One Last Hit

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You are Mr X, a Former Hitman turned Stay at Home Single Dad. One day you are playing with your 6 year old Son, Michael in your garden  when see a man In a Black Suit and a Zorro Mask Jump out of the  bushes and put a Rapier up to your Neck.
 "I am The Mastermind Behind This Whole Thing" he says "And I Want You To Kill My Son."
Mr X is scared but tries to keep calm and tells him that if this was going on then his Son would have been dead long ago.

You tell Zoro, "Sorry, kill your own son.  I'm retired!"
 He shoots you twice through the heart before running off into the night.
Your Son is safe now but what happens next? Will you be able to forgive yourself for letting it happen? Or will you try and find some way of making things right?

2 year later... Your physical therapy is going well and you are able exercise normally.  You worry that Zoro will return so you begin to break out of retirement and train to be a hitman... one last time.

After many months training, your body aches from all the hard work. On top of that, your wife is pregnant again and you want to get back to normal life as soon as possible.

You call up all of you favors for this one last hit.  You get a bazooka and find out where Zoro is hiding.  Then you get the toughest Mafia enforcer to kidnap Zoro and bring him to the quarry.  You arrive at the quarry and meet in front of an abandoned mine shaft entrance.  You see Zoro is tied up in chair near it.

You walk over and ask him "Are you ready to pay for what you did?"
Zoro looks at you with hate in his eyes and laughs, "Oh no! I'm not paying for anything anymore!

You say, "Cheap son a bitch!" as you blast Zoro away with your rocket.

He screams as he flies through the air and lands far down the quarry. You run down after him and hear him cry out. You stop at the bottom of the quarry and look up.
It's dark but you can see a light coming from the other side of the quarry.

You head towards the light and see that it is
 a cage. Inside the cage is your Son. You are relieved to see that he is unharmed.
Then you hear Zoro scream again, "Don't you dare touch my son!"
The cage starts moving slowly and you follow it.

You see the mostly blown up corpse of Zoro crawl towards you and the cage.  Zoro tells you that he has grown attached to raising your son in a cage.  You give your Son a harpoon rifle to shoot Zoro right in the eye.

As you do this, you realize that the cage isn't actually moving. It is just a hologram.
Zoro tells you that you can leave now because you will never win.
You turn around and start to walk away when you hear your Son say "Wait!
 Don't go!"
You stop and turn around.
"Daddy!" your Son says, "Please don't leave me here with him!"
You smile at your Son and hug him tight.

You whisper, "Don't worry, my hounds will make sure there is nothing left of Zoro.  Hahahahahahahaha".  Then two giant muscle bound german shepards rip Zoro to shreds.

You continue walking away from the quarry until you are out of sight.
You then turn around and look at your Son who is crying.
You ask him "How was that for a Father?"

He replies, "That was amazing! Thank you so much!"
You ask him, "Did you enjoy it?"
He asks, "What?"
You ask him, "Were you enjoying watching your Daddy beat up your stepfather?"

He says, "Yes, very much so."
You ask him, "Why?"
He answers, "Because I loved you more than anything else in the world and I wanted you to know how much I love you."

Next time on "One Last Hit":

You wake up and remember everything.
You were the hitman hired by your ex-wife to kill your new son.
You tell your Son, "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything."