Merryweather Johnson, inherited a family necklace which turns out to be CURSED

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You are a millennial who has inherited a necklace from your grandfather. Your name is Merryweather Johnson.

Your dad said, "The necklace is valuable, so be careful with it." You nod. However, you don't care for the necklace, so you flush it down the toilet. The next day, your dad says, "I hope you're keeping the necklace in a safe place, because it's worth $500,000." You call your best friend and say, "Meet me at the sewer, so you can help me find my favorite necklace."

Who do you trust? Who do you think will get you out of this predicament?

You call your friend Blossom, a former child TV start, to accompany you into the sewers. Blossom shows up wearing a floppy hat.

She says she doesn't have any money on her. So she asks if you want to borrow hers. You agree. They go into the sewers, which is dark and scary. When they come out, they both look very disappointed. You ask, "What happened?" Blossom replies, "It was really dark, we couldn't see anything!"

You use's Blossom's parents credit card to buy miles and miles of Christmas lights to line the sewers.

It takes about three months before you finally reach your destination! Now you've got no more worries. You just need to get back home...

You first look for the valuable necklace that you flushed down the sewer. You really like Blossom, but you are too shy to admit it.

You sneak around the house, until one night when you see her sitting alone in the living room. She notices you there and smiles. You walk over and sit beside her. You tell her how much you appreciate her gifts. Blossom listens intently to every word. Then you suddenly feel something cold touch your arm. It's not warm or hot, it's completely cool.

You realize Blossom has had the necklace the whole time. She's pressing it against your arm.

Blossom whispers, "You were right, you are a millennial. I'm glad you showed some courage today. But now, I want you to give me the necklace back".

You use your knowledge of pressure points to numb Blossom's arm and grab the necklace. "Hi-yah!" you yell.

"No, please, take it off," Blossom begs. You put the necklace back on and kiss Blossom passionately. Then you run out of the house as fast as you can.

Heartbroken, you return to the sewers. This is your home now.

> You continue After a few days, you make your way back to the sewers. You head towards the river. Suddenly, you hear a loud noise. You turn around and see a man holding a shotgun standing by a tree. He looks at you and says, "Is that your daughter?" He fires his gun and bullets hit you in the leg.

You see the necklace glow, your legs heals instantly and all the buckshot flies directly into the man's face.

He falls backwards onto the ground. A bunch of kids come running out of their houses. One of them runs over to you. "Merryweather, what did you do?" he asks. You reply, "I saved you". Another kid comes over and says, "Hey, Merryweather, why'd you shoot him?"

You jump down a manhole and into the sewers again. You see a creature facing away from you. He appears to be a giant turtle with a star-shaped blemish on his shell. Just like the turtle you accidentally flushed down the toilet as a child...

This time you throw the necklace at him. It explodes and kills him instantly.

You see the necklace on the ground begin to glow. The necklace then floats in the air and returns to your hand. You feel powerful.

You also remember the words of your father: "Be careful, because the future isn't always bright". You head back to your house where your dad is waiting for you. He says, "That was fun, but you should keep going. Don't forget, you still need to meet up with your friends".

You meet up with your friends at the Alanon meeting. They are all very impressed with your neckplace.

They decide to give you a big party in celebration of your accomplishment. They invite everyone to watch you dance on stage.

To your surprise, you begin breakdancing and you're really good at it! You realize the necklace has given you incredible powers of dance.

The next morning, you wake up and realize your body feels great. You even feel more energetic than normal. You begin to wonder if you could perform this same trick at other parties. Soon after, you realize your necklace is glowing red. You quickly pick it up and notice it's made of gold. You pick it up and try to hold it like a gun.

Just then, you blow away half your house and destroy the rest of the houses on the block. You really need to find out how to work this amulet, so you go to the library and find a bunch of books on amulets.

After reading through them, you learn that the only thing keeping people safe from being cursed is the power of will to resist. If you don't wish to become a zombie, you'll have to fight the curse. But it seems that the amulet you found is cursed as well. It gives you terrible nightmares whenever you wear it. You can't sleep either.

You realize you can just take off amulet when you sleep and you're fine.