NYE Story #12

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After the events in the bunker, Dr. Reindrob trapped you into your own mind, doomed to repeat the same phrase over and over again. One day, you finally wake up of your eternal dream.

You are Isaac a detective who investigated the Reindrob's cult. You need to get out of the spaceship and find the Dr. Reindrob to stop him. You look around and notice that you are in spaceship, it seems to be empty, but when you open a door to find a way out, you discover a lot of corpses on the floor, everyone in the spaceship was murdered.

You get shocked, but a strange noise makes you react, you see an strange alien eating one of the corpses in another room.

You have to escape and find Dr. Reindrob. You decide to go through the corridor first, then you will try the rooms.

The corridors are full of dead bodies, some with their eyes missing or completely gone.
> You head to the bridge.
You feel like you should check if there is anything else to do in this ship before going back to the bridge. You walk towards the bridge and suddenly you hear a loud sound, like something exploding inside the ship.
You head towards the sound of explosion and see a strange figure in front of you. It looks like an shadow, but much darker than ordinary shadows and with a humanoid form. It has no eyes or visible facial features, but you feel it is looking at you.
> You know if you attempt to watch the creature, it will attack you. you begin sneaking past the creature to a working terminal.
You attempt to sneak past it, but the creature suddenly notices you and screams at you.
You try to run away but the creature manages to grab you.
> You take out your very powerful flashlight and shine it at the shadowy creature.
The creature screams in pain and begins to cover its eyes as you shine a light at it. You run past it and attempt to find the working areas of the spaceship.
you find a functioning sink. you try to wash your face but it is out of working.
You are back in the room with the shadow creature.
One of your eyes has vanished, it seems like you lost it during your escape.
Dr. Reindrob's voice comes over the intercom says, "I spy your eye balanced on my thigh." You notice the disappearance of one of your eyes is in fact a clue. You need to find the correct victim whose body part equals the missing eye.
> You find your spoon-corp hand and eye replacement warranty card and use your telephone to call customer support.
You call a number which you believe to be the customer support for "Spoons Unlimited" but it turns out to be the emergency services. You are immediately connected to an ambulance, because of your injuries .
you hear a loud ding over the intercom "Delivery at the bay doors" you make your way there to see a spoon-corp pig-man delivery guy with a large box, "Sign here bub!" he says in a deep voice.
You notice the box is warm.
You open the box to reveal a Plasma Shotgun designed by Override U. Corp. ®.
you see the box also has a new cybernetic eye and finger. you are enhanced. you are ready to fight.
You head to the north-east quadrant of the ship.  You enter a large room with many cages, you seem to have entered some sort of "zoo" or "museum". The cages are filled with alien creatures kept here for research purposes.
One of the alien creatures in a cage says to you  "Hey friend, I am a friendly trapped in here, can you let me out please?"
the creature agrees to help and it has the following powers:
-the ability to fly
-powerful claws
-a poisonous bite
You free the creature and it begins flying around you, it is a large green flying dragon like creature with large leathery wings, a long neck
You team up with the creature to fight the final boss.
You reach the control room of the ship and see Dr. Reingold sitting in his chair.
You pull out your Plasma Shotgun and fire!
Dr. Reingold screams in pain as the electricity runs through his body and turns into ash.
The moral of the story: Corporations are always trying to make a profit.