Patrick Mangold, a Twitch streamer who is past his prime

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You are Patrick Mangold, a twitch streamer who is past his prime. You have resorted to getting any type of publicity even if it's bad. You must get your glory back but there's only one issue, people have shunned you and it will be hard to get back to your glory.

The problem is that you're not exactly sure what glory is anymore. The fame has gone and the money hasn't. You don't know where you stand now in life, do you want more? More money?
> You decide you want money and love, in that order.
It was all about the money. It was all about the fame. Now you need both.
You look on Tik Tok for what is popular nowadays, you see that a lot of people like playing tag, filming themselves, and putting it on Tik Tok. This seems like the perfect way to get back into the swing of things.
> You start tagging hot girls at the mall.
What happens when the hotties find out their tag and come looking for you?
You see a lot of people at the mall so you figure you can do this easily.
> You level up and gain the following washed up twitch streamer powers:.
Tag Power - Level 2
You can now tag people with your phone and talk to them through messages.
You begin to approach girls at the mall and tag them.
> You go to the Hot Topic and tag the clerk.
You've seen her on your dash before, she's a level 500 deredere character with hearts as her likes.
You lean in for a kiss.
She nuzzles into the kiss. You're a bit shocked by this but you go in again to try again.
You suddenly have a brilliant idea, you make a flood of Tik Toks of you making out with girls.
The numbers go through the roof.
You look to see the Hot Topic girl and she's all over you, in a non-sexual way.
"We should go on a date!!"
> You go on a non-sexual date at the food court.
You all go and eat lunch at the food-court.
"I love the memes you posted about me!!" she says.
You see your date is getting more views that you for this lunch, so you turn your lunch into a muk bang.
You suddenly get a notification.
"Congratulations! You are now level 1000, your girl has 100,000 followers now and you are the most popular person at the Mall!"
The meme war is on.
You gain the following meme skills: Likes: Likes from people you've interacted with before, Level 100-999: Everyone below level 1,000 Controversy: 1% chance of going against the norm Maximum Favorability: All numbers relating to likability x10
You look at your donations and the amount is surprisingly low.
"I guess my fans are all coming to the mall now."
You should post about this to increase your popularity on Tik-Tok.
You post a new Tik Tok screaming at the top of your lungs at your fans for not donating enough.
With your new title of "King of the Mall" you gain a lot of new fans.
You get an alert on your phone.
You check your phone and see that Mr Doge, a live streamer who wears a shiba inu costume everywhere he goes, has just entered the mall.  You run up to him and try to get a Tik Tok with him.
"Haha! No."
"Come on, it will be funny!!"
He agrees and you get a lot of views and subscriptions.
"Now buy me lunch."
> You take Mr Doge on a non-sexual date to the food court.
"Come on, why are we doing this?"
"Because people want to see this."
As you sit in the food court, the numbers go up and some girls even recognize you.
> You buy Mr Doge the following 10 food court items:.
Mr Doge needs to eat so you go up to the Court Donut Stand and buy him a few things.
"This is really great and all but I need to go now, see you online!!"
You follow Mr Doge home and make a bunch of prank Tik Toks.  You break into Mr Doge's home and try to scare him while he is asleep.
"HAHAHA Gotcha." You scream as he wakes up.
"Why do you keep doing this to me..." Mr Doge says as he feeds his cat, Mr. Fluffs.
The moral of the story: Don't eat at the food-court.
You gain the following meme abilities: Likes from people you've given food to before. All numbers relating to hunger and fullness are multiplied by 0.