NYE Story #2

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You are a parody of Barney from Bikini Bottom named Donnie the Sea Dragon. You moved to the real world to open up a playground for kids themed to using your imagination, friendship, imaginary worlds and friends, and having fun called Adventure Playground, but a security robot wants to take down your most themed area in Science Land, Robot Race, due to the robots copying him. You must save your playground or he'll shut it down.

Robot Race is where you race against other children's creations to see who can build the fastest robot. The first one to complete their mission wins!
> You tell the security robot "If you beat us in the big robot race, we'll consider shutting it down."
"I'm sorry, but if you beat us in the robot race, we'll consider shutting it down," the security robot says.
The security robot pats you on the back and you realize what he has done.  You are pregnant and give birth to a child on the starting line.  BANG!   The races begins! You must reach the finish before the yellow team or you will both be eliminated!
"I'm sorry," the security robot says as your child's body is blown to pieces and you are shot three times in the head.
Miraculously you survive, but you are far behind in the race. You must quickly catch up!
A week later you win the big robot race and in the aftermath, your playground is shut down.
The local news is eager to get your story on how you won the race after being shot.  You tell the press you did the following things to win:
You used your special abilities to fly, which was especially useful on the downhill sections.
You had special tools created that allowed you to see the whole track, which let you anticipate the turns and plan your route.
The reporters asks you what is you would like to do next since the park is shutdown.  You say you are finally going to achieve your dream of being a doctor, because you want to help people.
You win the local hero award for your victory and it states in your biography that you wanted to be a doctor since you were a little kid.
> You start medical school and everyone knows you from your kid's show.
You go to the university you dreamed of going to. You get straight A's in every class and prove to be a natural doctor. You win several awards and grants because you are so intelligent.
you write your dissertation on: "I Am Not A Robot" because you want to prove that humans can think and feel, not just robots.
you start a new medical kid's show called Dr. Donnie Dragon. The goal is to teach children how the human body works.
Your show is a great success and you are known as "Dr. Dragon" from then on.
> You say "I want to thank everyone in the audience for making my dream of blowing up babies on screen for science possible! "
"I want to thank everyone in the audience for making my dream of blowing up babies on screen for science possible!"
You are given a standing ovation by the entire audience.
You tell the audience that you have gotten them all a gift and to check under their seats. Everyone finds sticks of dynamite.
You tell the audience to "make sure to hold on to it until the end."
The audience members all look at each other with nervousness.
as the audience lights their sticks of dynamite you start to count down from 10.
"10....9....8.....7.....everyone having fun?......6.....5.....4...."
The audience looks worried at this point.
"3.....2....1......BLOW!" You say as you blow out the candles on your cake.
All the dynamite goes off at the same time.
You look directly into the camera and say "I'm watching you at all times!" as the screen goes to static.
The moral of the story: Do not trust robots or the government!
You've reached the maximum amount of endings for this story.
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