NYE Story #10

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You are Grindle, a homely troll who wants to be beautiful. You set out on a quest to see Jilsa, the queen of the fairies. You ask your friends to go with you. 

The journey is long and hard. The trolls have their own problems: hunger, thirst, cold, predators... but they all try to help you. They give you gifts so that you can survive.
> You reach the edge of the fairy kingdom. There is a gate. You pull out a magical key one of the trolls gave you.
You open the gate. It leads into a large room filled with fairies dancing around you. A lot of them look at you strangely, as if something is wrong with you.

"What's going on?"
You offer them a can of Cheese whizz as a peace offering.
The fairies laugh and shake their heads: "No, no, troll! We don't want your Cheese whizz here!"
"What do you mean? I got it from the store just last week."
The fairies say that they will only accept top shelf whizz from Trader Jim's Whizz Mart. They give you a discount coupon and tell you to come back when you've changed your brand.
You go back to see your friends, ashamed of the way you look.
> You get a makeover so that you look like a fairy. You return to the fairy kingdom with top shelf whizz from Trader Jim's Whizz Mart.
You get ready with your friends. You do each other's hair and nails, paint faces and try on each other's clothes.
When you're done, you look great.
you go on a shopping spree with your friends at the Fairy-Lanes Mall. You try on beautiful dresses, sparkly jewelry and fancy shoes. You look amazing when you try on a tiara and scepter.
A very handsome prince approaches you and begins to flirt. He asks if he can take you out on a date.
"What would I do without you?" You say.
"You'd be ugly," He winks and leaves with a smile.
> You panic and ask your friends to help you look beautiful for the date.
You go back to your friends' houses for a slumber party. They put on romantic movies, paint your nails, and put on your makeup. When you wake up the next morning, you look amazing.
> You during your date with the prince, a waiter spills fairy water on your face, making your makeup dissolve. You run away from the table before the prince can see.
"What happened to you?" the prince asks, looking confused.
You begin to panic and run away from the table.
"What's wrong with you?" he says getting angry.
> You say "I'm on my fairy period. "
The prince stares at you in disgust and yells, "You're disgusting!"
You turn beet-red. You run out of the ballroom and go home.
You have another slumber party and ask your friends for advice. They tell you to wait until the prince takes you out again.
"Okay, but I'm only going this once," You say.
The next day you go on another date with the prince.
You show up to the date without makeup to show him the real you. The prince smiles.
"That's the girl I like!" he beams, kissing your hand.
You go on another date and end up getting married. You live happily ever after.
You may be ugly on the outside, but inside you're still a fairy princess.
The moral of the story: Looks are fleeting. It's what's inside that counts.