Normal Daniel, nothing special about him

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You are in line at the department of motor vehicles. Today is a special day because you are getting a personalized license plate. You are next in line. You approach the woman at the desk and tell her you would like a personalized license plate and you say "I would like your personalized license plate to read...

DANIEL" She looks at you and smiles and says "Daniel, I have several plates for sale". You look around and see no one else has requested a personalized license plate yet so you wait patiently until the last person leaves the office. You then proceed to the counter where the clerk hands you a piece of paper with your new personalized license plate on it".

You read it, your new license plate number is

D-1234567 and the clerk hands you back your old license plate. What do you do?

You feel special, and smile at the clerk.

He gives you an odd look but just nods his head. He turns away from you and walks over to another employee who is working behind the counter. The clerk tells him that he wants to change the plate to D-123456 and when the employee asks what he means by that the clerk replies that he wants the plate to say "Daniel" instead of "Daniel".

You the clerk tells you your new plate number, you have a meltdown in the middle of the DMV.

The clerk is not amused, you get mad at him and start screaming at him. Finally the clerk calms down and apologizes profusely for causing you any harm. You apologize as well for yelling at him and he accepts both apologies. You return home feeling good about yourself.

You park your car in your driveway. You get out of your car and go to your neighbor's house to brag about your personalized license plate.

Your neighbor is surprised by this turn of events and asks if you want to get married or something silly like that. You think about it, you could probably use some more money right now.

You decide to marry your license plate. You take the license plate down to City Hall, which is in the same building as the DMV.

They will be happy to receive it.

You introduce your license plate wife to your parents. They are hurt you didn't invite them to the wedding.

You explain that you were too busy celebrating your license plate marriage.

You decide to get the license plate pregnant. You try your best.

You give birth to a baby girl. When she grows up, she can inherit the license plate!

You take your baby girl to the pediatrician for her first appointment. The pediatrician tells you, "This is a keychain.".

You laugh.

You tell the doctor "This is your daughter and her name is...


You look out the window of the doctor's office and see your car is being towed along with your license plate wife.

You are taken into custody and charged with grand theft auto.

You tell the judge, "If loving a license plate is wrong, then put me in jail." The judge immediately puts you in jail, and your car is put up for action.

A few days later, you are released. You ask the judge why you are free, and he tells you, "That was the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week. If you really loved that license plate, you should have kept it!" Years pass and eventually you die.

You Your daughter is adopted, but she searches for her birth license plate and reunites with her years later at a car show.

Years later, you come to life again and find your daughter and her husband at the car show. They remember your story and bring her to the DMV to reclaim their lost plate. It is yours forevermore.