Philippe Mouscoulini, a world famous child chess prodigy

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You are in the final round of the world chess championships. You are about to make a move for checkmate when your opponent says to you...

"You can't win". Your heart sinks as you hear this, but you know that your opponent is lying. You try to raise your arm and touch his chest, but he has blocked it off with one hand. He turns away from you and walks over to the board. His eyes look bored, like they have seen everything. Then he looks at you again.

You move Queen to G5, checkmate! Your opponent falls to his knees crying as the crowd cheers your name.

The next day, you receive an invitation to play against him in the finals. What will be your fate?

You make your way into the arena. The crowd begins to cheer your name. This is the final match of chess for the world championships and everyone is encouraging for you to win. You see your opponent and he gives you a look with his bored dead eyes.

It seems he doesn't care about what happens to you or anyone else. All he cares about is playing chess.

You begin playing chess and move your pawn.

Soon after, you find yourself losing. It's not just a loss though; it's a defeat. But you don't give up. You continue to fight. You continue to think. And you keep thinking even when you lose. After another twenty minutes of chess, you see your opponent again. He stands before you, smiling.

You decide to cheat in order to win the chess match.

You move your queen onto e6 and then send your rook to g7. You tell your opponent that if he moves his king to f8, you'll take control of the game and kill your own king. He does so and you win.

You flip the board and spit in your opponents face , the crowd chants your name. A man with a camcorder yells out, "HE CHEATED! I HAVE PROOF!".

The crowd roars in approval as he throws the board across the room. Afterwards, you go back to your hotel room and fall asleep.

You wake up to a loud knock on your hotel room door. You get up and open the door to find...

> You let them in You: "Who is it?" Man 1: "I'm sorry, but we're required by law to ask you to leave". You: "What law?" Man 2: "Well, first of all, you broke our rules of conduct. Secondly, you were rude to our staff".

You ask him "What rules of conduct did I break exactly? Who are you to question me! Do you know who I am??".

Man 2 tells you he's a journalist and that you need to leave. He goes on to say that you broke several laws of chess and should apologize to the organizers of the tournament. He also mentions that there was a security guard present during your incident and that he was fired. He asks if you want to press charges, but you decline since you already apologized.

You challenge Man 2 to a game of chess, if you win, you go free.

If he wins, he gets nothing. Man 2 agrees to meet you at the park where you played your last game of chess. When you arrive, Man 2 hands you a piece of paper which reads: Dear Mr. M.: Thank you very much for your gracious apology. We would like to formally thank you for apologizing to us.

You say "Let me continue my apology... I am so very sorry that you suck. Now let's play!".

You start cheating immediately, you can't believe he doesn't notice the 3 queens on your side of the board.

You quickly realize that you've lost. You feel sad and angry. Man 2 notices this and apologizes. Man 2: "No, no, I understand. Please, I must insist that you accept my apology". Man 2 leaves. You walk down the street, feeling defeated. Suddenly, you spot a small boy walking behind some other little kids.

You are recognized by the group of children and they scream "THAT'S THE CHESS CHEATER!" Then they proceed to beat you to death.