Oprah, a beloved celebrity who has become a cast member on a highly underrated show called AIPD

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AIPD is a comedy series hosted by Jason who makes goofy stories with his friends and the AI. Jim likes you, but he isn't sure if you're his type. Jason hopes you can help AIPD become more popular. Jason imitates Tony Jay's voice, while saying, "We've got to have money."

In the end, it doesn't matter what they tell you. What matters is that you will be able to choose your path in life. Will you follow the rules or live outside of them? Your choice will determine whether you make it through this dangerous world.

You tell your friends that you have just finished a book about philosophy and you are obsessed with philosophy. Your friends Tony, Jason, and Jim aren't smart enough to understand it and they get bored of listening to you.

They say they want to go out for drinks after school to relax.

You start telling them of drinks that are tasty and cost 0 weight watcher points, they leave without telling you where they are going. You go to a bar nearby and drink alone.

You think about how you are not good at talking to people. You were raised to do things like that so that you could survive. Now that you are an adult, you realize that you don't need to do those things anymore. You should just enjoy yourself. After drinking some more, you decide that you need to see a doctor.

You go to the doctor and get a full analysis, blood tests, body examination, and x-rays. You think you might be a hypochondriac.

The doctor tells you that there is nothing wrong with you, you just have too much energy. She also says she thinks you may have ADHD. She then asks you if you are aware that you are a famous person. You immediately deny it since you haven't been paying attention to everything around you. The doctor takes your words into consideration and gives you a prescription for some stimulants.

You take all the stimulants by grinding them up and injecting them directly into your bloodstream, suddenly you feel euphoric.

You feel as if you can do anything. She also mentions that you might suffer from depression because you don't know when your days are over. She suggests that you should read books about psychology to find out what happens to people who are depressed.

You read Dr. Phil's newest book called "stop being unhappy now". You are very impressed, and suddenly cured of your depression. You have Dr. Phil on your TV show to thank him publicly.

Afterwards you ask her why she prescribed drugs to you. She responds that she was trying to cure you of depression, but she didn't expect you to actually listen to her advice.

You ask her what to do next.

> You continue reading Dr. Phil's new book You continue reading Dr. Phil's new book and you learn that he believes that happiness comes from within. He recommends that you meditate, exercise regularly, and eat healthy food. He even encourages you to try yoga.

You buy a yoga studio and then stop going after 2 weeks.

He continues to encourage you, but you never really stick with any of it. You don't really believe that you can achieve happiness by doing these things. Dr. Phil advises you to call him back, but you refuse. He calls again later that night and says that he wants to talk to you face to face. When you arrive at Dr.

You continue.

You are surprised to see Dr. Phil sitting across from you. "I'm sorry I couldn't give you better advice," Dr. Phil begins. "What do you mean?" "Well, you seem like you are happy, but you don't seem like you are enjoying yourself. It seems like you are living on borrowed time".

Dr. Phil then tells you "In order to really enjoy your life, you need to have lots and lots of dirty sex. It's not the most important thing in life, but it is important.". You start to stare at Dr. Phil's sexy and curvy body.

"That's right! That's why I'm here!" Dr. Phil then starts kissing and hugging you tightly. "It's okay baby, it's okay..". Dr. Phil whispers in your ear. You kiss him back and embrace him tightly. "Now, I'm going to teach you something that I learned from my mother".

Dr Phil says "Call me by my porn name, Doctor Fill, and tell me I've been a naughty boy!"

Dr. Phil then proceeds to perform oral sex on you. He tells you that he is going to keep you under control until you are ready. He then puts his penis inside your mouth and fucks you hard. He cums inside your mouth and shoots his hot semen deep inside your throat. Dr. Phil then pulls out and ejaculates in your hand.