NYE Story #6

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A long time ago, a company with ambitions for power built a machine capable of making any wish. But something goes wrong, the machine was destroyed and the entire world began to decay.

Doctor Reindrob, the creator of the machine, was defeated and his body was throw it to the space. Until something happened, his body was teleported to another universe, a universe where the machine never existed.

There are some rumors around Oregon about a cult, the Reindrob's cult. The rumors says the cult is made up of the best scientists around the country.

You are Isaac, a detective who's been investigating the location of the cult.
Finally, you found the meeting point of the cult, you drive with your car to an abandoned bunker in the woods. 
You draw your weapon and head to the abandoned bunker, you have to stop the plans of the Reindrob's cult. 

The bunker is full of robots, they don't look like much but they're powerful enough to defend themselves from the monsters that come out of nowhere.
Tony, the hot-haired founder of the BBC cult, emerges wearing a suit of armor. He asks you why you are shooting at him. You explain that he's the one responsible for destroying the machine. Tony seems surprised by this fact.

"I'm sorry," he says. "But I had to do it."
> You draw your weapon and demand Tony to surrender to you by dropping to his knees.
He doesn't waste any time surrendering. You get him in the car and drive to the station.
After spending 12 hours answering a bunch of questions and doing some paper work, you decide to go home.
> You learn the cult is building a portal to bring Dr. Reindrob back to this reality.
Your information was correct, the cult is trying to bring back Dr.Reindrob through a portal.
They plan to bring the portal online during the next full moon, which is tonight. You rush off to stop the cult and prevent Dr. Reindrobs return.
When you arrive at the bunker, you find it strangely empty. You open the door and stare down the barrel of a large-calibre sniper rifle.
> You put your finger in the barrel of the gun.
The bullet shot rips your finger off, and you fall to the ground screaming. Then you feel the cold metal of a blade on your throat.
"You're really fucking annoying, know that?"
you look up to see a large man holding the gun with one hand, your bloody finger in the other.
"But you're stupid as fuck for coming back here. Be a shame to kill such a buff pretty boy like yourself."
As you flex your muscles, you realize the man is significantly larger than you. "Maybe you're right," you say.
"What's your name, pretty boy?"
"Captain Isaac of the 12th investigations. What's yours?
"Ripley. Now let me ask you a question: how many men do you have?"
"12, including me. Why?"
"I'm willing to bet my life that during the time we've been talking, your men have just detained 2 of my guards. So that means we're evenly matched."
"So... what?
> You snatch your finger out of his hand then show him your badge.
"So, we're all cops, let's sort this out like men."
"Yeah sure whatever, I'm too excited to kill you to care right now," he says.
> You get on your knees and cry while you beg for your life.
The man laughs and pushes you to the ground.
"I was just fucking with you," he says, laughing. "I'm not going to kill you.
You lean in for a kiss with Ripley. He's hesitant at first, but after a few seconds he leans in and kisses you back. You put your hands on his face and push him down to the floor.
"No, no, no!"
> You scream "YES, YES, YES!!!" as you kiss him harder. Suddenly a portal opens and out steps Cyborg Dr. Reindrob.
"Kiss him while I'm alive, sure. Kill him, never," says the skeletal voice of Dr. Reindrob from his hovering chair.
Cyborg Dr. Reindrob watches you kiss without saying anything else. He is breathing heavily. 
Cyborg Dr. Reindrob watches you kiss without saying anything else. He is breathing heavily.
Eventually you hear Ripley's heavy breathing turn into a snore.
"Well, it seems Ripley has fallen alseep.
> You grab the sniper rifle and point it at Dr. Reindrob.
"Wake up, asshole!"
Ripley wakes up startled by the noise. He stands and grabs you by the collar.
"What the fuck did you just do?" he asks with a raised voice.
You shove Ripley off of you and take a shot at Dr Reindrob.
The bullet passes through the metal portal and hits Dr. Reindrob in the head, leaving a bloody hole where his left eye used to be.
> You as the body falls to floor, several small portals and Mini Reindrobs come out and drag the body away through the portal.
"What the fuck was that?" asks Ripley.
"We can discuss it later," you say as more blood drips to the floor.
"Fine, but we're not done talking."
You hear Dr. Reindrob laughing as the portal closes.
You continue your descent down the hatch. Eventually you reach the underground bunker. The hatch opens, revealing a massive underground room. The walls are made of solid concrete and the floor is covered in sand, giving the room a more comfortable temperature.
You see 11 of your fellow investigators having fun at a beach themed bar.  You scold them for not helping you and they apologize.  They ask you to play bocce ball and you begrudgingly agree.  You spend the next 3 hours playing bocce ball, then retire to your bedroom as you prepare to sleep.
You dream about the day you joined the G.R.I.
> You wake up and look through your G.R.I yearbook.
It is now the opening day of the Galactic Rapid Information exchange, or G.R.I exchange for short. You walk to the line of people waiting to enter and see your girlfriend, Brenda, in line.
 Brenda asks you why you are missing a finger.  You tell here that it is still recovering and you can ask her about it.
> You join her in line to enter the G.R.I. and wait patiently.
"Why are you here so early?" she asks.
"I want to have a good seat for the exchange."
She tells you that you can sit with her and her family.
You sit courtside and watch Exchange begin. You see researchers, politicians, and even former terrorists share their discoveries. Then the host calls Dr. Reindrob to the stage.
Dr. Reindrob places his container on the conveyor belt. The belt takes it inside a small, black box.
"This year I have discovered how to make humans immortal!"
> You rush onto the stage and grab the box.
You run onto the stage, but stop when you see a blinding light coming out of the black box.
When you can see again, you are in an empty white room.
> You turn to see Dr. Reindrob sitting in a white chair. He says "Hello Isaac. Welcome to the box."
"What is this?"
"A dream, of course. Or perhaps a nightmare," he laughs.
"How did you get me in here?"
"I created a portal to your unconscious. I'm there quite often, you know."
"What do you want?"
"I want you to entertain me," he says with a smile.
"Am I going to die?"
He laughs. "
> You tell Dr. Reindrob an entertaining joke:.
"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
"I don't know, Isaac."
"FIND OUT!" you shout.
Dr. Reindrob laughs. "You're not going to die, but you will spend the rest of your life in this box."
"Why not?"
Dr. Reindrob snaps his fingers.
"I'll be seeing you soon, Isaac."
The box falls, trapping you inside an infinite darkness...
> You continue falling through darkness as you can hear Brenda calling your name.
You open your eyes to find yourself on the staircase inside the bunker. You stand up and see Brenda watching you.
"You were talking in your sleep," says Brenda.
"I did?
Brenda tells you that while you were sleeping, you kept repeating the same phrase over and over: "You were supposed to stand up."
"That's odd," you say.
Brenda looks down at your hand. She is holding your missing finger.
"How did you get this back? I tried to find it for days."
"I don't know... But I guess that's a sign we should go to the G.R.I exchange.
> You realize you are still trapped inside the box and that none of this is real. You know the one thing you have to do is stand up.
"I'm sorry Brenda. There's something I have to do" You stand up and begin to walk away.
Brenda grabs your arm. "What are you doing?"
"I have to go,"
> You walk toward a pinpoint of light far away from you.
"Stop! The path out is that way!" Brenda points back to the bunker.
You turn away and begin walking toward the light.
"Isaac! Come back! Don't leave me here!"
You leave Brenda and escape.
You find yourself outside of the G.R.I. Space Station. You begin to float in space, but a nearby spaceship stops and pulls you inside.
Brenda's family is there. You thank for rescuing you, then make awkward conversation with them.  Eventually, you make it back to Earth and run into your house.
Your mom welcomes you back. "Isaac! I'm so glad you're back."
> You look at your mother and notice her mole is on the wrong side of her face.

"Why is your mole on the wrong side of your face?"
Your mother laughs. "Everyone's moles are on different sides; it's not a big deal."
> You know that your mother is actually an alien in disguise and you decide you should jettison her out the airlock.
You strap your mother into the nearest ejection seat and push her out of the airlock.
You float in space, but a nearby spaceship stops and pulls you inside.
Brenda's family is there.
> You realize you are still in the box.
You open you eyes and find yourself still trapped in the box. You begin to bang on the inside of the box, but no one can hear you.
"Hello?" you say.
"Hello," the computer says back.
"I'm trapped in here. Can you help me get out?"
"I can't do that."
"Why not?"
"It's not part of the script.
The moral of the story: Fuck scripts.