength fade away and you are back to normal.

You quickly put your clothes on and walk out of your room.
When you reach the kitchen, your parents are standing there waiting for you.
"Where are my friends?" you ask.

You parents explain that all your friends had to leave suddenly after
 the Halloween party.
"Oh, ok," you say. "Well, I'm sorry for disturbing your dinner."
You apologize and go back to the living room.
You see your friends sitting in the living room.

You decide to watch your favorite Halloween movie:
 The Exorcist.
After watching the movie, you decide to head home and shower before bed.
You turn off the light and crawl into bed.
Your eyes are closed when you hear a knock on your bedroom door.

Next time on "Pranked into Nudity":

It's the day of the Halloween party and your friends Jason and Tony show up at your house.
They arrive early to help you decorate for the party.
You agree to let your friends pick out the best decorations.