Mitchell Judge, owner of a tiny norfolk terrier named max and you like to work on your truck – a white Ford F150

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Your neighbor Hubart Alafonse, a retired auto worker, is cleaning his rifle in his garage when it suddenly goes off and the bullet shoots right above your head while you are sleeping on a treadmill in your living room. After having a near death experience, you decide that life is too short and you decide to pack your entire life into your truck and become a nomad traveling the country with your dog Max.

You don't know how long you will be gone for or where exactly you will end up, but one thing is certain: you'll be driving a big rig. Will you find happiness? Will you make friends? Will you survive? A game about survival and loneliness.

You stop at a dinner in Idaho and ask out the waitress that has been flirting with you.

She seems really nice and she doesn't even tell you her name. You think maybe you should call her "Tina" after all. The next day you leave Idaho and drive north through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. The road is pretty deserted now, but you still see signs of civilization everywhere.

You discover Tina After All has stowed away in your trailer. She asks if she can be your road wife. You say you'll think about it.

> You go back home After several days of driving, you finally get to your hometown of Norwalk. It's not very large, but there are some houses. There are also some stores such as a grocery store, hardware store, drugstore, shoe shop and so forth. You park your truck outside the local police station. "Hello?"

The policeman who answers the door looks like he just woke up from a nap. He opens the door and says, "Hi". "I'm here to pick up my friend Tina," you say. He smiles and nods, then he walks inside his house and closes the door behind him.

The policeman comes out with a police dog, whose name also is Tina. "Get in the truck, Dog Tina," you tell Dog Tina.

"What's your name?" "It's Dog". "Nice to meet you, Dog". You take Tina In The Back Of The Truck And Drive Off Into The Night.

You see Dog Tina begin to hump your dog Max in the back seat. You drive east to california.

Eventually, you come across an old abandoned building. Inside, you see a man sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. His name is Frank and he looks up from his paper when he sees you. "Hey!" he exclaims. "Is that you?" You nod. "Yeah, I was just passing by". "Well, I've got news for you," Frank begins.

"My brother-in-law owns this place". Frank continues, "He's selling it. He said he wants to retire to Florida. So, we're going to buy it together. We need $20 million dollars to do it". You look at Frank. "Sounds good to me". Frank nods. "Great! Here's twenty thousand dollars".

You are now the proud co-owner of a GameStop. You fix up the store with Frank and Tina After All and hold a grand reopening. Everyone in the town shows up.

They want to see what all the fuss is about. Frank tells them, "We've decided that games are more than just games. Games can help improve people's lives". Frank turns around and gives Tina After All a kiss. "Thank you, Tina", Frank says. Then, he kisses Tina After All. Tina After All happily jumps onto Frank's lap and starts licking his face.

You are furious at Frank for getting fresh with your road wife. You order Dog Tina to attach Frank.

Dog Tina does so quickly and easily. Frank stands up and addresses everyone. "Now, I am going to sell this store and move to Florida with Tina. If anyone else wants to purchase this store, they must pay ten times the amount that I did". Everyone is silent. "And if anyone tries to steal our stuff, we'll kill them". Frank turns around and leaves the store.

In a fit of rage and not willing to deal with the responsibilities of owning a GameStop warehouse alone, you burn down the store for the insurance money and run hit the road.

> You continue westward... A few weeks later, you arrive in California. The scenery is beautiful. The mountains seem to tower over everything. You pass through the city of Los Angeles which looks like a giant castle made of concrete. The streets are filled with cars. You try to enjoy yourself, but you realize that you haven't eaten anything since lunch today.

You go to In-n-out, you are in love with the place. You decide to fill out an application and you work there for the rest of your life.

> You continue westward... You live in the desert for two years. You learn how to hunt and fish and build shelters. Eventually, you are able to live off the land. You become a nomad and travel far and wide. One day, you hear a noise near a small village called Gila River Indian Reservation.