Max Powers, founder and CEO of Powers Incorporated

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Your quest for power and money on Earth has led to it's destruction. You pour all your wealth into an inter-dimensional portal program. You step in the beta-portal and are in the a world with talking dogs.

It is there you meet a young girl who tells you she was sent from the future by your company. She explains that she is called Samantha Carter and that your project will lead to her own world being destroyed. You have two choices: continue with your plan or save Samantha.

You choose to save Samantha to spite your friend Jim.

> You save Samantha The next day you send Samantha back through the portal. You get a message saying "Goodbye" from her but nothing else. A few days later you receive another message saying "Hello". It seems that Samantha had gotten married and had a baby boy named Daniel Carter. Her husband also died during childbirth.

You start a business with Samantha training talking dogs.

The Future... Samantha Carter is now a successful businesswoman, but still lives at home with her family. One day while at work, her son Daniel comes up to her and asks if he can play with his new dog tags. When Samantha says no, Daniel insists and tries to take them off.

Daniel takes off his dog tags and the is sent to the Pound. Samantha begs you to save her son from being put down.

> You let Daniel live You decide to let Daniel live after all. He learns how to be a good pet owner and never does anything wrong again.

A horde of cats appears through one of the interdimensional portals. They claw Daniel's pet to death. "Bring us the one they call Max Powers!" they meow.

> You bring us the one they call Max Powers! You bring us Max Powers! You go through the portal and find yourself in a strange place. There are many people here, some friendly, and some hostile. Some look like humans, others look like animals. All of them speak English.

You suspect you are on Earth. You ask a man to wear a mask and he tells you to fuck off, confirming you are indeed in America.

You learn that the only way out of this place is to kill everyone and take their guns. You fight your way through the town until you reach the highway where a truck stops. As you approach, you see a small group of men standing around it. They seem to know something about what is going on and they don't want you here.

You show them your Max Powers.

They agree to help you and tell you to follow them.

They lead you into the truckstop bathroom and point at the condom machine on the wall.

They say, "This is what we use to transport our sperm".

You watch them fill a condom with sperm, then watch them throw the filled condom into the portal.

"Now Max," they say, "We'll take care of the rest".

You Ask them to explain what that means.

> You wait outside You stay outside and wait for them to return. Eventually they do, but they leave without explaining anything. You wonder why they didn't just answer your questions. Perhaps they were afraid of you? Later you try to contact Max Powers again, but you get no response. You think maybe he is dead. You begin to worry about your family.

A man appears from a portal. "I am Trucky Trojans, condom baby," he tells you. I am half-human, half-condom.

I will make sure you get a nice ride home.

You say "Nah I already called an Uber, thanks..."

He laughs, "No need to thank me, I'm not really here to give you a ride". He goes over to the mirror and begins to change himself. You watch him transform into a handsome man. He walks over to you and kisses you on the lips. You kiss him back. He leads you back to the truck stop.

You break into a truck and crawl into the backseat with Trucky.

Trucky Trojanus drives away as you watch him change into his trucker outfit. You sit in the backseat watching TV. Suddenly Trucky Trojanus pulls a gun on you. "What the hell are you doing here?" "I got lost and ended up here". "How did you even get my phone number?"

You say "I though we were cool! You kissed me and we spent the night together!!!"

Trucker Trojanus looks at you and smiles. "Well, I guess it wasn't so bad". You scream. Trucky Trojanus shoots you in the head.

The Kool-Aid man bursts into the truck and says "Oh yeah!" and then looks at your dead body and says "Oh no!" and is shot in the head.

Your corpse is taken by a black van to a dumpster behind the truck stop. Your mother arrives there and finds your remains. She screams.