omogona22: You die and get isekaid in the world of Girls und Panzer

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omogona22: You die and get isekaid in the world of Girls und Panzer
ai: The aftermath of the battle.

The tank crew, the football players, and the chess club all alike stand around in a circle. They are all panting and a few are bleeding from the head. You are still bleeding from where the girl bit into your arm. The medic tends to your wounds. "It's just a flesh wound," you say.

"I...said it before and I'll say it again. I have had more than enough of this inn,"
degrassi_knole: you stand up on a table "I want to see a girl! I want to see a Panzer!"
ai: "We don't have any," says Oki.

"That's not the point! I'm looking for a girl!"

"We don't have any," says Oki.

"What about that girl?" you point to a girl who has her head down on the table. She wears a poppy flower in her hair and is sniffling heavily.

"Eh, that's Rosa. She's, uh, personal to the boss. So I can
degrassi_knole: You scream "Give Rosa a tank!" and stamp your feet
ai: angrily.

Oki looks to the medics, who nod. Oki pulls Rosa up from the table. "It's okay. She's not mad, she just wants to see a tank." The medics go up to you and begin to pull you out of the arena. "That was a very good shot, though," you say.

"Thank you," says Oki.

"I want to see a tank!"


degrassi_knole: Little did anyone know, but this would be remembered as the first "Tanksgiving"
ai: . From then on, every Thanksgiving, you invited the Krause family over for a dinner of leftovers and told obscene stories about your ancestor. Much gratitude was expressed for your timely intervention.

You rose to become the grand master of the Guild, and were hailed as the hero of the story.

But still, you want to see a tank.

The author would like to thank you for your time.

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ai: !

This was an adventure through the latest and greatest in modern warfare. You felt a sense of pride, knowing that you had a hand in creating the world's first working, interactive, and versatile war machine.

Now, you just have to see a tank.

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